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Key Takeaways From the “Foods and Herbs that Remove Toxins” Webinar

Learn which foods and herbs can eliminate toxins from your body.

Health and wellness are really simple—improve nutrition and remove toxicity. You probably have taken the positive steps of not smoking or drinking alcohol, but there are still numerous environmental pollutants getting into the body and rendering  our systems toxic. How can you get rid of toxins that are inevitable in modern day living? Stephanie Ray, ND, who is the CEO ...

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Farmer’s Market Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks about reserving your produce and understanding which fruits and vegetables are best to buy during the summertime.

There are so many things to love about summer. Between the sunny days and warm nights, outdoor activities and holidays spent with family and friends, the sunshine season is equal parts relaxing and entertaining. Another reason to get excited for summer – for us plant-based eating folks especially – is the fact that it's prime time for the farmer's market! ...

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Does Exercise Worsen or Improve Memory?

  Exercise is widely considered to be an important part of any healthy lifestyle, but not all routines are created equal when it comes to cognitive performance and memory. Rather, the science is somewhat conflicted at points, and certain types of exercise can actually be detrimental to individuals who suffer from various conditions, including dementia. Let’s take a look at two ...

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What is Diabetic Blindness?

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is prevalent in 30.3 million Americans.

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes affects 30.3 million Americans. Of those individuals, only about 23.1 million were diagnosed. Additionally, it's estimated that about 1.5 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed every year. This debilitating disease has a huge impact on those who live with it. Type 2 diabetes can cause increased thirst and hunger, frequent urination and headaches. ...

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Key Takeaways from ‘Fish Oil: Scam, Panacea, or Something Else?’

Is fish oil a scam?

Fish oil has a reputation for aiding heart health, containing the essential omega fatty acids that have shown to reduce blood pressure and help diminish risks for heart disease. But is a daily dose as powerful as the health experts lead us to believe? It's no surprise that the population tends to follow their doctor's orders, but are they telling us ...

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Breaking down the raw food ratio

The biblical plant-based diet of the Hallelujah Diet breaks down into a daily consumption of 85 percent living foods and 15 percent cooked foods.

An all-natural and raw, biblical plant-based diet is the cornerstone of the Hallelujah Diet. It is based fully on what has been since the very beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth and then people, in His image and likeness. It was at that very time that God established how humans would fuel and nourish their bodies. As ...

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The Best Raw Summer Desserts

Try these delicious plant-based summer treats!

With summertime comes warmer temperatures. That means swimming, soaking up the sunshine and playing in the yard with the ones you love. It also means making sure the family stays hydrated and well fed with something sweet and delicious! Whether you need a few new snacks to add to the weekly menu, or you're looking for something different to bring ...

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The importance of minerals

Minerals are essential nutrients that your body needs to thrive. What exactly does a diet rich in minerals do for your well-being? In "God's Original Diet," Rev. George Malkmus highlights that minerals provide structure in forming bones and teeth, they maintain normal heart rhythm, muscle contractibility, neural conductivity, and acid-base balance. They also regulate cellular metabolism. But where do these ...

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The Problem With School Lunches Part II

There are effective solutions to behavioral issues in schools and it starts with nutrition.

Last week we discussed the problem with most school lunch programs across the nation: The lack of nutritional value in these menu options is directly related to issues with intellectual development, concentration and learning and academic performance. On the other hand, providing students with fresh, healthy and nutritional options can have an outstanding impact on behavior and success, as one ...

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The Problem With School Lunches

Obesity and academic performance are among the main concerns of poor nutrition in student lunches.

Though the end of the school year may be fast approaching, there's never a bad time to discuss nutrition in our nation's schools. While every parent would like to see a fresh, wholesome meal on their child's plate each day, unfortunately, that's not always the case. It's no secret that an American student's school lunch tray of bland, packaged food ...

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