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Tips For Staying in Top Health During Flu Season

Promote your health the natural way this cold and flu season.

Though the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control Prevention and numerous other organizations will tell you otherwise, getting the influenza vaccine as we approach flu season is not the best practice for avoiding the strain of the virus this year, or ever. Rather than attempting to protect yourself with a flu vaccine that may cause more harm than good, strengthen your immune system this cold and flu season.

Preserve and promote your health with these tips so that your body can be its best form of defense:

1. Be Proactive
In Western culture today, people put more time and effort into being reactive to common sicknesses such as the flu, rather than being proactive. When the body is fueled with the staple processed and packaged foods of the Standard American Diet, the immune system is no longer strong enough to protect against illness. As such, these people are much more prone to sickness. Once they do develop the common cold or flu, their first instinct is to then go to the store for medication.

Fueling your body with the plants of the earth helps to promote strong immunity.Fueling your body with the plants of the earth helps to promote strong immunity.

But what if these people knew just how easy it was to keep the immune system strong and ready to fend off the flu in the first place? As Rev. George Malkmus wrote in the foreword of "Vaccinations: Deception & Tragedy," God designed our immune systems to fight disease, to keep us healthy and to promote the self-healing capabilities of our bodies. However, in order to operate at its best, the immune system needs to be fueled with the natural, primarily raw, plant-based foods of the earth. Rather than putting toxins into your body with the flu vaccine or masking the problem with over-the-counter medications, wholesome plant-based fruits and vegetables supply the nutrients needed to avert disease in the first place.

2. Eat Well and Hydrate
Proactive measures for taking care of your body and preparing to battle the numerous bacteria and diseases out there also include eating right and staying hydrated. So many of the plant-based raw fruits and vegetables of the Hallelujah Diet have natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, can help to prevent nutrient deficiencies and even reduce fatigue. These raw foods fuel your body with all of the essential vitamins and minerals you need and jump start the immune system.

Drinking enough water is also especially important during cold and flu season. When your body begins to feel the effects of dehydration, it can no longer function at its best to ward off illness.

Staying hydrated during cold and flu season is key for good health.Staying hydrated during cold and flu season is key for good health.

3. Supplement
When flu season approaches, it becomes more essential than ever that your body is getting exactly the right nutrients it needs. Though a raw diet is immune-strengthening in and of itself, adding supplements to your diet can help to further enhance your defense mechanisms. As the website of natural health expert Dr. Mercola explained, antioxidants are essential in the fight against free radicals. By defending against them, antioxidants can help to prevent harm to your body by protecting the performance of your cells and thus, the longevity of your tissues. The stronger the tissues, the more difficult it is for disease to make its way in.

To fuel your body with all the antioxidants it needs, consider supplementing with Hallelujah Diet's Selenium / Glutathione Promoter or Antioxidant dietary supplement that includes GliSODin® or Liposomal Vitamin C. Both can help to give your immune system the boost that it needs to stay healthy this cold and flu season. And for the full ensemble, try out our Super Immune Booster Kit.

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