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The Best Holiday Vegan Recipe: Savory Spinach & Tomato Tart (Trust Us on This One!)

For us vegan, plant-based eaters, what’s equally as mouth-watering and filling as a baked Christmas ham or turkey? You’d probably never guess it would be a tart, but once you get your lips on Chef Rich’s Savory Spinach & Tomato Tarts (they’re even festively colored), the perfectly crispy, warm and heavenly bites may become part of your year-round rotation. See what Chef Rich has to say about his healthy, hearty, red and green holiday staple.

Q: Many people think “unhealthy” (but delicious) when they think of tarts. How do these tarts stack up against their traditional counterparts?

What makes this tart unique is that you have a rich, luscious, flavor-packed entrée that’s completely raw and full of live enzymes and nutrients. Spinach and tomatoes, as we all know, feed the body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which are known to benefit the body in many ways, from reducing the risk of chronic disease to improving your complexion. Trust me, you definitely won’t be compromising on flavor! Plus, these tarts are relatively easy to whip up, as most of the recipe involves blending.

Q: What makes spinach and tomato such a classic duo?

Simply put, they taste great together. But, like I mentioned, they also make a powerhouse of a nutritional team. Also, you can’t ignore how beautifully they add vivid color to any dish!

Q: Why do you need to dehydrate the tomatoes in this recipe?

Dehydrating the tomatoes concentrates the flavor and really brings out their sweetness. I call it “droasting” because it gives the tomatoes the flavor of being roasted, without cooking out any of the nutrition.

winter salad quote


This kid-friendly gingerbread treat contains buckwheat flour (which is actually a seed, not a wheat, so it’s completely gluten-free). It’s also an excellent source of fiber and protein to help you stay full and keep your digestive system in check. Ginger, of course, is amazing for your health, as it’s super anti-inflammatory, great for your heart and can even help with nausea.


The holidays aren’t the same without the sound of clinking glass and the tingle of a fizzy drink! Avoid hangovers and sugar-laden alcoholic drinks with Chef Rich’s virgin Pomegranate Apple Spritzer—so your whole family can enjoy it, even the kids. The juice of apples are extremely rich in important phytonutrients, which have potent antioxidant benefits that are linked to lowering the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Pomegranates, referred to as the “Jewel of the Winter” in parts of the country, are powerful superfoods that also possess anti-cancer properties.


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  1. judi cecil December 31, 2014

    can these recipes be printed? they look yummy!

    • Christy Okon January 7, 2015

      Not yet. We’re working on the recipe site that will fix this. We hope to have in place in the next two weeks.

  2. Vic Trudeau January 19, 2015

    The recipes I read look lovely, but I have a cautionary tale of the value of coconut oil.
    I have been on the Hallelujah Diet (maybe a bit more cooked than I should have), since 1999.
    In 2012 I had some heart issues and had a full battery of tests done. There was some anomaly in the heart which couldn’t be pinpointed. What did show up was that my arteries were completely clean, which was pretty remarkable as I was 65 at the time.
    At about the same time, we began using coconut oil in our diet in the preparation of various vegan dishes. The following year I began noticing pain in the heart area and a numbness in my neck and and left arm. Tests revealed my cholesterol was 6.2 and that my arteries were 30% blocked. My doctor advised me to go on cholesterol lowering drugs, which I would probably need for the rest of my life. I instead spoke to a heart specialist, who confirmed what i had been feeling- as coconut oil is a saturated fat, it could be contributing to the deposits in my arteries.
    i immediately cut out all coconut oil from my diet; six months later, a cholesterol test revealed the cholesterol had reduced to 5.7, and I had no more pain in the heart or arm. In September 2014, another test showed cholesterol had dropped to 5.0, a level which is considered quite normal.
    I have not consumed coconut oil at all for 2 years, and only use it now as a skin moisturizer.
    If recipes call for oil, we use grapeseed or extra virgin olive oil. If we need an ingredient to firm up a slice or quiche, we may add a tablespoon or two of psyllium husk, but are open to other natural, healthy alternatives.
    I hope this is of benefit to your readers.
    Regards, Vic Trudeau

    • Christy Okon January 20, 2015

      Thank you Vic, for sharing your health story with us. We appreciate feedback from people adopting our recommendations and using products that we think are healthy. Unfortunately, your experiment with using coconut oil has not turned out well at all. I don’t think your response is typical, but for someone of similar age and health status could have a similar response to your experience with coconut oil.

      Coconut oil may raise LDL as well as HDL cholesterol. The bad effects of coconut oil on cholesterol he been attributed to hydrogenated coconut oil, not virgin coconut oil. Nevertheless, coconut oil does not have any essential fatty acids, which are found in nuts, seeds, and foods with polyunsaturated fats. Coconut oil should not be used exclusively in the diet for this reason. Raw nuts and seeds are the best dietary source of fat, as they are accompanied by a lot of phytonutrients and healthy essential omega 6 and omega 3 fats as part of the complete package. I don’t know if you used coconut oil almost exclusively, but that could have played a role in the exaggerated effect that you experienced.

    • Anne Stevens July 7, 2017

      Thank you for your sharing!

  3. thank you for sharing!

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