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Great First Saturday Seminar of 2011

This past Saturday, January 8, we held our first God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar of 2011 here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina. (These seminars are usually held on the first Saturday of the month, but because of New Years Day falling on the first Saturday of January we moved it ahead to the 8th.)

The crowd nearly filled our auditorium, visiting from across North Carolina, and from Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, and even as far away as Maine, New York, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

The highlights of these seminars are always the testimonies shared by those who have adopted The Hallelujah Diet and have seen their health improve. The testimonies shared this past Saturday were exceptional!

One gentleman shared that, prior to adopting The Hallelujah Diet 11 years ago, he had severe heart issues, osteoporosis, and emphysema, along with numerous other problems. He said that all of these problems disappeared after making the diet change. He is 87 years of age and medication-free!

An 83-year-old lady shared how she had been suffering with diabetes, excess weight, and lack of energy for many years prior to adopting The Hallelujah Diet. Today her energy is great, her weight is normal, and she is no longer diabetic.

Others testified of incredible changes in health: loss of over 100 pounds; had slept half their life before diet change but now has energy to go all day long without a nap; PSA drops in two weeks; hot flashes gone; lifetime of constipation gone in 2 weeks.

Rev. Malkmus will deliver his next God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina on Saturday, February 5 at 10:00 a.m. Visit our website for more information.

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