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174 Registered for Rev. Malkmus’ Biblical Nutrition Course

About a month ago, the pastor of Turning Point at Calvary Church in St. Augustine, Florida (where Rhonda and I are members) asked if I would teach a course on Biblical Nutrition in our church — a church with about 800 in attendance in each service.

What an answer to prayer! That request was something I had been praying for since we began attending the church two years ago.

A week ago, my pastor asked me to promote my upcoming Biblical Nutrition 101 class from the pulpit in both services and the response was so encouraging. Over 200 took registration forms and nearly 100 registered for the class.

Well this past Sunday, April 21, was the last day to register and we ended up with 174 registered and there are a few more who said they would be registering via email. The 12 weeks of classes begin Tuesday, April 23 at 6:30 p.m.

What was especially exciting to me was the interest in nutrition displayed by the people in our church and community. Many were not only excited about enrolling themselves, but said that they had neighbors or friends who were interested and wanted to know if they could attend.

Then this past Sunday, while Rhonda and I were dining in our favorite vegetarian restaurant after church and talking at our table about the upcoming course, apparently our conversation was overheard at neighboring tables and several came to our table and asked about the course and whether they could attend. WOW!

This interest caused my mind to go back to when Rhonda and I started Hallelujah Acres a little over 20 years ago and the lack of interest in the Christian community regarding nutrition and health at that time. Interest and awareness has increased so dramatically in these past 20 years. I find this so exciting!

But then there are those who have no interest. One gentleman in our church has terminal prostate cancer and I overheard another member encouraging this gentleman with the cancer to attend the Biblical Nutrition class and his response was: “I don’t want to attend; I enjoy my hamburgers too much.”

That type of response is heartbreaking, but only strengthens my resolve to try even harder to share with as many people as possible the message “You Don’t Have to be Sick.”

Please pray for me as I share this “Biblical Nutrition 101” course with the people in my church and community and may what we are doing here in my church be an encouragement to Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers around the world.

If it can happen in my church, it can happen in yours! It took two years of prayer to make it happen in my church so let me encourage you with this scripture verse:

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”
~ Galatians 6:9

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