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The Dangers of 5G Wi-Fi

There are big concerns with an impending wireless network.

Technology has opened a world of possibilities. Today, you can conduct banking from your mobile device, video chat loved ones in different time zones and order food to your doorstep through voice activation alone. With all of the great advances technology has delivered, most don't want to acknowledge the potential risks.

Though it may be difficult to accept, given how much time the average person spends scrolling through their phone each day, there are dangerous consequences to cell phones and the impending 5G wireless technology.

What is 5G Technology?
Since the Western world is always trying to be bigger and faster, it's no surprise that an enhanced and more-rapid-than-ever mobile internet connectivity network is in the works. As Tech Radar explained, the amplified 5G network is expected to deliver improved and more reliable connections with median download rates of nearly 1GB per second. But along with greater speed, data and connection comes a price.

Presently, corporations are planning to install this network in neighborhoods across the country. If installed in your area, you would not have any way to avoid the exposure to 5G, according to Dr. Mercola who cited big concerns with the frequencies and bandwidth of the millimeter wave used by 5G technology. Research has demonstrated a link between the bandwidth of the MMV and problems with immune function, eye and heart health and even pain. Another concern is antibiotic resistance and harm to plants as plants readily consume MMV. If plants become unsafe, both humans and animals will also be at risk.

The newest 5G network is raising serious concerns. The newest 5G network is raising serious concerns.

Fighting Back Against 5G
A group fighting to stop telecom companies from being allowed to install wireless transmitters in neighborhoods as they wish, Telecom Power Grab cites a concern for public safety. Citing one study on the interaction between bacteria and MMV, it was found that these waves could in fact alter the bacteria's sensitivity to a number of biologically active chemicals. The concern over antibiotics is the most pressing.

"This study suggests that mmWaves may have the ability to create antibiotic resistance in bacteria, creating concern in the medical community," according to Telecom Power Grab.

Wireless radiation is already classified by both the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization as a Group 2B "possible human carcinogen," noted Telecom Power Grab. The risk for cancer and a range of other diseases has historically been linked with exposure to radiation, notably wireless radiation.

Unfortunately, the true impact of 5G Wi-Fi will not fully be recognized until it has been rolled out.

If you're looking for a way to protect yourself, consider the Hallelujah Diet Gia Wellness Universal Twin Pack. These chips can be used in cell phones to effectively reduce the harmful effects of EMFs and electromagnetic radiation. A BioPro study of participants using their cell phones with and without the Gia Harmonization Technology found that regular cell phone use resulted in unhealthy stress levels and body response. However, when using the chip, it was concluded that the body's energy and stress levels remained in the healthy range.


  1. gloria May 11, 2018

    I appreciate the the article on the Dangers of 5G Wi-Fi but it scares me, especially the part that says “Another concern is antibiotic resistance and harm to plants as plants readily consume MMV. If plants become unsafe, both humans and animals will also be at risk.”

    You said ” chips can be used in cell phones to effectively reduce the harmful effects of EMFs and electromagnetic radiation.” However, Hallelujah Acres cannot grow their Barley, Carrots and Beets in a bubble.

    The everyday news stresses me so much that I have started avoiding watching it, then I get this info. Makes me sad for the young people but thankful that I am old. My “Golden” years are not what I had expected but neither would I choose to be a young adult.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Encourages me to pray more.

    This reply is so negative I do not expect to see it in print but it is how I feel.

    • Elfie Watson May 22, 2018

      Yes keep praying. As God is going to need us older people to help those that will be impacted by the 5G, mainly all the young people who do not know what a world without electronics is. I miss the days when people went outside and talked to each other, kids played outside, if you needed to call someone you used a regular corded phone. Think back how many people did you know that had diabetes, allergies etc… I knew no one. Now everyone is sniffling, sneezing, wheezing with all the stuff they spray in the skies. Check out the diet to help with EMF on this website, and also add bee pollen extract to that as it helps to prevent the metals from binding to your cells and is a natural immunity booster. Also take weekly detox baths to pull the metals out of you ( 2 cups epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide). If you have health issues research if these can interact with any condition you may have first. I do not go to doctors, nor does my almost 80 year old mother. We are on no medications and are otherwise healthy with the exception we hear the hissing high frequency noise that disturbs our sleep. In the meantime let people you know what is happening so they can at least be somewhat informed. And remember you are not alone!

  2. Connie Gesser May 11, 2018

    It is upsetting to hear about so many ways our modern world can have a negative influence on our health.

    I pray that the 5G network will not be installed if it causes all the health problems mentioned in this article.

    I have a gia chip on my phone and I’m glad I do.

  3. Angela Solomon May 15, 2018

    This is a very eye opener article! I had not even heard of the 5G network! Gives you a lot to think about and to pray about for our health and the health of our future generations. Thank you for this information.

    I highly recommend the Gia Cell Chips for your cell phones.

    • Elfie Watson May 22, 2018

      Please research the Internet of Things. The 5G is more than just them saying they want people to download and stream faster. It is an aim at total control. All new appliances have chips in them that now transmit to your smart meter which in turn goes to the central hub through the new Smart Grid that has been set up. It is causing health problems already to include people hearing a hissing or humming noise (research The Hum, I am effected and it is horrible, it gets worse at night). Look at the lamp posts in your town, you will be seeing small antennas going up all over the place. They (the government who is funding most of it, and the telecommunications will not tell you that the 5G operates at 60Ghz which will mess with the oxygen molecules in humans, meaning it will make people oxygen deficient). It is time for people to wake up and get active before the minds are to drained to even think with the 5G (P.S. it is a global project so that should tell you something, it is not for the good of humanity)

    • Elfie Watson May 22, 2018

      You also need to research the Internet of Things, it will give you the full outline what the government plans on doing. In the meantime, there is no oversight on the cell towers, some have been tested and found to be emitting higher then the FCC allows. However, the FCC has plain out right stated they do not deal with health issues and 5G is going up no matter what. Pay attention to Trump, his wife and most of the royal family in England. You will not see them with cell phones. Bill Gates, and others do not let their children use tablets etc… So they know something that the average person just trying to get by does not.

  4. Carolyn B, Calhoun May 15, 2018

    Pretty scary how something that is supposed to be so great an advantage for us can be possibly detremental as well. This is a very well done article. Not meant to scare us but to educate us as to what is potentially happening with this 5G network. Thanks for the information.

  5. Annette May 22, 2018

    This was a real good blog….Good information and yes I have to agree with my co worker about getting Gia Cell Chip for the cell phone. Thanks again.

  6. 5G is not about fast internet. It’s population control. It will cause cancer with a side affect of making people infertile. The evil that runs this world are truly insane.

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