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Guilt-Free Mexican Food Recipes: Fiesta Taco Salad & Vegan Queso Sauce

If you’ve recently driven by a massive billboard displaying a juicy, meat-packed burrito, we don’t blame you if your mouth watered a bit. After all, who can’t resist the deliciously zesty, cultural flavors of Mexican food? This week, get your health on with our raw, vegan Fiesta Taco Salad and Vegan Queso Sauce. This dish is fun to create and perfect for a nutrient-filled get-together!

Q: What makes this Fiesta Taco Salad guilt-free?

There’s no fat nor grease in this salad, which is usually what makes you feel heavy and out of shape after eating a traditional burrito or taco. Plus, my Fiesta Taco Salad of course doesn’t contain any animal meat; instead, you get the benefits of anti-inflammatory walnuts in your taco “meat.” There are a lot of raw veggies in here too for your daily dose of antioxidants and phyonutrients.

Q: There are five components to this salad. What would you say to home chefs who might be a bit intimidated?

Actually, once you gather all the ingredients (some of which you probably already have in your fridge), most of the recipes just involve blending and mixing. It’s a simple dish and you can even have your kids help with whisking if they feel so inclined.

Q: What other ways can you eat this salad?

I recommend serving this dish with organic tortilla chips. You can present it as a dip or simply eat it like a regular salad—either way, you can get your Mexican food fix. You can also substitute the tortilla chips and top the salad with healthy croutons. Feel free to add your favorite raw veggies to it, too!

Fiesta Taco Salad quote

Fiesta Taco Salad
Fiesta Taco Salad


Don’t be surprised if your friends and family clean this up in a matter of minutes. This super-silky queso sauce will have even your non-vegan friends think there’s real cheese in there! Containing red bell pepper, you’ll also consume more than your daily dose of Vitamin C by dipping into this sauce. This is ideally served with the Fiesta Taco Salad to amp up the Mexican-themed celebration.

Vegan Queso Sauce
Vegan Queso Sauce Nutritional Facts


Get the tasty satisfaction of mojito without the hangover effects of alcohol. This Minty Limeade gives you just enough of that tang and a surge of hydration for your body. Better yet? It’s just 5 calories per serving, so drink up!

Refreshing Minty Limeade
Refreshing Minty Limeade


Whipped up a dish you fell in love with? Share your vegan or plant-based recipe with your fellow healthy eaters! Your recipe may be featured on and in the Fall In Love Again With Food Again newsletter.




  1. This may be a delicious dish, and while I am not “intimidated” by it, there’s way too many steps & ingredients in it for me to even want to do. The “simpler the better” recipes have the most appeal to me. Sorry.

  2. Contrary to what Chef Richards says, there’s an overabundance of added fat in this recipe especially in both the salad dressings! Added fats not only cause insulin resistance (type II diabetes), heart disease, and cancer, they also feed cancer once you have it. That’s why the hallelujah healing diet eliminates fats. Why wait until you’re sick? Eliminate the added fats now! You get plenty from your fruits and veggies.

    • Christy Okon February 5, 2015

      Dr. Michael Donaldson, our research specialist, says: I went back and looked at the nutritional facts. The only added fats were the dressings. The vegan taco meat was with walnuts, the avocado corn relish was with avocados. While these foods are whole foods, it is true that if you have cancer you would want to limit your fat intake, which means you would make a taco salad with beans and maybe 1/2 an avocado, not with walnuts.

      You would probably want to balance this meal out with some carbohydrates, like whole grain organic tortilla chips, as recommended in the description of the meal. You could use some beans as well, which are very low in fat, but a good source of minerals and plant protein.

      It can be a real challenge to make raw food recipes that are also low in fat. If they don’t have fat, then they have too much sugar from fruit carbohydrates. You have to get calories from somewhere. Vegetables have excellent nutrition, but not many calories. Using a bit of cooked food makes this a bit easier to balance.

      Regarding getting plenty of fat from fruits and vegetables—only if you are counting on avocados. But nuts and seeds can be a very wholesome part of your diet. Along with the fat they have a lot of other nutrients as well. Using walnuts and avocados was a great idea overall. Not everyone can use all of the recipes.

  3. Rose Marie Ernst February 5, 2015

    I have signed up for the Detox several times in the past but have not received any email or any information on he detox plan, recipes, or anything else. Not complaining, just would like to get the information.

  4. Deb Martin February 7, 2015

    Would love to be able to PRINT this recipe.
    How is that possible please?

  5. I made this recipe basically exactly as listed. It did take a little time and I told my family that next time I would recruit one or two as my sous chefs. That being said, we loved the Fiesta Taco Salad. It has so many delicious flavors and it is beautiful. My son runs track so I really appreciate delicious meals that are nutritious and hearty.

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