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‘Watchful Waiting’ Works as Well as Surgery, Radiation for Prostate Cancer

A new study has found no difference in mortality rates among prostate cancer treatment options active surveillance, surgery and radiation.

Though it is the second leading cancer among American men, prostate cancer has remained a confusing subject for both doctors and patients alike. For the physicians, the guidelines for screenings, tests and treatments have been modified significantly over the years. For patients, the task of choosing an option for prostate cancer treatment has remained daunting.While eating a plant-based diet may prevent prostate cancer in the first place, two new studies may shed light on the outcomes, risks and survival rates on the various prostate cancer treatment options.

Common Treatment Options
In the world of prostate cancer today, active surveillance, radical prostatectomy (surgery) and radiation therapy are the common choices of treatment. However, the effectiveness of each of these treatment options for cancer had never been compared before, reported Oncology Nurse Advisor.

Now, a recent study published in the The New England Journal of Medicine has analyzed 82,429 men age 50 to 69 years in the United Kingdom who took part in a trial and underwent prostate specific antigen testing over a 10-year period. Of those diagnosed with prostate cancer, 1,643 agreed to participate in the study and were randomized into three groups: active surveillance (545 men), radical prostatectomy (553 men) and external-beam radiotherapy (545 men). 

A new study has found no difference in mortality rates among active surveillance, surgery and radiation.A new study has found no difference in mortality rates among active surveillance, surgery and radiation.

Study Findings
As reported by Prostate Cancer News Today, it was found that for patients with localized prostate cancer, active surveillance – the monitoring of disease progression without treatment until necessary – was just as effective in mortality rates after a 10-year period as radiation and surgery. There was no significant difference found in prostate-cancer specific deaths between each of the treatment groups.

Moreover, there was no significant difference in death from any cause between each of the three groups. However, researchers did conclude that surgery or radiation therapy were more effective at reducing the risk of prostate cancer spread and progression.

Beating Prostate Cancer the Natural Way
These study results point toward the notion that active surveillance, also known as watchful waiting, is just as effective and safe as invasive methods of surgery or radiation. This is in line with what God has revealed from the very beginning: That we are miraculous self-healing beings and that beating cancer naturally is in fact possible without prostate cancer treatment. By following the primarily raw, biblical plant-based diet of Genesis 1:29, the body is able to fuel itself with the necessary nutrients to fight back against cancer. As our experts have said, "nutrition can be a powerful player in the war against cancer."

Recent studies have confirmed that following a plant-based diet may help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. If you or a loved one is living with prostate cancer, consider our Hallelujah Diet Cancer Get Started Kit to kick-start the self-healing process.


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