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How to Fight Pandemic Stress

How to Fight Pandemic Stress

The pandemic we’ve been in has been incredibly stressful for so many. Some are dealing with job loss, others are battling health issues, and still, others are dealing with extra fear and worries caused by the virus or the political reaction to the virus that is threatening their families and loved ones.

This extra stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, including our minds. It can cause brain fog, lowered spirits, anxiety, feelings of sadness and loneliness, lack of sleep, headaches, and many other symptoms that are come from the stress of living in this pandemic. If you’re suffering from pandemic stress, we do have good news for you. We’ve put together some options on how to fight brain fog and lowered spirits during the pandemic.

First, let’s discuss what’s causing all of this stress. Even if you feel relatively calm, your body may still be responding in fight or flight reactions, and you’ve just become used to it. So what causes this? During times of negative emotions and stress, the brain’s limbic system becomes hyperactive. This system is the control center for feelings and how we react to things, which would explain why you may be struggling with brain fog and feeling more down than usual. Essentially what has happened is your limbic system is overriding other parts of the brain and emotions are taking over, shutting down the more logical aspects.

Luckily, this is by no means something that is not reversible. There are a couple of different ways to help reverse this process and get your brain back into the proper order that it should be.

  1. Be mindful. This is one of the quickest ways to snap your brain out of the worry and negative thoughts that it may be looping through during this pandemic. Take a moment to pay attention to your surroundings, notice the smells, notice the sights, try to find something to focus on for each of your five senses. Try to calm your mind and focus on the here and now. This simple exercise will help you to release the stress and break the worry loop that your brain has going.
  2. Eat nourishing meals. A mostly-raw plant-based diet, like the Hallelujah Diet, can be a wonderful option during this stressful time. Eating meals rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and organic grains can be beneficial for your physical health, which is important when under stress, as well as for your mental health. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is full of preservatives and sugar and even caffeine, which can all add to your stress and anxiety levels, whereas fresh fruits and vegetables will help to keep your body nourished and your mind sharp and without the extra stressors.
  3. Snack healthily. Stress can also make you want to snack more, and stress eating could be particularly detrimental to your body if you choose unhealthy options. But if you choose raw fruits and vegetables, stress eating can become a healthy way to nourish your body. However, if you find that you are snacking excessively, take some deep breaths and then determine if you are truly hungry or if you are looking for something to help pass the time.
  4. Prepare meals together. If you are stuck at home quarantining with others, make the meals together. You will get some social time this way, and you’ll also have a bit of a routine, which will help. When whipping up raw meals, you can use all the help available to make sure everything is diced, blended, and sliced properly and ready for your meal. This can also help you to guide your entire family towards a more healthy diet.

We know that this pandemic has been stressful on everyone, and we hope that these tips will help you with managing that brain fog and general negative feelings that may present themselves during these stressful times.


  1. Victoria Chapman January 19, 2021

    Much Better! Very Nice! Thank-you!

  2. Melody Hord January 19, 2021

    I have bought some new piano music and play the piano more. Went to You Tube and found some fabulous practices to get faster with the fingers. I am going to see how good I can get this year! I also give myself some praise and shoutouts when I make improvements. We must be our own biggest cheerleader… I have a long way to go, but am enjoying the journey.

  3. This has been a great read, it has been hard for so many during this pandemic. This article reminds us that we are not alone and others are going through the same things. There is also great advice on how to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy throughout this time.

  4. Annette Whitworth January 21, 2021

    This was great! I often sat and wonder how a person can handling everything that we have to gone through. I`am remind of the scripture where he say ( Peter 5:7) Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Philippians 4:6-7 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. If we read that promise and trust him, because he will get us through. Im greatful for his promises.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions on how to handle stress during the pandemic. I especially appreciate the suggestions on how to be mindful and bring the mind to the here and now. If we do that, we find there are many things to be thankful for.

  6. Thank you for this timely article on how it is so easy and common to be dealing with stress during this pandemic. Making sure to continue to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle while spending more time at home with our families is important. I love the tip about having others pitch in and help with the meal prep. Make it a family project. Enjoy your time together. Meal prep can sometimes be overwhelming when it comes to a mostly raw diet.

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