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What Is the Best Diet for Eye Health?

Heart of yellow fruits and vegetables

The best diet for eye health is the one that helps keep you healthy as well. When you search the internet, you’re going to find lots of articles on the best food for your eyes, and they’re all different. That’s because many studies show that many foods are good for the eyes. We’re going to do one better. We’re going ...

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How Serrapeptase Can Help Reduce Acute Inflammation

Acute inflammation, in any form, can mark the beginnings of a chronic condition when left untreated. Besides the swelling that comes with the occasional bruise or cut, inflammation can take on many different forms in the body. Heart disease, infection, arthritis, and asthma are just a handful of conditions brought on by inflammation. Serrapeptase, a natural supplement, offers an effective ...

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How a Bio-Available Magnesium Supplement Can Boost Your Health

Products containing magnesium

A bio-available magnesium supplement may be one of your best friends when it comes to being healthy. Magnesium is used in over 350 processes of the body, but women especially tend to be deficient in this vitamin. By supplementing your health with magnesium, you can help balance your health, enable your body to fight off colds and flu, and prevent ...

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What is Essene Bread?

dark bread loaf whole grain

On your journey to a healthier diet, you’ve probably done your due diligence and cut out a good majority of your bread intake. It’s a sad reality for carb-loving dieters, but most breads just aren’t good for you. However, there are a few bread options that you can and should keep in the rotation, and one of them is Essene ...

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Product Spotlight: Waterwise Distiller

waterwise purified water dispenser

Healthy water is the basis of life, but many of us struggle to get enough. The Waterwise Distiller helps provide us with great, healthy water to support our desire to live a clean and healthy life. Why the Waterwise Distiller Cleans so Well Based on steam distillation, the Waterwise Distiller uses technology that has been around since the beginning of ...

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The Importance of Minerals and How to Implement them into Your Diet

healthy food containing magnesium

Vitamins and minerals help us reach a big chunk of our daily nutritional goals. But, in practice — whether you’re shopping for dietary supplements or creating your weekly meal plan — vitamins tend to get a whole lot more love than minerals do. But here’s the thing: minerals are just as important, and they shouldn’t be overlooked. What do minerals ...

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Meat Withdrawal Symptoms: What To Do When You Go Plant-Based

The phrase “meat withdrawal symptoms” makes a minor issue sound like a great, big problem. In fact, if you’re eating a healthy diet, you won’t experience very many issues at all. Here’s a little bit more about cutting meat out of your diet and what you can expect when you take the leap to a healthier you. Why Going Meatless ...

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Low Blood Oxygen Levels: Causes, Symptoms and Your Health

medical equipment displaying low oxygen levels

If you’re feeling confused, euphoric, restless, dizzy, or have lack of coordination, you might have low blood oxygen levels. What does this mean? When not enough oxygen is passed from the lungs into the blood, people experience low blood oxygen level saturation. Normal saturation levels are between 95 and 100 percent. That means that nearly all the red blood cells ...

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Food Preservation for a Raw Food Diet

For those of you following a primarily raw food diet, preparing plant-based meals is something that you'll be doing quite often. This is good news if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and experimenting with different foods and flavors. However, once you've made that delicious apple raisin coleslaw or finished a batch of sprouted pea ...

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All You Need to Know About the Dr. Gundry Diet Plan

high fiber foods

Have you heard of the so-called Gundry Diet? The diet comes to us from Dr. Steven Gundry, author of the New York Times best-seller The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain. The book, published in 2017, aims to unteach us many things we thought we knew about nutrition. Perhaps, the book suggests, ...

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