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In Just 7 Days, You Can Rid Your Body of the Toxins that Can Make You Sick

Toxins can get stored in tissues and cells, often leading to serious illness.

When was your last detox? If you've never had one—or if it's been more than a year since your last detox—you should seriously consider one, especially if you're:

  • Lethargic
  • Experiencing constipation, head or muscle aches
  • Feeling the need to lose weight

Our bodies become toxic when we cannot naturally eliminate metabolic waste because of toxic overload. The toxins come from many sources including unfiltered tap water, pollution, chemicals in household cleaning and personal care products and medications, just to name a few.

We may have a tough time eliminating these toxins, even on a plant-based diet. But when our bodies become are nutritionally deficient because of a somewhat unhealthy diet, the detoxifying task becomes overwhelming. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is sadly lacking in the fiber and nutrients that promote vibrant health and, instead, fills our bodies with the calories and toxins that can quickly degrade our health.

The liver is the body's primary detoxification force. When functioning optimally, this vital organ eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria and other toxins. However, what if the liver isn't getting enough nutrition or isn't in great shape? This is particularly common among those who haven't had the healthiest diet and lifestyle.

If the liver can't perform as well as it should, over time toxins can get stored in tissues and cells, often leading to serious illness.

A plant-based detox can restore your energy and improve your health. A plant-based detox can restore your energy and improve your health.

Cleanse and Refresh Your Body with a Simple 7 Day Summer Detox
If you detox without also enriching your body with healthy nutrition, the process can be exhausting. That's why many people give up on conventional detox programs. But, when you balance the two—cleansing and energizing your body with a surge of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes—you cleanse, refresh and renew your body simultaneously.

That is the unique approach Hallelujah Diet takes with our 7 Day Summer Detox Program. It is designed to enable you to:

  • Lose weight
  • Get leaner and stronger
  • Reclaim clear, healthy and radiant skin
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Cleanse blood and organs
  • Remove heavy metals
  • Eliminate abdominal bloating, indigestion and headaches
  • Improve elimination
  • Bathe your cells in living nutrition to energize and optimize health
  • Sleep and rest more
  • Exercise
  • Stimulate your brain to produce feel-good chemicals

You'll also enjoy and benefit from:

  • What you should know about detoxing
  • Tips for accelerating results
  • Delicious recipes that you'll want to continue making when your detox is over
  • Daily shopping lists
  • A link to the 30 Day Exercise Essentials program
  • The safest way to conclude your raw food fast
  • Seamless transition into long-term weight management and natural resistance to illness

After just seven days, you'll be ready to take on the world with renewed energy and overall health.

Register today for 7-Day Summer Detox Programincluding our new book filled with all the information you'll need—recipes, shopping lists, daily guidance and more.

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