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Is a Colon Cleanse Safe for Seniors?

A colon cleanse provides numerous health and wellness benefits, even for seniors! It’s a way to clean out your digestive tract and eliminate toxins within your body. It may be wise to check with a knowledgeable health care provider to make sure a colon cleanse is safe for you. But, regardless of your age, the benefits of a colon cleanse are endless.

Are Colon Cleanses Safe?

Colon cleanses consist of taking fiber-rich or other supplements and drinking juices to clean out your colon and eliminate toxins from your body. Mayo Clinic says there’s little evidence that using fiber supplements daily is harmful, even for older adults, but avoid overdoing it with fiber, as you might experience unwelcome side effects from high dosages of fiber supplements.

What Are the Side Effects of Too Much Fiber?

Using colon cleanses and other fiber supplements in excess can lead to unwanted side effects, such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal pain
  • Stomach cramping

To help prevent these and other possible side effects of fiber, follow a colon cleanse and fiber supplement instructions exactly and gradually ease into fiber supplementation. Drink plenty of water daily as well!

beetroot juice with ginger and lemon

What Is the Best Colon Cleanse for Seniors?

The best colon cleanse supplements for seniors are backed by research and use whole plant food ingredients so you can eliminate toxins naturally, feel better, and fight diseases. Hallelujah Diet cleanses are researched-backed, safe, and effective for people of all ages. They use natural ingredients to help your body fast and eliminate weak or damaged cells. You’ll feel energized and young, regardless of your age!

Who Should Avoid Colon Cleanses?

Always follow colon cleanse instructions exactly to avoid ingesting too much fiber and experiencing unwelcome side effects or nutrient deficiencies. If you are seeing a health practitioner for digestive problems or another health condition, get check with him or her before trying a colon cleanse. Cleanses might not be the best choice for seniors who are underweight or deficient in certain nutrients.

Other Considerations During a Colon Cleanse

When trying a colon cleanse to improve overall health and wellness, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Follow the directions for your colon cleanse thoroughly.
  2. Don’t do colon cleanses more than seven days in a row.
  3. Don’t starve yourself during your cleanse.
  4. Take dietary supplements to avoid nutritional deficiencies.
  5. Eat a variety of plant-based foods or juices during your cleanse.
  6. Drink a lot of water.
  7. Avoid animal foods.
  8. Steer clear of fried and processed foods.
  9. Get plenty of sleep.
  10. Stay as active as you can.

Following these tips and tricks helps you reap the numerous benefits of a colon cleanse without the negative side effects of starving yourself or ingesting too much fiber.

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Can I Take Fiber Supplements Long Term?

Certain Hallelujah Diet fiber cleanse supplements aren’t recommended for long-term use. When you first begin the Bible-based Hallelujah Diet, you’ll use fiber cleanse supplements during the first 2-3 months. After that, you’ll switch to taking ground flaxseeds, which are fiber-rich foods that you can eat long term.

In fact, taking fiber supplements regularly can help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight, lower your cholesterol and blood sugar, improve digestive health, and prevent constipation during your senior years. You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel just by making this simple lifestyle change.

What Are the Ingredients in a Fiber Cleanse?

Hallelujah Diet fiber cleanse supplements include the following ingredients:

  • Psyllium husk
  • Flaxseed
  • Black walnut hulls
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Herbs

All ingredients are made of foods and herbs from plant sources, to provide you with the most natural fiber sources available.

Should I Try a Colon Cleanse?

You can benefit from a colon cleanse regardless of your age, even when you’re a senior! You might try a cleanse several days each month, but always make sure to read the directions thoroughly before taking colon cleansing supplements, to make sure doing so is safe for you—especially if you have a medical condition or take medications.

After your colon cleanse, continue on with the heart-healthy Hallelujah Diet long term so you can look younger, feel better, and maximize your health and quality of life! The diet is entirely plant-based to help your body fight illness and diseases naturally the way God intended.


  1. Colon hydrotherapy is very beneficial to all adults and some minors with gastrointestinal problems. Aging naturally slows down bowel motility and weakness which can prolong bowel transit and can cause the associated headaches and poor mentation – forgetfulness.
    Doing periodic colon hydrotherapy will centainly decrease the bad effects of the Gut – Brian syndrome.
    Remember all the diseases killing people start from the abdomen. For we are what we EAT.
    Dr Asenso

  2. CAROLYN B CALHOUN June 27, 2019

    I used to be very leary of the colon cleanse of any type. But after learning so much more from Hallelujah Diet The benefits are huge. I am 70 years old now and I can see the value of the occasional colon cleanse to rid the body of toxins. Thanks for the information,

  3. jack klassen May 20, 2021

    I have been taken B flax D for about 10 yrs every morning, could I be over doing it? I AM NOW 78 YRS OLD.

    • Melody Hord May 21, 2021

      Hi Jack!
      Ground Flax seeds (as found in the B-Flax-D) are a terrific fiber and Hallelujah Diet recommends them for daily use. The product actually named “Fiber Cleanse” is what is recommended for short term use because there are some herbs that the bowels can become dependent upon if taken for longer periods, such as longer than 3 months.

  4. Krogmann Farms May 20, 2021

    I planning to drink the beets cleansing the colon. try it do this. I will inform you as soon as when I have a free time. keep in my mind!
    thanks for showing us to the article.

  5. A colon cleanse is very beneficial, as long as you remember that it should be short-term. Ground flax seed is a great source of fiber once you are finished with the cleanse.

  6. Jennifer June 17, 2021

    Thank you for the information. I know a lot of people are very unsure about using a colon cleanse. This is very helpful to put your mind at ease.

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