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Cauliflower Passion Soup

Unless you’re living in a place like San Diego, you’re probably still craving a warm bowl of soup to fend off the chilly air! This Cauliflower Passion Soup is fun (just look at the vivid color!), it’s easy to create and makes the perfect health companion to snowy days. Bursting in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, cauliflower contains sulforaphane, a sulfur compound that’s been linked to destroy cancer cells and improve blood pressure. This cruciferous wonder also boasts anti-inflammatory properties, which helps strengthen the immune system. Sip slowly and relish the amazing flavors!

Q: Especially for people who are just getting into raw-food eating, cauliflower soup might seem a bit bland. What makes this soup anything other than bland?

The different flavors in this soup treat your taste buds in different ways. The potatoes add a thicker, creamy texture while the apple cider vinegar adds the perfect subtle tang. The beets also add something unexpected. This soup is just full of surprises!

Q: Let’s talk aesthetics. How can we make this soup presentable for, say, a dinner party?

I like to save a few pieces of steamed cauliflower and brown them slightly in the pan that I used for the shallots and garlic. They make a beautiful and delicious garnish.

Q: If you’re looking to watch the fat content, what can you do to decrease it?

You can always subsitute the coconut oil with veggie broth as you sauté the vegetables. It’s just as delicious, but a lot of people do love the hint of coconut flavor. It’s up to you!

Cauliflower Passion Soup quote

Cauliflower Passion Soup
Cauliflower Passion Soup Nutritional Facts


What if your dessert can help you detoxify and boost your health? Look no further than Chef Rich’s uber-simple Raspberry Lime Sorbet to get your sweet tooth fix with raspberries (also known as “nature’s candy”)!

Raspberry Lime Sorbet
Raspberry Lime Sorbet Nutritional Facts


This Cherry Chia Smoothie is simple, absolutely delicious. Chef Rich exclaims, “I was so surprised how well the flavor of the cherries marries with the carrot juice. You also get an added kick of protein from the chia seeds, so I urge you all to try this at home.”

Cherry Smoothie
Cherry Chia Smoothie Nutritional Facts


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  1. Bbbbrrrrrrrr……….. It’s soooooo cold this week here in SC; this soup looks wonderful & fairly easy enough to try. Same goes for the sorbet……for later on, when it’s warmer! With this weather, I’m having a hard time getting enough raw veggies in, as I’m leaning more towards WARM comfort foods. So I’m getting my veggies in smoothies instead of salads; they go down faster!

    What the heck is non-dairy coconut yogurt? Never heard of that one. Can I find it at Whole Foods or Fresh Market? If soy is the alternative ingredient to dairy, then that’s out too, as it’s GMO. I ask this question, even though I realize the recipe says it’s optional, but “creamier” sounds good.

    • Christy Okon February 19, 2015

      I did a quick Google search, and the brand So Delicious is dairy and soy free. You would need to call the whole foods or fresh markets in your area to see if they carry this brand, or another brand of dairy and soy free yogurt.

      • Thanks Christy. I’ll check on it. I buy the So Delicious coconut milk at my regular grocery store, so I may check on the yogurt there before even going to whole foods or fresh markets.

    • Trader joes also has their own brand of coconut yogurt. Delicious.

  2. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is not to have a print button for your fabulous recipes!

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