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Food Preservation for a Raw Food Diet

For those of you following a primarily raw food diet, preparing plant-based meals is something that you'll be doing quite often. This is good news if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and experimenting with different foods and flavors. However, once you've made that delicious apple raisin coleslaw or finished a batch of sprouted pea ...

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All You Need to Know About the Dr. Gundry Diet Plan

high fiber foods

Have you heard of the so-called Gundry Diet? The diet comes to us from Dr. Steven Gundry, author of the New York Times best-seller The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain. The book, published in 2017, aims to unteach us many things we thought we knew about nutrition. Perhaps, the book suggests, ...

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Support Cardiovascular Health with Calcium-Rich Vegetables

plate heart surrounded by vegetables

While your doctor probably emphasizes eliminating certain foods from your diet for better heart health, did you know that you can add foods to your diet for this purpose, too? Heart-healthy foods are abundant in the produce aisle, and many vegetables contain the nutrients your cardiovascular system needs to perform at its best. One of the best nutrients for your ...

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Silver Biotics for Immune System Support

If you’re looking for an easy way to bolster your immune system, adding Silver Biotics to your daily routine is a good option. Along with a healthy, immune-supportive diet, this supplement can support your body’s ability to ward off viruses and bacteria that can compromise your health. Hallelujah Diet is happy to offer the top choice of immune support in ...

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Fibroids Diet: Recommended Foods for Managing Fibroids

Managing your fibroid health.

Getting the news that you have a fibroid is an experience of mixed emotion. By its very definition—a firm, compact tumor that develops in the uterus—a fibroid sounds like something very bad. But fibroids are not cancer, and that’s reason for celebration and relief! Indeed, most physicians say fibroids are not a concern for worry, as there is very little ...

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Why Do I Feel Awful When I Stop Eating Meat?

“George, I have a serious problem and need your help. I have several health issues and I KNOW your plan can help me. I believe in juicing and a vegan diet, but I just have one problem. It feels like my body NEEDS meat. After a few days without it, I begin to feel very weak and dizzy – lacking ...

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The Best Ways to Consume More Probiotics

  The body is filled with bacteria. Live bacteria and yeasts are beneficial for overall health and though probiotics are most commonly bacteria, they can also survive and operate as yeast. Maintaining a balance of both good and bad bacteria is important for maintaining proper function of many body systems, specifically in regards to oral and digestive health. According to our Hallelujah Acres ...

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7 Top Foods That Make You Gain Weight

  If you eat foods common in the American Standard Diet, there’s a good chance you’re not treating your body well. In Genesis 1:29, God tells us what kinds of foods we should be eating, but few of today’s modern meals adhere to this guidance. These seven foods are likely to make you gain weight: 1. Soft drinks Added sugars ...

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Key Takeaways of “Is Your Liver Protected?”

  The liver is one of the hardest-working organs in the body. However, it’s often overlooked, overworked and neglected. According to the American Liver Foundation, Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease impacts an estimated 100 million people in the U.S. It’s one of the most common forms of liver disease and its prevalence has nearly doubled over the last 20 years. In ...

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Cells: The Building Blocks of Life

The human body contains millions of cells that rely on healthy nutrition like proteins, vitamins and minerals. While the body can create some of these nutrients, it also requires essential vitamins and minerals from food sources. Every living organism depends on its cells to function normally. Often referred to as “the building blocks of life,” cells are the biological, structural ...

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