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Hallelujah Acres Goes To Nigeria

Not long after Rhonda and I began Hallelujah Acres and started to see the tremendous improvements in health people were experiencing after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, I began sharing my vision:

Some day, in some way, the whole world will know that they don’t have to be sick!

In the early days, I concentrated on sharing God’s health message across the United States and Canada, speaking in almost every state over a period of nearly 10 years. In Texas alone, on one speaking tour, I delivered 16 seminars in 17 days. During those years, requests were coming in from other countries for me to come and share God’s health message in their countries.

We started making that “whole world” motto a reality in 2000 when I journeyed to Australia and shared my God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar in the six largest cities in Australia, filling a 500-seat venue in each seminar, and on that same trip trained 65 Australians as Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers. The Australian people were extremely receptive!

In 2001 I journeyed to South Africa where I shared my seminar in six of the largest cities in South Africa. On that lecture tour we averaged over 600 people in attendance in each seminar. In Cape Town, after I had delivered a two-hour seminar to a crowd of 600 people, there were 600 more people gathered and I had to do back to back seminars.

On that speaking tour, in addition to delivering seven seminars and flying each day to a different city and across the ocean twice, I was in the air 53 hours in just 10 days. Apparently that was a little more stressful on my 69-year-old body than my body appreciated and shortly after returning to Shelby I experienced a hemorrhagic stroke.

Recovery was rapid, but my wife Rhonda, along with a number of my friends, felt it would be best that I not do any more of these long seminar tours. So, for the past 10 years, I have limited my seminars to the United States and Canada. I also stopped flying after that experience.

However, we have not forgotten those in foreign lands who have adopted the SAD diet and are just as sick as those in America.

Hallelujah Acres Going To Nigeria

My son Paul (CEO of Hallelujah Acres) and his wife Ann have taken up the challenge to once again take The Hallelujah Diet to foreign lands. This time it will be to Nigeria, where we have had a strong presence for a number of years after training dozens of Nigerians in our Health Minister program.

But many Nigerians have been unable to obtain passports to come to America for training. Just a few years ago, there were 35 Nigerians who registered for Health Minister Training but were unable to come because of the passport issue. Now those who were unable to come to America for training will have access to training right in their own country.

Paul and Ann will be leaving for Nigeria on November 15 and will not return until mid-January. They are scheduled to speak in the three largest churches in Nigeria; hold four Health Minister Trainings; be on television and/or radio; along with speaking with both government and civilian individuals and groups.

This is a tremendous undertaking for both Paul and Ann. Please remember them in your prayers for safe travel and good health for this two-month marathon.

For a complete schedule of Paul and Ann’s Nigerian itinerary, click here.  In the coming weeks we’ll share more about their experiences and their accomplishments on this incredible journey of opportunity.

To support our Nigerian customers, we have also launched a Hallelujah Acres Nigeria website that will be a resource to everyone desiring to follow a healthy lifestyle in Africa.


  1. Oladipo oodujole October 23, 2012

    I live in Nigeria and I will like to follow Paul and Ann as soon as they are in Nigeria. Please keep me posted.

  2. Abi_yemi October 23, 2012

    Great to learn that some Hallelujah Acres team members will be visiting Nigeria. I will start praying about the visit. Please let them endeavor to bring enough of the products and equipments for sale. This is good news indeed. Kindly update us on their schedule.

    God bless you and warm regards,


  3. Funmi Awodiya October 23, 2012

    Funmi Awodiya,
    I live in Lagos, Nigeria and will like to know if I can be in these meetings. I will like to know the schedule. Thank you so much for your articles.

  4. Shiphrah poloma October 24, 2012

    I live in Gombe the North Eastern part of Nigeria , at last HD in Nigeria . I would love to be part this epoch making event.

  5. Praise The Lord!!! I am so excited that you will be in Nigeria. I have been longing for such an opportunity. I am looking forward to having Paul and Ann teach on Hallelujah diet in Nigeria. Please post their schedule online so I will make proper arrangement to be at the one closest to me. I live in Ibadan, south west Nigeria. God bless you for this great opportunity you have given us in Nigeria. Please bring products like Barleymax, Probiotics,supplements, juicers etc for sale.
    It is a wish come true.

  6. Adenike Sunday October 24, 2012

    This is good news. Please keep me posted. I live in Abuja. God bless u all. From Adenike Sunday

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