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5 Steps to Healthy Aging


With age, the body goes through natural changes. But just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean your health has to suffer. By making smart lifestyle decisions and trusting in God’s plan, we can all live healthy, fulfilling lives, just as He intended for us.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I have plans for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

If you’re in need of a lifestyle adjustment, or simply a new tool for motivation, here are our five steps to healthy aging:

1. Prioritize Mental Well-Being
Stress may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you should let it keep you from going about your day-to-day. Feeling stressed out too often can lead to depression and negatively impact your immune system, according to Ann Malkmus.

“Stress can negatively impact your immune system.”

“Our body often responds to stress with a fight or flight response,” she wrote in her book ‘Unravel the Mystery‘. “When improper response to stress occurs it can cause elimination organs to hold on to toxicity and metabolic waste. This leads to acceleration of sickness and disease.”

To keep stress levels down, find a hobby or activity that acts as an outlet for the bad feelings. Exercising or hanging out with friends and family make great stress relievers.

2. Eliminate Toxic Habits
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 16 million Americans live with some type of disease that was caused by smoking. Additionally, research by the CDC found drinking excess alcohol can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease and multiple forms of cancer. Eliminating such habits reduces your risk for developing these conditions, thus promoting longevity.

3. Incorporate Exercise Into Your Routine
Exercising as you age is critical to your overall well-being. It improves your cardiovascular health, reduces your blood pressure and strengthens your bones and muscles, according to the American Heart Association. Adults should spend at least 150 minutes performing moderately intense aerobic activity every week. This can include jogging, swimming, biking, walking and more.

Daily exercise promotes longevity. Daily exercise promotes longevity.

4. Take Care of Your Teeth
Brushing and flossing certainly keep your mouth in top shape, but they’re not only contributing to oral health. When you don’t properly take care of your oral cavity, certain pathogens can invade your upper respiratory tract and break down your immune system. That’s why visiting the dentist, prioritizing healthy habits and taking an oral health probiotic supplement is critical.

5. Following God’s Plan
Most importantly, following God’s plan to nourish your body with the original sustenance of the earth is key to healthy aging. By eliminating processed, sugar-ridden “foods” from your diet and opting for a primarily-raw, plant-based regimen, you’ll fuel your body with the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive. Give your body a chance to grow and prosper the way it was meant to by following a diet that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

If you need help kick-starting your new and improved lifestyle on the road to healthy aging, try our Get Started Kit today.


  1. Angela Solomon June 13, 2017

    Very intersting article on aging. We are all going to age no way around that. It is important to stay healthy and active so that the aging process can go as smoothly as possible.

  2. Jennifer Corson June 13, 2017

    This is great information. My husband’s favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11. It’s so good to be reminded God does in fact have a plan for our life. It’s so important for us to do our part to stay healthy so we can be used by God.

  3. carolyn b. calhoun June 22, 2017

    The main thing I took away from this blog is how important it is to avoid stress if at all possible. It affects our body and mind both. Exercise and healthy eating are so important in prolonging the aging process for as long as we can.

  4. John Rempel July 2, 2017

    Excellent choices.

  5. All these areas are important to good health including taking care of your teeth and managing stress. Yes, unhealthy teeth and gums can have a negative impact on other areas in the body. Mental health is very important to the health of the whole body. When we don’t respond properly to stress, the body can hold onto toxins and contribute to disease.

  6. Annette Whitworth October 23, 2019

    This was a great blog on aging. Some good information to stay healthy and look great. It is very important to avoid stress, I had to learn that. Thanks for this point ….Following God’s Plan
    Most importantly, following God’s plan to nourish your body with the original sustenance of the earth is key to healthy aging. Thanks again

  7. I seek for and often get benefits from you tips on various areas of health for all ages. I would equally like to share these helpeful information with my family and friends, most especially via the net. But challeng is: I have difficulty locating the ‘share’ option that should be with the tips. Please, guide me or allow share by mail, facebook, tweeter, etc. on your tips. May God ever strengthen you in this noble course. Thanks.

    • Melody Hord October 25, 2019

      Hey Orinya,
      There are buttons to click to email and share down below the article. However, if those are not working properly for you, perhaps just copy the link and then paste that link in an email or facebook or wherever.
      There are a lot of sick people that need education. It is great you want to share with them!

  8. If I don’t eat red meat and spinach which has higher iron and don’t take iron supplements or cook with cast iron how can it be that my iron is high?

    • Melody Hord October 25, 2019

      One time a person said their Iron was high due to well water. I have read that vitamin c can stimulate iron absorption, especially if taken alongside sea vegetables. Vitamin C may be best taken on an empty stomach because of that. Are you on the Hallelujah Diet?

  9. While we are all aware of the “eat healthy and exercise” recommendation, a lot of people don’t take into consideration that stress levels can negatively affect our lives as well. Making sure to work in some “down time” is vital to our health. Stress can be a major contributor to many illnesses. Find the time to just relax. Read, listen to your favorite music, pray, meditate… whatever brings you the peace we so need to get through the days ahead.

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