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Reducing Your Risk for Cardiovascular Disease


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, taking the lives of 610,000 people in the U.S. every single year. These individuals likely experienced high blood pressure and cholesterol, but may have also been diabetic, overweight and physically inactive. All of these key risk factors are certainly avoidable, which means there are ways to avoid experiencing a heart attack or other debilitating diseases or conditions. Multiple studies have shown that 80 percent of all heart attacks can be prevented by simple diet and lifestyle changes. The keys to reversing heart disease are the same as preventing disease, just with more diligence and intensity.

To live your healthiest life and ensure your heart remains in top shape, as God intended, here are a few ways to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease:

Manage Stress Levels
Research shows that those who experience high stress levels tend to overeat and follow unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking to deal with the anxiety. Unfortunately, all of these factors can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke risk. Managing your stress levels with a healthy coping mechanism – such as exercising or spending more time with family and friends – can distract you and keep you from following unhealthy habits that put stress on your heart.

“Physical activity can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.”

Try Cardiovascular Exercise
Physical activity doesn’t only help you shed pounds; it can also lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, ultimately reducing your stroke and heart disease risk. If you’re ready to start a fitness regimen but you need help getting on the right foot, consider joining your local gym and working with a personal trainer. He or she can give you the tools you need to take better care of your body and figure out how to produce satisfying results in no time.

Follow a Plant-based Diet
A diet that’s loaded with saturated fats, sugars and processed ingredients does no good for the heart. Don’t damage the healthful body with which God blessed you. Instead, eat the plant-based foods He provided to ensure your heart stays in pristine condition. On the Hallelujah Diet, you’ll eat a variety of heart-healthy foods such as berries, beans, nuts and grains, which can naturally reduce your risk for experiencing cardiovascular disease.

Try our Cardiovascular Support System
Sometimes, a plant-based diet, more exercise and stress coping mechanisms aren’t enough. If you need fast results on your road to a healthier heart, try the Hallelujah Diet Cardiovascular Rescue Plan. You’ll receive all of the valuable resources your body needs to rebuild and restore after “fueling” it with unhealthy fats and processed ingredients. The products in this system are extremely beneficial in setting the foundation for heart support. In this system, you’ll receive our best-selling BarleyMax as well as FiberCleanse, Serrapeptase, New Generation Bio-Curcumin, Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil and a weekly meal plans recipe book. With these tools, you’ll fuel your heart back to pristine condition, just as God intended for you all along.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on the path to better health by following a plant-based diet and using our Cardiovascular Support System today.


  1. Angela May 12, 2020

    This is a great artcle and reminder that we need to take care of our heart. Eat right and exercise daily.

  2. Jennifer May 13, 2020

    Thank you for the information. I have lost a few family members to heart attacks. So thankful to know ways to keep my heart healthy.

  3. Connie May 15, 2020

    I did not know that heart disease is number one for taking lives. I would have guessed it was cancer. I’m glad to learn there are ways to avoid experiencing a heart attack. Managing stress, exercise, following a plant based diet and taking supplements are great ways to help prevent heart disease.

  4. Just another reminder that following a healthy diet and lifestyle helps to reduce our risk of suffering from many different illnesses and diseases.

  5. Annette Whitworth May 19, 2020

    Thanks for the information about having a healthy lifestyle. I will pass this information along because i have family members that has problems with they heart. Thanks

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