Healthy Days

A Different Take On Christmas

Do you remember a few weeks ago when you heard the first Christmas song of the season? How did it make you feel… like you just found a long lost friend? Do you remember when you held your first child….and then grandchild? We all are blessed with many of those “moments” in our lives. The first kiss, the first love, ...

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Vitamin K’s Different Attributes

If you’ve read about vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, you might feel like we’ve missed a few vitamins as we jump over to vitamin K. But there are no vitamins F through J (at least not yet). Vitamin K is named after the German word for blood clotting (koagulation). In fact, this is probably the most common connection ...

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The Benefits of Chickpeas

Whether it´s in a salad, soup, or a dip, the nutty flavor of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) can be a treat. They´re not only tasty but also great sources of carbohydrates and proteins. Chickpeas are also a significant source of dietary fiber and contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acids. But that´s not all! They also have many ...

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Grace, Gratitude and Giving


As we sit down today with our friends and family near, and the traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations are awaiting our palates, let´s remember that there will be more food on our plates in this one meal than most of the world will get in one day. As we reflect on the year that has passed, ...

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How To Naturally Add Humidity To Your Home

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The colorful leaves, the brisk, clean air and the spiced cider are all welcome signs that the hot, dry summer is over. The cooler temperatures bring on the question of when to turn up the heat. As warm and comforting as that feels, it also brings about a few common complaints with low ...

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Are You At Risk of Developing a Fatty Liver?

Risk of Fatty Liver

Ann does a lot of health consulting and recently learned one of her clients, who’s mostly vegan and hardly eats any junk food, was diagnosed with a fatty liver. We thought that since 1 in 3 people in this country will be diagnosed with this in their lifetime, we wanted to share with you more information about this incredibly prevalent ...

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10 Foods That Naturally Cleanse The Liver

As we enter into the new season of winter with all of the holidays, parties, unhealthy foods, sleep-less nights, and crowded inside conditions, we realize that this is also the season for catching illnesses and getting sick. While we may think that we can get beyond the season without ruining our diet or our health, even the die-hard raw vegans ...

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Vote for Health

Paul and I just returned from early voting. We take serious our responsibility and duty to help ensure this great Nation is being lead at the highest level by people who are most likely to protect the Constitution and our rights as citizens. Not only will our elected leaders have to make monumental decisions that impact our security but they ...

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How To Save Your Aging Brain

Something as easy as adding more spinach, kale, collards, chard and mustard greens to your diet could help slow cognitive decline, according to new research. The study also examined the nutrients responsible for the effect, linking vitamin K consumption to slower cognitive decline for the first time. "Losing one’s memory or cognitive abilities is one of the biggest fears for ...

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