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What Is Carob Powder?

Carob pods and carob powder

Carob powder is a cocoa powder alternative made from the carob tree. It’s a natural sweetener often used to sweeten candies and cookies, but it has a slightly unique taste. It can be substituted 1-to-1 in recipes for cocoa powder. Carob powder is a bit healthier than cocoa powder, although they both taste very similar to chocolate (most chocolate is ...

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What Is the Jack LaLanne Diet?

Jack Lalanne's Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Jack LaLanne, the founding father of America’s fitness movement, was a strong advocate for healthy eating and physical fitness. The Jack LaLanne diet grew out of a life experience that depicts the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The makings of this lifestyle follow a two-pronged approach that combines a plant-based diet with regular exercise. Unlike so many other diet ...

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Pure Fish Oil: 7 Essential Health Benefits

Fish oil capsules and fish tail in brown jar

Pure fish oil is the only animal-based product we recommend on the Hallelujah diet. Why? Because it’s the best concentration of the right types of fatty acids we need to be genuinely healthy. While taking the fish oil is not completely necessary, it does help increase our health faster and give us the results we’re looking for. Today, we’re going ...

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Empower Your Entire Body with Our Marvelous You Kits

woman working out with dumbbells

The body’s self-healing ability doesn’t receive near the amount of attention it deserves. We can see this process in action anytime we have a cut or bruise, but it’s an ongoing process throughout the body. These self-healing abilities only fail us when the body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to sustain good health and eliminate toxins timely and efficiently. ...

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What Is the Best Diet for Eye Health?

Heart of yellow fruits and vegetables

The best diet for eye health is the one that helps keep you healthy as well. When you search the internet, you’re going to find lots of articles on the best food for your eyes, and they’re all different. That’s because many studies show that many foods are good for the eyes. We’re going to do one better. We’re going ...

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The Best Foods For Immune System Health

Fresh and sweet carrot

Nature provides us with many powerful foods to support our immune system health. God blessed our earth with many fruits, vegetables, and nuts to enhance our well-being. When you consider supporting your immune system through health, where should you begin? While all plants give us nutrients to care for our bodies, foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E are ...

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Health Hero Spotlight: Paul Bragg

There’s nothing quite so debilitating as bad health. It drains the body’s energy and can take a real toll on your quality of life. Born on February 6, 1895, Paul Bragg suffered from a terminal disease as a child but still went on to develop a revolutionary approach to overcoming illness and living a long, healthy life. As one of ...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Stock Up on Immune Boosters

A weak immune system makes you susceptible to illness and disease. Fortunately, eating the right foods and stocking up on immune boosters keeps your immune system strong, so it can heal from and ward off disease naturally as God intended it to. The reasons to stock up on immune boosters are endless. You’ll Receive Nutrients Your Diet Lacks For your ...

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How Serrapeptase Can Help Reduce Acute Inflammation

Acute inflammation, in any form, can mark the beginnings of a chronic condition when left untreated. Besides the swelling that comes with the occasional bruise or cut, inflammation can take on many different forms in the body. Heart disease, infection, arthritis, and asthma are just a handful of conditions brought on by inflammation. Serrapeptase, a natural supplement, offers an effective ...

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