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Back to School—Back to Kleenex?

One of the hardest things about sending our kids back to school is keeping them healthy. Once school starts back the doctor visits and sick days don’t seem to be far behind. Its amazing, they seem to stay healthy throughout the summer but come September 1st when they’re back into contact with all the other kids things seem to change.

As much as we tell them to wash their hands before they eat, and as often as they hear that they should keep their fingers away from their face, eyes and mouth, it doesn’t seem to be long before we feel their warm little foreheads, their noses start to run and the long chain of colds, coughs and sniffles begin.

Most parents seem know that consuming any refined sugar will reduce their little one’s immune system.  So, the cupcakes for Johnny’s birthday and the wrapped candy from the teacher to celebrate a correct answer will not only appear as a reward, but will also decrease the immune system and increase the child’s likelihood of “catching” a bug. Since your control doesn’t reach that far into the classroom, the best you can do for your child is to maintain a high nutrient based diet for them when they are with you, ensure they are drinking plenty of nutrient rich fluids as well as pure water, and carefully supplement their diet through those long months where fresh air is harder to find than indoor air.

Here are some of the most effective supplements we have found to assist kids in staying healthy while consuming a nutrient dense diet:

BarleyMax is an incredible immunity builder. With its wide range of nutrients it provides the body with the ability to stay healthy even when others around catch the seasonal bugs. Berry is usually a child’s favorite flavor.

When compared ounce for ounce BarleyMax has

  • 100% of the protein in steak
  • 400% of the calcium in milk
  • 2200% of the iron in spinach
  • Every essential amino acid

Children’s Probiotics helps little bodies maintain healthy intestinal bacteria. Maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria is paramount in fighting off the bugs that are passed around the classroom. Antibiotics, processed food and certain medical treatments can deplete these beneficial bacteria and lay the foundation for sickness to set-in. Hallelujah Diet® Children’s Probiotic supplement helps keep their little guts in balance.

Advanced Superfood makes it easier to get the fresh veggies in those tummies. Use the berry flavored superfood in a smoothie before and/or after school mixed with some almond milk (or fruit juice) with a frozen banana to make a superfood milkshake your kids will love day after day.

Silver Biotics is a safe, extremely effective way to assist kids in building their immune system.  Taken in small amounts each day, this water flavored supplement has been used for many years and proven one of the best!
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Survival Bars in lunchboxes and backpacks give those hungry bellies something that will fill them with high quality nutrition. Because you aren’t always able to be there when they are making their food choices, sending them to school with a Survival Bar will set them up for success and improved health. Use the Survival Bar in place of candy, a cupcake or any other not so healthy treat.

Don’t forget, adequate rest and exercise contribute greatly to improving the chances that the next cold won’t turn into a sinus or ear infection.  Always eliminate all dairy which creates mucus and hinders kids ability to fight off germs.

Let’s do our kids a favor this year and equip them well to fight those germs that seem to infiltrate every surface in any school!



  1. If you love your kids, don’t send them to the public schools.

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