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First Saturday of the Month Seminar Draws Crowd Of 300

People were here from over a dozen different states to attend our God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar this past Saturday. They were here from Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and of course from across North Carolina. In addition there was a couple here from Canada and a mother and daughter who had flown in from Nigeria, Africa.

The night before the Saturday seminar, 58 attended Rhonda’s Culinary Class, the largest number she has ever had attend one of her culinary classes. And there were 56 in attendance at Paul and Ann’s “Where Do We Go from Here” class which followed the Saturday seminar.

But the highlight of the entire weekend was the testimonies shared by those at the beginning of the Saturday seminar.

There must have been at least two dozen who shared some of the most incredible testimonies I have ever heard – cancers gone, diabetes gone, cholesterol and blood pressure normalized. Three told of weight-losses over 50 pounds. One man told of how he was able to go off his nebulizer and breathing returned to normal in just six days. All of these improvements occurred after they had adopted the Hallelujah Diet.

Our next First Saturday of the Month, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar is scheduled for Saturday, April 3, right here at Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters in Shelby, North Carolina. The seminar begins at 10:00 a.m. and is preceded by a testimony video that begins about 9:30 a.m.. People start arriving before 9:00, so plan on being here early to get a good seat in our 400 seat auditorium. For more information visit the Hallelujah Acres website.

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