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What Is the Jack LaLanne Diet?

Jack LaLanne, the founding father of America’s fitness movement, was a strong advocate for healthy eating and physical fitness. The Jack LaLanne diet grew out of a life experience that depicts the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The makings of this lifestyle follow a two-pronged approach that combines a plant-based diet with regular exercise. Unlike so many other diet systems, the Jack LaLanne diet works for people of all ages and not just the young or middle-aged.

The Inspiration Behind the Jack LaLanne Diet

At the age of 15, Jack LaLanne suffered from a range of debilitating illnesses, to the point where he became a shut-in and stopped attending school. In an attempt to help her son get better, Jack’s mother took him to a lecture held by Paul C. Bragg, a pioneering nutritionist in the late 1920s. Bragg spoke on a new approach to health and wellness that centered around a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In effect, what Jack learned during the lecture changed his life.

From that point on, Jack LaLanne had a new lease on life. He completely changed his diet (which was predominantly cakes, ice cream, and pies) to healthy foods. Jack also began a consistent exercise regimen as part of a healthy lifestyle. The end result produced yet another pioneer in the health and fitness field, the Jack LaLanne we know today.

What’s the Jack LaLanne Diet About?

Healthy Eating

Jack LaLanne’s philosophy on diet can be summed up in one of the many sayings he was known for: “If man made it, don’t eat it.” Man-made foods encompass a wide assortment of items, including processed foods, sugar, and white flour. LaLanne considered these types of food poison to the body’s natural, internal environment. For LaLanne, healthy eating entailed a plant-based diet made up of raw fruits and vegetables. The basis of the LaLanne diet centers on consuming a minimum of five cups of fruits and vegetables a day. This was considered a new, radical approach, back in LaLanne’s time. Today, scientific studies have long proven that people who follow these guidelines experience many health benefits as a result, including:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lean body mass
  • Lower risk for heart disease
  • Lower risk for diabetes
  • Lower risk for cancer

Processed Foods

No Food Additives and Drugs

The Jack LaLanne diet approach views food additives and drugs as a main cause for mental and physical illness. Additives are designed to alter the physical makeup of food, preserve it, make it taste better, and make it look more appealing. In the process, the nutrient content in food becomes depleted. In turn, the body misses out on the materials it needs to maintain good health.

As physical health declines, telltale symptoms, such as aches and pains and depression, start to develop. LaLanne attributes the widespread use of medicinal drugs, recreational drugs, and alcohol to the failing health of the body. When the body receives the nutrients it needs through healthy eating, there’s no longer a need for drugs or alcohol.

Staying Active at All Ages

Jack LaLanne was well known for his muscular physique and overall fitness throughout his life. Not surprisingly, exercise is the other major component of the Jack LaLanne diet. Regardless of whether you’re 30 or 80 years old, fit or disabled, an ongoing exercise regimen that includes strength training and cardiovascular exercise are essential to maintaining good health.

The human body’s design craves movement and exercise, which is why an inactive lifestyle breeds so many physical and emotional problems. In other words, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose the ability to use it sooner than you should. Medical studies have shown over and over again that regular exercise helps keep your weight down, lowers blood pressure, and helps keep cholesterol levels in check. Jack LaLanne was an ardent proponent for physical fitness long before it became common knowledge.

Running shoes and fitness equipment

Healthy Eating and Exercise—Simple Changes Bring Huge Results

Jack LaLanne and Paul C. Bragg are two of the three people that inspired Reverend Malkmus to create the Hallelujah Diet. The Hallelujah diet gives the body everything it needs to function at its optimal best for years to come. Even within the context of today’s thriving healthcare system, following a lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise can mean the difference between robust health and developing diseases that inevitably lead to premature death.

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  1. I have to agee with everything about this Jack LaLanne Diet. From staying active and removing the bad foods from the diet to eating healthy. All this right here is very important, after changing your life style it will help you feel alot better too. Thanks for sharing about Jack LaLanne.

  2. I still have fond memories of “The Jack LaLanne Show” on television in the late fifties and sixties !Certainly a Guru of Physical Culture (Fitness) ! Thanks for sharing this valuable Info !

  3. I can still see Jack and his lovely wife, Elaine, on the Jack Lalane TV show. It was an exercise program that I followed every day and the exercises were very stimulating. He was so up beat and positive and explained the benefits of every exercise he did. We lost a great health pioneer when he died in 2011, but his legacy will live on.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful and simple information. I remember watching Jack as a child and his great attitude toward life inspired me. I will surely share this article and hope to bless others with the Hallelujah diet wisdom.
    God bless!

  5. I enjoyed reading about Jack LaLanne. I did not know that he was inspired by Paul Braggs. Interesting that both men had a number of health problems they were able to turn around with a healthy diet and exercise.

    Keeping their example in mind helps me resist the unhealthy food when I go to social gatherings.

  6. Oh yes my mom would exercise with him!

  7. I remember when I was a kid my mom watched his show all the time. She did the exercises with him. I remember the exercises using the chair, and I remember the big, beautiful white German Shepherd, Happy. Too bad we never followed his type of diet and lifestyle when I was younger. I never knew about that aspect of this man that was so ahead of his time.

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