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The Best Diet for Cancer Remission


Overcoming cancer is one of the most beloved blessings from above. To ensure your long-term health and ability to enjoy many years ahead, it’s important to pay close attention to your diet so you can return to good health. Following healthier lifestyle habits, such as exercising, getting a good night’s sleep, limiting your stress and avoiding alcohol and tobacco products are some of the easiest ways to regain your health, but consuming wholesome, quality foods is the most important. A diet that consists of processed products, refined sugars, fatty meats and other saturated substances is the quickest way to spiral downward, back to failing health.

Following a Plant-Based Diet
Eating well should be a top priority for anyone, but it’s especially important for cancer survivors. In fact, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network swears by a plant-based diet, stating that research shows an eating regimen like the Hallelujah Diet has proven to lessen overall cancer risk. Reducing meat and animal fat consumption and eating more fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce chances of developing cancers like lung, breast colon and stomach.

Fresh vegetables are key in a remission diet. Fresh vegetables are key in a remission diet.

According to the NCCN, the phytochemicals in fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains – foods that are staples in the Hallelujah Diet – act as a defense system against carcinogens, substances that are known to cause cancer. Ultimately, consuming plant-based ingredients will boost the phytochemicals in your system and may aid cells in blocking cancer!

As stated by the American Cancer Society, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids and other antioxidants can help prevent cell damage caused by chemical reactions with oxygen that may aid cancer development.

Our Dietary Guidelines
If you want to make the most of your health after battling cancer, it’s simple – drop the processed foods! Fast food options and other refined packaged products are known for taking most of the blame when it comes to failing health, so why feed into it even more? Cutting fatty options from your diet and making more wholesome, healthful choices will aid your body back to optimal health.

We recommend the following dietary guidelines:

  • Stop eating meat and all dairy, as these products are loaded with unnecessary saturated fats.
  • Consume a large amount of leafy greens throughout the day.
  • Begin each meal with a large vegetable salad.
  • Make your own vegetable juice and drink it multiple times a day!

Overall, your diet should consist solely of vegetables, fruits, organic whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Try Our Cancer Rescue Plan
Beyond rebuilding your body with nutritious, wholesome foods, we recommend supplementing with an easy and convenient support system. Our Cancer Rescue Plan can provide you with the best quality nutritional support your body needs, supercharging your immune system for recovery and rebuilding. It also increases energy and helps your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


  1. Annette June 13, 2018

    This was some good information about how some healthy vegetables can help us. I’m glad to find out about a Plant Base Diet. Thanks.

  2. T Black June 15, 2018

    Some people are under the impression that they can go back to eating whatever they want to after overcoming a serious health crisis. That is the one of the fastest ways to have all your health issues come right back, with a vengeance. Healthy eating is the most important aspect of their newfound health and wellness. By putting the proper nutrients into their bodies, they will help further strengthen the immune system to better keep illness at bay.

  3. Enjoyed your article.

  4. Ogbeta O. Kingsley March 27, 2020

    Thanks for the good work you guys are doing to millions humanity globally. I appreciate you guys today and always.

  5. M Meschter March 27, 2020

    I‘m so grateful I came across HD before I got Colon Cancer in 2011. I got the Recipe Book right away, made sure to eat Alkaline rich foods, and 9 yrs later still stay with this diet, about 90% of time.
    I do love my dark chocolate, w/o which life would not be fun?
    Keep up the good work, HD.

    • Melody Hord March 30, 2020

      I love your comment! I too, adore dark chocolate. As science grows, it shows that both cocoa and coffee have great value within limits! Of course, some folks may not be able to tolerate it. But those of us who can partake in a small amount can enjoy and not feel guilty at all!

  6. I agree that fast foods and refined packaged products are a large contributing factor toward disease of all kinds.

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