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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat Microwaved Food

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat Microwaved Food

It is convenient to throw some leftovers in the microwave if you are hungry, and many households use a microwave oven daily. People like the energy efficiency and fast results that can be achieved with a microwave, and it is considered a necessary appliance in the kitchen.

Even though a microwave is convenient, some health factors need to be considered.

Why You Should Get Rid of Your Microwave

Here are some reasons why you should get rid of your microwave oven:

  1. Long-term exposure to microwaves have been shown by a study to cause adverse effects in the brain. The study, found here, finds that the effects still remain unclear of microwaves on the brain, but there is some evidence that microwave-induced neurotrauma shows the same pathological changes as a blast TBI.
  2. The microwave reduces the nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins that are in the food. However, this is true of all cooking and heating methods, some minerals and vitamins are lost, which is why we recommend the raw food diet to maintain all of the vitamins and minerals.
  3. When you microwave vegetables, much like cooking them in any other way, there is some loss of antioxidants, though microwaving is actually one of the lesser ways that they are lost while cooking according to Live Science Again though, to preserve all of them, a raw food diet is a great option.
  4. Some researchers have suggested that there is a link between eating microwaved food and the increase in colon cancer rates in the United States. However, it’s not the food itself that causes this. According to, there is some evidence that the packaging the food is prepared in could cause cancer-causing chemicals to leach into your food.
You might want to think twice before microwaving your dinner.You might want to think twice before microwaving your dinner.

As you can see, there are several potential health problems that could develop when you eat food that has been heated or cooked in the microwave. This is why we recommend a raw food diet, as you don’t lose vital nutrients, nor do you have the risk of microwaves directly hitting your body from heating up foods in it.


  1. Write ON!
    I did this “experiment”
    I microwved 1 cup of water
    and poured it over papaya seeds in soil
    I poured the other (non-microwaved water)
    over the soil with seeds YES
    So –
    What else is new (TRUE)
    “And the truth shall set chew free”

  2. Carmen Landry July 10, 2016

    I once saw a PBS 2 hour documentary on microwaves around 10-12 years ago. The main point I came away with is that the microwave changes the molecular structure of the food (with actual footage showing it) and that when the food is done cooking it is no longer food because of this change. We immediately stopped using the microwave. Why would we put something in our body that isn’t food? Thank you for bringing this subject up for discussion.

  3. Our microwave has been banned to a closet–but we still use it occasionally for sanitizing kitchen sponge and for heating rice filled cloth tubes for occasional pain or warmth.

  4. What is the quickest, yet still healthy, way to reheat food in lieu of nuking it?

  5. Rosemary July 11, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this! I stopped using microwaves because of these reasons about 15 years ago before the dangers were well researched. I’ve successfully converted my husband, brother-in-law, and a friend from using a microwave to using a toaster oven instead. After 5 years of using our toaster oven, it suddenly stopped working and we don’t even miss using it. It’s because we can use a regular toaster for bread and everything else heats well in our regular oven or our stove top. Now I hope many more of my friends who I share this article with will also be convinced to not use their microwave anymore!

  6. Brenda Moore July 31, 2016

    Thank you for the insightful information, about microwaves. I’m considering throwing, my microwave away, thank you amen.

  7. nice article..very acceptable reason.

  8. Bola. A. Elushade August 13, 2016

    I thank God for this article. I am of the opinion that the heat generated by the microwave oven is too much for nutrients to survive. I also believe prior to any research findings that microwave oven should not be used because of the waves . I have never own one and I will never own a microwave oven. Thank you.

  9. Chersea March 21, 2018

    This article is complete garbage. Nothing, including the “studies” and claims, is cited. Microwaves add heat to food like any other cooking method. In fact, they produce less carcinogens because they use less energy than conventional cooking. Try reading articles with merit or actual studies.

    • Ray Souza May 15, 2018

      How is it completely garbage? How can you argue with the fact that radiation is the byproduct when heating your food? It literally alters the chemical makeup of food. It’s science. Why even mess with that?

  10. I first learned of Hallelujah Acres back in the ’80’s, and have always remembered how solid their evidence and advice was. It must be a God-thing that I should find this site! I’ve used our old microwave ever since my husband passed away 15 years ago, and now unable to cook and clean up as I once did. I wouldn’t even know where to start, as I use it to even heat up water and milk (didn’t you advise not to drink milk?) for my coffee. Can you help me?

    • Melody Hord July 15, 2019

      The stove top is a good option for heating. Also, water can be run through a coffee maker with nothing in the filter area.

  11. Who is the author and what scientific research supports any of this?

  12. Jordan Caleb Reed January 31, 2020

    Thank you, Chersea. Cite everything, ya’ll.

  13. Microwave doesn’t make radiation or cause the food to have dangerous chemicals

  14. Brandon Roberts February 19, 2020

    Mediocre article. As science and information it’s one star junk. As a marketing pitch and placement, well done.

  15. Piffle… Balderdash!! The microwaves cause the bonds in the water molecules to vibrate ,heating up the food. Once it is switched off there are no more “elecrtrical impulses” you have just hot food as if you heated it in the oven… crazy site!!

  16. What an incredibly ridiculous list of could’s and might’s on top of the that first item, provided with no support, explanation, or references, that food cooked in a microwave ’causes electrical impulses in the brain to “short out.” ‘

  17. sarowar April 8, 2020

    I reheated fried fish in micro-oven but after 2 minutes I found deformed fish…Its was like plastic after reheating and it was supposed to be crispy. Even I could not eat that fish fry…I also tried reheating fried egg but I got very hard egg particularly yolk part.

  18. I cannot believe the BS I just read. A basic understanding of physics would certainly help here. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with a frequency of about 2.45 GHz and a wavelength of about 12.2 cm; in the electromagnetic spectrum, they fall before infrared light but after radio waves (Heckert 2007). In a microwave oven, microwaves are produced by a device called a magnetron. The “radiation” you seem to be so worried about is known by another scientific term called “heat”. Unless you are equally concerned with wrapping your radio in aluminum foil to reduce radio waves altering your DNA or hiding away from light, either from your kitchen lights or the sun (hint: you shouldn’t be), then I’d wager you’ll be perfectly fine popping a meal in the microwave.

  19. What researchers? Where are any sources? Be afraid of the “satanists” they actually are the real threat.

  20. Yeah, that’s a great article. Thanks for this amazing information.

  21. Kiwi-ian July 9, 2020

    One sided, misunderstood, biased, misinformed. The science does NOT support this.

    Of course MWing changes the molecular structure, it’s called cooking and using a sauce pan, frying pan, grill or oven will do the same.

    Please read up on radiation, it does not mean radio-active.

    And please do not cite discredited sites like Mercola. He’s trying to sell you stuff.

  22. Warren Harding September 17, 2020

    There’s a lot of BS in here. I’ve been a radio engineer for 40 years and I can say with confidence that one you remove something from a microwave oven there’s no radiation left.
    It might denature something in the food but whoever claimed that microwaved water produced a different result from non microwaved water is putting the blaim in the wrong place. If there really is a difference then it might be because the microwaves killed something that is beneficial to the plants.

  23. Corvine17 October 17, 2020

    To sarowar, who complained about the microwave-reheated fish and the egg — you just overcooked your food! Two minutes on high will destroy any single size portion of room temp or refrigerated food! You should have gone for 20 to 35 seconds, depending on size. Of course it also depends on how many watts your oven rates as. If you’ve no experience microwaving to reheat or cook (two very different things, by the way), you can look up advice online. We all made those mistakes when we were microwave newbies, don’t worry. Helps to get a microwave cookbook, too. Good luck!

  24. Bryan Alexander November 10, 2020

    This article is so non-scientific I can’t even listen to it.

  25. Stephen R. November 14, 2020

    What a load of bullshit in this article..completely misinformed and promoting fear-mongering. A simple research into this topic will tell you that microwaving food is not any more harmful than reheating or cooking your food the traditional way in a pan.

  26. If you’ve looked at proper, reputable sites anyone can see that this article contains a bunch of scientifically disproven nonsense. No, your brain cells don’t get zapped by eating microwaved food. *Any* form of cooking will change the chemistry of food– that’s what cooking is! Raw meat thrown on a fire has its chemistry changed. That’s why it’s so much easier to chew and eat and digest after it’s cooked! When your egg yolk turns fr clear to white on the fry pan, change in chemistry! All baking- change in chemistry of the ingredients! No reason to fear change in chemistry.

    There is concern about microwaving food in plastic containers, but it’s the plastic, not the microwaved food, that can cause problems.

    Shame on this website for spreading fear thru nonsense info.

  27. This article is a load of uninformed unscientific tosh. The wavelength of microwaves is very long (.001 M) WRT the molecular size of the foodstuff or its DNA it is therefore non ionising and merely heats the food.infrared and visible light are not harmful and the wavelengths are much shorter than microwaves.You need to go above the ultraviolet spectrum to x rays and gamma rays where the wavelengths are much shorter (.00000000000001 M) for the radiation to be ionising and have an effect on DNA structure.

  28. Not a retard November 28, 2020

    This is the most retarded thing I have seen in days.

  29. It appears we have a few scientists on line here.
    The first thing I thought when I read the article; what are the scientific facts? Still. we should be able to function without all the facts for example time never started and will never end; space never stops with shrinking or expanding etc. etc.
    I am a tad olde but I will always remember that to never put metal in a microwave. (Though I see steel racks and all that jazz in there nowadays)
    I think we can all agree, even without science, that our bodies are just bags of – mostly water, dust = (minerals) and function by the use of electronic impulses.
    Pretty basic machines we temporarily inhabit really when you think about it.
    It is important for science to answer:
    My question is this,
    Is it fact that a microwave only excites the water molecules?
    If so, why is there an adverse effect when exposing minerals being magnetic or otherwise to the waves without enough water to counteract the obvious effect?
    Is that seed thing real?
    As I said I am olde, I have a microwave and don’t really care. In fact I am so olde, that I am considering helping to deal with all the asbestos out there because I won’t be around in 20.
    In fact I am so olde, I have a right to spell it that way, so there!
    Perhaps moderate the use of microwave until these answers are available.
    So now this ugly bag of wet minerals is going to go have a nap.

  30. Thanks, Rick 🙂

    Wouldn’t it be nice to know it all? We try.

    I appreciate you. Blessings.


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