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Should You Eat Meat as Part of Your Cancer Treatment Diet?

Did you know that your diet has a direct impact on your risk of cancer? Whether you are changing your diet to prevent cancer or you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is important that you consider your dietary choices and how they are impacting your health. With a few changes to your regular eating habits, it is possible to transform your diet and improve your health.

Dietary Fads: Is Meat Good or Bad?

One of the latest fads in the weight loss industry is a high protein, low carb diet. There are many names for this style of eating, including Paleo, low carb, and ketogenic diet. Even though these programs might help temporarily with weight loss, it is important that you don’t let yourself be fooled by the health benefits. The truth is that a diet high in animal protein can actually increase your risk of cancer.

In fact, if you are trying to heal from cancer, it is a good idea to avoid animal products as much as possible. Scientific research has shown that animal protein can actually activate cancer cells and lead to cancer growth, but the cells can be deactivated by cutting the meat and dairy products out of your diet again.

Don’t get caught up in the latest diet trends! It is much more effective to stick with a scientifically proven eating plan. By making the dietary changes suggested here on our website, you will be able to naturally lose weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease at the same time.

The China Study: Scientific Proof

Once you understand how much meat consumption impacts the development of cancer, you will find it easy to skip the meat and focus on a plant-based diet instead. Even though this topic can be a bit controversial, there is quite a bit of scientific data that you can review.

The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell is a book that shares detailed information about how animal consumption leads to cancer. The results were quite surprising, especially since the idea of a plant-based diet for cancer healing was unheard of at the time. For more information about how meat impacts the development of cancer, make sure to read this interesting book.

What to Eat instead of Meat?

Avoiding animal ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an effective diet to heal from cancer. Some vegetarians make the mistake of cutting the meat and replacing the animal products with processed junk food instead.

The best option is to avoid animal products and increase your consumption of healthy plant ingredients at the same time. So, make sure that you eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

As you are making these dietary changes, it is a good idea to have a variety of healthy recipes to add to your menu. For example, add a delicious salad with lunch and dinner, or try incorporating a smoothie into your breakfast habits. These changes might seem small, but they can make a big difference to help your body heal from cancer.


  1. When you say to eat veggies, fruits whole grains, legumes nuts and seeds I understand that and with cancer I’m working diligently to do just that. But I’m so confused because so many in the cancer world say to stay away from whole grains which means rice, bread, potatoes, barley etc. Can you please clarify this for me?

  2. Hello: I am a 95+% vegan (about 70% raw and “Under-Cooked” or “Lightly-Steamed” veggies with fruit, whole grains, a few nuts and seeds, etc.)). I add to that very minimal use of Sugar, Oil (fat), and Salt – – SOS!))

    This is to further say my goal is to limit myself to no more than 1 chicken egg per week – (to help insure an adequate B-12 intake). I use no known or detectable dairy products and no flesh from dead (or living – SMILE)) animals (that had either a face – OR – a mother) – either cooked or raw. That has been my diet for approximately 15 years. BUT – in August of 2006 I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and at that time it was predicted that I might live as long as another 30 days. That is to say – I was very sick and the cancer was well advanced. As an addendum to this, in June of that same year, when the painful symptoms first raised their ugly head, I was hospitalized and an il-equipped (non-thorough & rather disgusting) team of gastroenterologists diagnosed me as having in inflamed pancreas which their pills would heal me and have me back at work in 1 to 2 weeks! My ilness progressed until my son, an army nurse, came to my rescue – taking me to the hospital for further testing! He told the doctors he was not liking to watch me die a slow, miserable death). After my cancer diagnosis in August, I left the doctors (an oncologist – a surgeon, and a radiologist) and went to a local facility in Colorado for alternative approaches to treating my diease – which, by the way, I had earned fair and square by my living the good life of the SAD way of eating – (SAD = Standard American Diet)), little exercize, some minimal sunshine, too many soda pops per day, and a bag of corn chips (with man concocted dips) to start nearly every day. I was about 235 pounds OVER-WEIGHT as well. Within less than a year after starting serious cancer fighting treatments, I was declared cancer free and remain so after over 9 1/2 years. My weight is now about 20 pounds over my published ideal weight.

    Praises to my God who directed my paths and provided the foods I needed! I have available a Free for the Asking DVD for those wanting to know more about my healing journey which included as much of God’s intended Diet for man as I wanted. That food is DELICIOUS to the max. On that diet, my weight returned to near normal (published ideal weight). If you wish to know more, request the FREE DVD.

    The FREE DVD is of an interview to which I subjected myself near very end of my healing journey. To God goes my Praises, Blessings, and Gratitude. As many people already have learned – Almost no one escapes death with what I developped even though I knew better but thought it might adversly affect others but certainly not me. I was WRONG! To receive a copy of the free DVD, simply send me an e-mail requesting a DVD with the words CANCER DVD in The subject line and include your name and mailing address.! This is my main mission in life today! That being the Alerting of others that cancer need not be “A Death Threat”! Not before, or, during healing, or after healing has taken place. Praise to the Creator who formed me and knew from the beginning what He intended to be my food. See Genesis 1:29. God does not alter the words that have been spoken by his lips! I could go on but will refrain from doing such. I’m not a preacher of theological ideas but of a “Healthy Lifestyle” for better living. I owe much to Hallelujah Acres and to Mr. Mulkmas and his ongoing message of healthful living. I have nothing to sell and am paid by no one to promote anything! I simply wish to help steer people away from fear and disappointment into God’s ways of living and healing!

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