Hallelujah Health Tip

Last Health Minister Training for 2009 Just One Week Away

Following Rev. Malkmus’ 2-Day Workshop, on Wednesday through Friday, November 18-20, Hallelujah Acres will conduct its 66th Health Minister training. During this training, those attending will learn how they too can help Rev. and Rhonda Malkmus take God’s Health Message to the world. Since that first training in 1994 attended by 25 individuals, over 9,000 folks have taken this training, ...

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Doctor Offers Word of Thanks

Thank you for continuing to tell the truth. There are so many, many pressures against simple good health principles and the truth of God’s word. It is very refreshing to read your articles. Thanks again! Yours in Christ, David F., D.C., D.A.B.C.I

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How Can I Protect My Family From The Swine Flu?

With government and a compliant press hyping a Swine Flu pandemic, and threats of a $1,000 fine, or internment, or jail, if one refuses to receive the Swine Flu vaccination, we find an increasing number of people becoming more than concerned. Many people are contacting this editor and asking for advice and guidance. Following are several examples of those requests: ...

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