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  1. Brenda Wiederkehr

    My husband was diagnosed Jan. 1 with Stage IV Adenocarcinoma of esophagus and spread to adjacent lymph node and liver full of tumors. He started Chemo Feb. 14 and in two months CT Scan showed tumors reduced to half the size. In 2 more months we hoped for more reduction but tumors stayed the same, no increase, praise the Lord.

    Feb. 1 we started on a strict Alkaline Diet, drinking only Alkaline water pH 10+. No coffee, no tea, no processed foods, no meats, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs.

    He has a great appetite! Energy good.

    Do you have any additional recommendations

    • Hi Brenda, I am so sorry that you and he are dealing with this. How wonderful that you are choosing to find ways to help support the body as your husband goes through his medical treatments.
      There are numerous ways to help empower the body. The book “Unravel the Mystery, A Simple, Effective Approach to Beating Cancer”, by Ann Malkmus, reveals a lot of information. Of course, Hallelujah Diet is big on freshly extracted vegetable juice to get nutrition in the body in a form that it can assimilate in minutes. Are you juicing vegetables? Feel free to call our staff at 1-800-915-9355. M-F 8am-6pm and Sat. 9am-4pm EST.

  2. I use Barley Green powder – I add a tsp to my morning smoothie protein meal replacement shake that I take with me to work. Is the barley green still effectively absorbed? Thank you.

  3. I heard I am NOT supposed to drink distilled water that has been enhanced with HydroBoost with food or medicine. Is this correct ?

  4. How wonderful to be able to go on vacation and work on repairing your health at the same time. It is fun to be surrounded by like-minded people who are interested in natural health. I love the community setting where you can attend classes, take walks, and prepare meals with others. My favorite time is when everyone sits around the table and eats a meal together.

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