Why Green Is Good For You

What you eat is the most important thing to consider for good health. And the best things you can eat are green foods — specifically dark, leafy greens.


Leafy greens are loaded with chlorophyll, which has amazing similarity to hemoglobin, a protein in your blood that transports oxygen throughout your body.

Essentially, chlorophyll from raw greens is the living lifeblood of plants that gives your living lifeblood what it needs to keep you healthy!

Scott Laird, CNC, shares how chlorophyll works and its amazing health effects.

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  1. Greens may well be healthy foods but their molecular similarity to human blood is a specious argument. Similarity does not determine usability. If that were true, the best food for us would be the blood of other animals and human blood would be even better. Many of the tougher greens contain toxins and are too cellulose dense to
    be of much use nutritionally. Blending or juicing may overcome the
    cellulose problem, but not the toxins. And it also greatly accelerates
    oxidation. Better to use our senses and choose those foods which appeal to us in their natural form, rejecting the greens that taste bitter or sharp. These indications should not be ignored — they have served our species since its beginning.

  2. The main difference is magnesium and iron

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