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How to Relieve Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Don’t ever feel the need to resort to prescription and over-the-counter drugs - especially while you’re pregnant - because there are a plenty natural ways to relieve and combat these common symptoms.

Giving birth is a truly beautiful blessing – bringing your new child into the world will unveil a feeling like no other. It may, however, be hard to shake the way you're feeling right now during your pregnancy, because you're likely dealing with some of the correlating symptoms. Morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, constipation and headaches are all common during the ...

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Raw Cranberry Fruit Salad

Need a popular dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas? You’ve found it! This refreshing fruit salad has a holiday twist that your guests are sure to rave about!

Need a popular dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas? You've found it! This refreshing fruit salad has a holiday twist that your guests are sure to rave about! Raw Cranberry Fruit SaladThis dish is sure to be a delight just in time for the holiday season. Try our refreshing salad this Thanksgiving! Ingredients: 2 cups organic cranberries 1 teaspoon orange zest ...

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The Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment Timelines for Melanoma

Fueling your body with a plant-based diet can help fight back against melanoma.

New research has revealed that the timing of melanoma diagnosis and thus, treatment, is crucial to survival rates. As Science Daily reported, the chance of survival for this skin cancer rises with the immediacy in which a patient is treated. The study, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, found that when an individual diagnosed with melanoma ...

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How Long Do Menopause Hot Flashes Last?

If you are proactive with your health and use natural remedies to balance your hormones, then you can experience relief from hot flashes.

Hot flashes are some of the most dreaded symptoms of menopause, especially because a hot flash can occur suddenly and leave you sweaty and uncomfortable. Many women experience hot flashes and assume that they need to suffer through the discomfort, and they patiently wait for years… hoping that the hot flashes will eventually go away on their own. But, it ...

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4 Natural Ways to Combat Diabetes

Did you know that November 14 is National Diabetes Awareness Day? Now’s the perfect time to inform yourself about the disease and learn to live your fullest, most fulfilling life.

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 9.4 percent of the U.S. population has diabetes. Of those 30.3 million adults, 23.1 million were diagnosed and nearly 7.2 million went undiagnosed. This debilitating disease develops in nearly 1.5 million Americans every year, and it's been the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S. since 2015. As explained by the National ...

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Is Inflammation the True Cause of Heart Attacks and Strokes?

According to recent research by scientists at the University of Oxford, inflammation in the heart’s blood vessels could actually be the underlying cause of heart attack or stroke.

While narrowed coronary arteries caused by a build-up of plaque is most commonly associated with one's risk of developing a heart attack or stroke, the condition of your arteries isn't always necessary the bottom line that increases or decreases your chances. According to recent research by scientists at the University of Oxford, inflammation in the heart's blood vessels could actually ...

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Reasons to Try Our Winter Detox

Jump start your Christmas season with our winter detox.

For many people, there's no question that the dawn of the holiday season also means the accrual of several unwanted pounds each year. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, the abundance of holiday cookies and treats, drinks and feasts can seem overwhelming. While you may think that one indulgent peppermint hot chocolate during your Christmas shopping isn't so bad, a ...

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Exercise May Prevent Return of Breast Cancer

Exercise can strongly reduce one’s risk of breast cancer recurrence, according to recent research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Beyond following a primarily raw, plant-based diet, we strongly suggest dropping bad, unhealthy habits – such as smoking and drinking alcohol – and making lively lifestyle choices like exercising. While fitness strongly promotes weight loss, boosted confidence and overall wellness, it can also reduce one's risk of breast cancer recurrence, according to a recent review article published in the Canadian ...

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Bedtime May be a Factor in Overall Wellness

There may be a correlation between bedtime, heart health and mood.

You've heard it plenty of times before: Adults should spend at least seven to nine hours sleeping each night, per the recommendation of the National Sleep Foundation. But does it matter when you finally call it a day and decide to head to bed? As long as you're getting a full night's sleep, who cares what time you choose to ...

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