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World Cancer Day – Another Way to See Cancer

As we commemorate World Cancer Day this week, we find ourselves in a similar situation that has become eerily familiar as the years go on. We see the races for the cure, the GoFundMe pages and other fundraising efforts so the hundreds of thousands of dollars can be donated to do more research and “save” the afflicted. We also see the “movie stars” cut off their breasts in an effort to “save” their bodies from the ravages of this deadly disease even before a diagnosis!

Cancer is a word that we have come to fear in our society. Along with it you will hear words such as “bankruptcy”, “chemotherapy”, “side-effects”, “clinical trials”, “radiation”, “life-altering” and “bad luck.”

A recent article that made it into the larger news annals indicated that “just bad luck” caused cancer. If your genes aren’t perfect, you’ll get cancer. If you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could get cancer. If any of us had written that, it would have been called “pseudo-science!” But, it was actually written by scientists, therefore, it must be true?

Sadly, though there is still this mystique that has been perpetuated by media, reality TV, scare tactics and even the highly regarded Cancer Institutions that cancer is not preventable and the best way to fight it is to donate money for even more research. This fear-mongering has been highly successful in creating lasting donations which continue to fund these conventional methods making the rich, more wealthy without making any true inroads into the success of long-term recovery for people dealing with cancer. People are searching for a cure while placing hardly any effort into preventing it in the first place.

Cancer is an accumulation of toxins that have altered our DNA, permeated into our cellular systems, and altered our bodily functions. What we ate for dinner last night will not cause our cancer, nor will the air we breathe in today. The years of last night’s dinners as well as the toxic overload of contaminated air, water and soil are the catalysts that bring down the immunity and subsequently create the breeding ground for rogue cancer cells that become too difficult to handle.

Babies today are born with over 280 toxins already in their umbilical cord, with neuro-toxins in their brains and we wonder why cancer rates are exploding. With the high stress and fast pace of the world we live in today, it is no wonder the accumulation of stress factors is causing our bodies to weaken. Almost every body today is deficient in Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D3 and many other minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are fundamental in sustaining a strong immune system. Due to bad dietary habits and depleted soils, these deficiencies can be just as lethal as toxins and heavy metal poisoning. Imagine if you have a combination of all of them?

What is the Best Thing We Can Do to Further The Cancer Movement?

The real solution to cancer is not in the conventional treatments or even the alternative miracle cures. The best thing we can do is to educate people to see themselves as the primary care giver of their preventative cancer treatment. No matter how many mammograms you receive, you can still get cancer. No matter how many colonoscopies you receive, you can still get cancer. Whether you choose to remove your breasts, ovaries and uterus as preventative care, you can still get cancer.

No, the best thing we can do is to help people realize that responsible preventative care comes if they adhere to the following seven rules:

  1. No smoking
  2. Consume a primarily raw, plant-based diet
  3. Exercise every day
  4. Manage your stress
  5. Rest as if your life depended on it
  6. Supplement with whole-food nutrition
  7. Limit exposure to toxic substances in your food, water, air and environment

If people would see that they, themselves, have the power to prevent the cancer that they fear the most, then the world would see a major paradigm shift from the dollars spent on conventional thinking to programs that can be developed and products created to sustain a cleaner, life-sustaining population that will begin years before the next generation is born. Imagine a baby that is born without all of those toxins! It can happen and you can help! Let’s create programs that will empower instead of immobilize.

May God give us all the insights we need to see that by next year on this day, the world really could be a better place to live.


  1. Thanks! I had to especially laugh at the last sentence of your first paragraph. At the time that was in the news, it seemed SO ridiculous & just as much so today.

    As for the rest of this article, A M E N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lorraine February 7, 2015

    Oh my goodness. In total agreement of your article. Especially about how there is so much $$$$$ raised to try and find a way to prevent cancer. Seems since we started the war on fighting cancer, it has gotten worse. There is really NO cure, but to eat a PLANT BASE diet. If people would just see that they themselves can cure this by eating this way. ………….eat what God had intended us to eat in the first place. Stay away from all MEATS, DAIRY and SUGARS. ……….eat the H-acre way! ………….CURE= Plant base diet!

  3. This article is very revealing. The best approach to treat cancer is to PREVENT it.
    Hacres has been doing great in spreading the good news this approach.
    Smoking is indeed one important risk factor for developing cancer.
    Sadly for those of us who live in Third-Word countries, this is of major concern.
    Due to lack of sufficient or completely absent Hydro-Electric Power supply,
    most Nigerians use petrol or diesel powered generators to produce Electricity.
    The smoke from these machines are loaded with toxic hydrocarbon fumes,
    products of incomplete combustion vwhich pervade and pollute the air in our environment, day and night.
    This may be ONE of the major reasons, women who have never smoked Tobacco are coming down with Lung Cancer in Nigeria. May God have mercy on us.

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