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Reducing Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

Reducing Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer affects a large portion of the U.S. population. According to the National Cancer Institute, there were 3,120,176 men living with prostate cancer in 2015. Generally, the average man has an 11.2 percent risk of developing the disease at some point in life. However, poor diet and a lack of exercise can increase the risk. Here are a few ...

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Weight Loss Tips Specific to Women

There are dozens of changes - specific to women - that you can make to help the pounds shed quicker.

Women and men have a lot of differences between them, and the ability to lose weight at a fast pace is one of them. Think about that time you and your husband decided to make a lifestyle change together – you went to the gym, started eating healthier and dropped your bad habits all at the same time, yet the ...

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Delicious Breakfast Recipes

If you want to mix things up, consider the following delicious recipes.

Most people rely on breakfast for the fuel their body needs after a long night of rest. While others can get by with a simple fresh glass of vegetable juice, BarleyMax or a smoothie for breakfast, some adults and young children could use more of a boost before work and school. If you want to mix things up and exchange ...

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Benefits of Healthy Fats

Read on to learn about how beneficial the right kind of fats can be, plus the ones you should consider incorporating into your diet.

The word "fat" comes with a bad connotation. The idea of following a diet that's loaded with fats sounds unappetizing and concerning for your overall well-being. However, there are numerous foods containing the healthy fats your body needs to thrive. "Eating the right kinds of fats feeds both the body and brain, all while keeping us full longer, so we're not as ...

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Understanding Postpartum Depression

Read on to learn about the causes, symptoms and coping mechanisms of postpartum depression.

Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most miraculous things a woman can do. You create a strong connection with your newborn from the moment they start growing in the womb, and watch that bond continue to blossom as your child ages. But while there are many amazing milestones and feelings that occur after giving birth, many ...

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Best Ways to Burn Belly Fat

  Excess belly fat has a way of making anyone feel less confident in their own skin. But after years of following unhealthy habits like eating anything and everything you want, neglecting exercising and more, it’s no wonder that your body could be looking and feeling more like a wastebasket. When God placed us on this earth, He did so ...

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Grab-and-Go Snacks For Your Next Hike

Don't leave the house without these snacks!

Between the seasons of summer and fall, there's ample opportunity to go on a nature walk. To spend time in the great outdoors, tantalize your senses with the surrounding greenery and get in some exercise – it's the perfect activity for cleansing the mind and working up a sweat. Since you'll need plenty of energy for your hike, it's ideal ...

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Health Benefits of Avocado Seed

Here are a few health benefits of avocado seed, plus the proper way to eat and prepare it.

As a faithful follower of the Hallelujah Diet, you're likely aware that avocado is a healthy fat that comes with a multitude of health benefits. It's loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids, has more potassium than banana and has the potential to help lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. But have you ever considered the power of its pit? The avocado ...

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Is Your Manicure Negatively Impacting Your Health?

The chemicals in beauty products could lead to hormone disruption, or even cancer!

One of the most luxurious ways that a woman can pamper herself is with a good mani-pedi, but many women don't realize that a manicure or pedicure can have a negative impact on their overall health and wellness. In fact, there are certain ingredients and chemicals that are often used in the nail salon which might lead to hormone disruption ...

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Delicious Pudding Recipes

Try these tasty pudding treats today.

Those who are unsure about following primarily raw, plant-based eating habits may be intimidated by unrealistic expectations that are associated with the word "diet." However, the Hallelujah Diet should be considered more of a lifestyle, not just a fad of an eating regimen. To make this easier to understand, we've created an entire database of plant-based recipes, including meals for ...

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