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Healthier by the Dozen

Through the years, dozens of couples have given birth to what we call “Hallelujah Babies.”

A Hallelujah baby is one whose parents were both on The Hallelujah Diet at time of conception and the mother remained on The Hallelujah Diet through pregnancy.  The child is usually born at home, breast fed, and free of vaccinations.

…and this time it was TWIN Hallelujah Babies!

The twins were born to Angela and Michael Donaldson, PhD, Research Director of the Hallelujah Acres. In an email to me the day after his twin girls were born, Michael wrote:

“My wife just gave birth to our 11th and 12th children, twin girls. Grace and Gloria were born at home on December 8 at 39-1/2 weeks gestation. They weighed 8 lb 1 oz and 6 lb 7 oz, respectively. They are strong, healthy babies.”

The Donaldson twins are the latest development in Michael and Angela’s “Hallelujah” story, which began more than 14 years ago. Here’s how Michael describes it:

“We made the change to The Hallelujah Diet back in 1996, during Angela’s third pregnancy. The motivation was for Angela’s health during pregnancies. We wanted God to bless us with lots of children, but the pregnancy nausea was too hard on her. As we sought God for answers the answers came through nutrition.

“A midwife lent us her copy of Rev. Malkmus’ book God’s Way to Ultimate Health. The testimonies in the book were astounding and intriguing, and led us to adopt The Hallelujah Diet.

“The fourth pregnancy, while following The Hallelujah Diet, was the best yet for Angela. She felt energetic and delivery was uncomplicated. The baby thrived and to this day he has a very sweet disposition.

“Since then, during pregnancies, Angela has relied ever more on the fresh vegetable juices through the morning hours to make it through home schooling with energy. All of our children have been home schooled. Most days she drank at least 1-1/2 quarts of fresh juice. (Her favorite was a mix of Romaine lettuce, spinach, celery, apple, orange, and a touch of lemon.)

“All of our births after adopting the Hallelujah Diet have been at home and uncomplicated. This time, when we found we were expecting twins, we initially thought we were going to have to have them in the hospital, but were able to find a midwife who had experience delivering twins at home.

“The births went quite well and uncomplicated. The labor was fairly short – about four hour’s total. Angela had around 12 contractions total. Both babies were delivered normally, head first and with no complications. Except for the bleeding after the placentas were delivered, it was one of her very easiest births.

“Angela’s health has been excellent through all of her pregnancies after changing to The Hallelujah Diet. After the diet change she has never had trouble with high blood pressure, nausea, water retention or swelling of her legs, or preeclampsia. We have not had a miscarriage either.

“She did not have insomnia and was easily able to go back to sleep each time. With the twins she did experience some uncomfortableness toward the end of the pregnancy due to the babies’ kicking, but her health was strong throughout the whole term.

“Her diet throughout the pregnancy, in addition to nearly two quarts of mainly vegetable juice each day, included such cooked foods as beans, whole grains and vegetables. Extra greens were used to help boost iron levels. She also ate two tablespoons of BarleyMax each day along with the following supplements: Pharmax fish oil, vitamin B12, iodine, probiotics, vitamin D, and a high quality Synergy multivitamin.

“Can twins be carried full term and delivered normally, even at home? The answer is, ‘by the grace of God, yes!’ A lot of the answer is the same as it is for all other health issues – nutrition and prayer for God’s guidance and empowering grace.

“The answer is not a lot of high tech screenings and interventions, but rather simple, good, fresh raw plant foods – foods that restore your youth like and eagle so that you can soar on and on (Psalm 103:5).

“The Lord gave us the names for the twins after an ultrasound revealed two girls in Angela’s womb and God brought Psalm 34 to Angela’s attention:

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give GRACE and GLORY: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

(Editor’s Note: The pictures of Grace and Gloria were taken within less than 24 hours of their birth. Notice the freedom of blemishes and healthy skin tone. After their mother had nourished her body according to God’s Genesis 1:29 diet for 9 months, the twins’ birth took place the way God designed, at home, without any drugs. Hallelujah!)


  1. Can you give me information on the best foods and when/ how to introduce them to a breast fed baby?

    • Christy Okon January 7, 2015

      I recommend the book, “Pregnancy, Children, and the Hallelujah Diet,” by Olin Idol.

      An infant around 6- months of age will show interest in the parents foods. At this time, it is fine to introduce one pureed, raw fruit at a time, such as a mashed banana. After a few days of feeding the banana, it is fine to introduce another fruit such as mashed avocado, etc. Usually by 7 months an infant will be ready for cooked and green veggies such as organic peas, and pureed leafy greens, etc. Should not use cereals until 12 months. Should be able to add raw pureed veggies (green smoothies by 12 months as well.

      Important to insure some B12 in the diet, as well as a little iodine and vitamin D3. Also very important to insure an optimal intake of omega 3s from flax seed oil and Pharmax fish oil.

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