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New Survival Bar Varieties

I am thrilled to report that Hallelujah Acres now has five new Survival Bar flavors!

These bars are a wonderful energy snack for work or school; they are 100% vegan, and absolutely delicious.

I have personally been enjoying what we call “The Original” Survival Bar for several years now. I rarely leave home without some for those times on the road when I can’t find anything healthy to eat!

The five new flavors are: Cinnamon Explosion; Apple Surge; Blueberry Burst; Cranberry Blast; and Garden Fusion. And of course we continue to carry “The Original” Survival Bar. These new flavors open up a whole new world of truly healthy snacking!

Many other so-called energy bars and nutrition bars start out with good ingredients but get damaged in processing. High heat, inherent in most snack food processing, destroys living enzymes, and when the living enzymes are destroyed, so is the all-important life force that separates living food from dead food.

Living food is what our living bodies need to restore and maintain good health. This is why we are careful to ensure that any bar with the Survival Bar label is cold processed, resulting in a truly raw, living bar. We don’t call them “the raw food body fuel” for nothing.

Secondly, Survival Bars are packed with an exceptional blend of superfoods like quinoa, sprouts and flax sprouts. In fact, the original Survival Bar is the only snack bar in the world with BarleyMax, CarrotJuiceMax and BeetMax powders. As for the other ingredients, we use only organic, non-GMO whole foods.

Survival Bars are USDA certified organic, vegan certified, kosher certified, and arguably the most nutrient-dense bars of their kind on the market. And we exclude anything that has the potential to hamper the positive effects of the beneficial, health-promoting ingredients. There’s no salt, no refined sugar, no preservatives, no soy, and no artificial flavors or colors.

Click here to learn more about each of these brand new Survival Bars!

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