Brian Cohen

4 Reasons Why We Encourage The Use Of Probiotics

The bacteria living in your gut do a lot more than just process incoming food. “Good” gut bacteria support the body’s immune system health, help regulate inflammation throughout the body, and also promote healthy nutrient absorption from the foods we eat. Bad bacteria account for most of the digestive problems so many people experience, such as bloating and excess gas. ...

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What Is an All Plant-Based Diet?

A plant-based (vegan) diet is composed of plenty of healthful plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and nuts. This diet eliminates foods from animal sources, whether those are meats, eggs, or dairy products. Many health professionals are recommending plant-based diets like the Hallelujah Diet to their patients due to the numerous health benefits. Take a Gradual Approach For many ...

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Why Is the Hallelujah Diet Important?

why is the hallelujah diet important

The Standard American Diet contributes to the development of numerous diseases. Many people know they should eat healthily, but they are overwhelmed with how to begin. Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables combined with ditching processed foods will get your nutrition back on track. Healthy eating can be achieved by following a whole food, plant-based diet, as recommended by ...

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4 Benefits Of Implementing Organic Protein Powder into Your Diet

Detox juices

One crucial element of the Hallelujah Diet is organic protein powder. Why? It’s simple — because we eat mostly raw, plant-based foods, supplementing with the right protein powder gives us extra protein and amino acids to fill in any gaps. Some people, especially those exercising heavily, the elderly, and those recovering their health, need additional proteins.

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Fibroids Diet: Recommended Foods for Managing Fibroids

Managing your fibroid health.

Getting the news that you have a fibroid is an experience of mixed emotion. By its very definition—a firm, compact tumor that develops in the uterus—a fibroid sounds like something very bad. But fibroids are not cancer, and that’s reason for celebration and relief! Indeed, most physicians say fibroids are not a concern for worry, as there is very little ...

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