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Empower Your Entire Body with Our Marvelous You Kits

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The body’s self-healing ability doesn’t receive near the amount of attention it deserves. We can see this process in action anytime we have a cut or bruise, but it’s an ongoing process throughout the body. These self-healing abilities only fail us when the body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to sustain good health and eliminate toxins timely and efficiently. ...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Stock Up on Immune Boosters

A weak immune system makes you susceptible to illness and disease. Fortunately, eating the right foods and stocking up on immune boosters keeps your immune system strong, so it can heal from and ward off disease naturally as God intended it to. The reasons to stock up on immune boosters are endless. You’ll Receive Nutrients Your Diet Lacks For your ...

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How to Obtain a Good Oxygen Level for Your Body

Flow of blood inside an artery

Good oxygen levels in your blood mean everything is working well in your system. You should maintain between 95–100% saturation of oxygen in your blood, but, many people are on the lower end of that scale or even lower. Following the Hallelujah diet, you’re already eating a tremendous amount of oxygen-rich food. In this post, you can read some different ...

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Why We Love Rhonda’s Culinary Creations Recipe Book

Carved fruit bouquet

Taking on a new lifestyle of healthy eating doesn’t come easy, even for the most determined of individuals. At the start, the task can seem daunting, with having to purchase the foods and figuring out meal plans. Rhonda’s Culinary Creations Recipe Book offers a comprehensive kitchen manual of 400 recipes all gleaned from the culinary classes offered at Hallelujah Diet. ...

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Top Health Benefits Of Using An Infrared Heating Pad

Looking for a safe and gentle way to soak up some joint relief? Sink deep into soothing comfort with an infrared heating pad. These handy little comforts work on a deeper and more relaxing level than pure moist heat or dry heat pads, so they can provide you with long-lasting and deeper healing. What is a Heating Pad? In general, ...

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Is a Colon Cleanse Diet Right for You?

beetroot juice with ginger and lemon

The experts say that the occasional colon cleanse is both healthy and necessary. If you ever tried it, you’ll agree — it makes you feel better, gives you more energy, and may even kickstart weight loss. The Colon Cleanse Diet in a Nutshell The primary focus of the colon cleanse diet is to remove the stuff that clogs the gut ...

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What to Expect During a Full Body Detox

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A full body detox is a beautiful way to help your body get rid of toxins, create more energy, and feel better. But it’s not smart to just jump into a diet detox without taking some precautions and understanding the process. When done right, detoxing can do wonders for the body, but you should know what to expect before diving ...

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Is a Cleanse Diet Right for Me?

detox cleanse ingredients

You’ve probably heard of the cleanse diet, but you may be unaware of how (or even if) it can benefit you. Cleanses are temporary, restricted diets that require you to consume fresh fruit, vegetable juice and sometimes supplements for a few days at a time. At their core, cleanse diets are meant to detoxify the body and provide your body ...

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