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Part 2: Ways to Make a Difference in Sleep Quality

Need more advice for a good night's sleep? Consider these additional tips.


Need more advice for a good night’s sleep? Consider these additional tips.


  1. This was a great info commerical about how to avoid eating before bed. Not drinking caffeine before bed will help a person sleep, good information. I realize now to eat earlier and a healthy meal before going to bed.

    • Estaeheli September 9, 2017

      When I was a teenager, I had terrible insomnia and had a lot of trouble getting to school on time. Looking back, it was the 16 oz Royal Crown Cola and its caffeine that kept me up!

  2. I tell people I was born tired. I do have a thyroid problem, which doesn’t help (and yes I take medication for that). I do not drink coffee or any kind of caffeine. I have tried sleep products, but they do not work. This has been a major problem since my late thirties. If anyone has a miracle to help me sleep let me know. I am now retired.

    • Melody Hord September 12, 2017

      I used to sleep soundly. After menopause, it all changed. A good night’s sleep provides energy and clarity. I, too, have tried many things. The best thing for me is Hallelujah Diet Magnesium Complex. Many a time, I have even woke up in the middle of the night with my mind too active to sleep and gotten out of bed and taken one. Before long, I am back to sleep again. This magnesium is the one supplement I never want to be without! Sometimes I take the Stress Support Complex at bedtime, too.

  3. Carolyn B, Calhoun September 21, 2017

    Magnesium Complex has helped me so much in getting a restful sleep. Also I’ve found that it is so important to have you last meal of day as early as possible. This has been a very helpful blog for me. And NO caffeine in the evenings.

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