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Are You Ready To Teach?

This past Wednesday evening at church, as I passed the Senior Pastor in the hallway, he said to me, “George, are you ready to teach?” Let me share a little background to what precipitated those words.

Two years ago this very month, Rhonda and I purchased a home in St. Augustine, Florida in anticipation of slowing down in our activities at Hallelujah Acres as I approached my 80th birthday. So, for the past 18 months, each month we have spent about half of our time tending to things at Hallelujah Acres in North Carolina and the other half in St. Augustine.

Whenever we were in St. Augustine, we faithfully attended Turning Point at Calvary, a Baptist church. For the past 18 months, we tried very discreetly to help those in the church that we could, by encouraging those who were sick to consider making a diet change in order to hopefully improve their health.

As a result, a number of families in the church along with several of the Pastors have either adopted The Hallelujah Diet or began making changes in their diets — some with very positive results.

This past November we moved to St. Augustine full time, joined the church, and were able to finally attend all services. After joining the church, I was asked if there was an area of ministry or talent I felt I had that could possibly be a blessing to the people. My burden, as you can imagine, was to help the people in the church improve their health.

Upon joining the church, I expressed interest in teaching a class on Biblical Nutrition and began praying toward that end. So when the Pastor shared those words this past Wednesday evening, my heart leaped, but I wasn’t sure just what he meant until the following morning when I met with him.

In that meeting, the Pastor asked me if I would be willing to teach a weekly class, using my classic, beginners health course titled “Biblical Nutrition 101.” He said that the class would be promoted in the Sunday bulletin and on the large screens in the front of the church before all services. WOW! Was I ever excited and thrilled!

Our church is a large church with two services each Sunday morning attend by nearly 800 each service, plus a Sunday evening service with probably 500, and a Wednesday evening training service with some 500 in attendance.

Rhonda and I would sure would appreciate your prayers for this new opportunity!

How Would YOU Like To Teach The Hallelujah Diet?

Biblical Nutrition 101 is a great starting place to learn about The Hallelujah Diet. But if you’re already comfortable with The Hallelujah Diet and would like to teach others how to do it, may I encourage you to take Health Minister Training Online!

In just 6 weeks, Health Minister Training Online shows you how to inspire hope, teach nutritional healing, and help others learn how to live vibrant lives through the same, simple dietary and lifestyle change you did when you adopted The Hallelujah Diet!

P.S. – If you live in the St. Augustine area of Florida and might possibly be interested in attending these upcoming classes on “Biblical Nutrition” let me know at and I will keep you updated on date they will begin. These classes will be free; there will be no cost to attend.


  1. So excited for you and those who will listen and benefit. Always have appreciated you and have seen you several times in person!! God bless your newest opportunity for Jesus!
    Jan in Tampa

  2. Debbie Leonhardt March 23, 2013

    so excited for you and Rhonda! God bless you on this new adventure in your new home town!

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