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Why Women’s Health Is Close To My Heart

Interview with Hallelujah Acres Chief Education Officer, Ann Malkmus.

I know what it’s like to have serious health issues. I know what it’s like to try everything you can think of and still end up feeling sick.

But more importantly, I want to share how you can overcome these things, just like I did.


  1. Great site – love it!

  2. Debbie Zboch March 1, 2012

    Ann looks so healthy and vibrant, and her info is inspiring.  Love watching her.  However, the interviewer appears to be so unhealthy, suffering from malnutrition, perhaps anorexic.  I’ve seen him in other articles, and am always turned off by his appearance. 

  3. Egham110 March 1, 2012

    Debbie, I disagree. I think we are so used to seeing excess body weight that we don’t recognize a healthy body when we see one. I love to see a lithe, flexible, strong person that can participate in all activities. Our bodies grow and change til we are about 20 for women, maybe a little longer for men, and then they start to deteriorate. That’s why it’s so easy to keep fit when young, -we are continually taking in calories for out bodies to get bigger.  If we don’t stop that pace when our body reaches full size, we spill over into obesity. 

  4. Asgosney March 1, 2012

    Ann looks great – I’m right there with her turning the big 50 this year!  Thanks for all you do Ann and I look forward to more valuable info on the site from you!!!

  5. Luvmygrandkids2 March 1, 2012

    Thank you,Ann.  Great video!  Looking forward to more videos on health issues affecting  women 50+ yrs ,ie.osteoporosis,memory loss,etc. .Would like to know where I can purchase Maca and its additional nutritional benefits.Also,I,agree with Egham110’s comment,the interviewer looked healthy to me!

  6. pamela March 1, 2012

    thanks so much Ann! and by the way your new hairstyle makes you look almost 10 years younger!!! looking wonderful!!!

  7. Rae Ellen March 2, 2012

    Thank you Anne, you are a champion for women and very sincere. I can’t wait to hear all of things you learn regarding our aging bodies, I am 61 and waiting for all you have to share. Thank you again.

  8. Sharon Belcher March 2, 2012

    Ann, I am about to turn 62.  I’ve been in and out of the Hall.Diet for 15 yrs. Nutrition is something I’m interested in also. As you write a book, please incorporate the best time to exercise and how to do the protein if you aren’t eating dairy/meat.  I need to loose 8 lbs. and just got a few exercise DVD’s……so hopefully I will get my body back on track……main reason is so I’m not foggy-headed in the early mornings for my devotional time.  Thankyou for the information you shared. It is inspiring me to do what I know my body needs most….less food; better nutrition w/juicing, etc.   Sharon in Ohio

  9. i just turned 45 this year and i’ve been going through peri menopause for the last 3+ years… i was using a cream on and off to help with not having a period every other week. emerita… then i did a raw detox diet lost 30 pounds, looked the best and felt the best ever! but i’ve slowly gotten away from juicing regularly and eat more grains/sugar and coffee again so i’ve gained 12 pounds. and my period go for 2 months then come ever other week and yeast infections in between (which I haven’t had for years. So hurrying and help us young women…. i do very little dairy (whatever is in dark chocolate chips and on occasion a dessert when i’m out)… and meat is very selective and 2x a week. i do do green smoothies and salads and don’t eat much during the day… ordered a trampoline through groupon was a great buy w/dvd workout. excited to get that. i hope i can find more help on your site…as i have 2 small children and need my energy…..

  10. Lorey5 March 2, 2012

    I really enjoyed the interview!  For as much as I know about George and Rhonda’s roads to Hallelujah Acres, I’ve never heard Ann’s story and I found it interesting and relatable!  I am turning 49 in 17 days and feeling desperate for information regarding women’s health that somehow doesn’t lead back to a prescription!!  I’ve been following the Hallelujah Acres diet on and off for 5 years, with a concentrated effort for the past 13 months, after I was diagnosed with RA.  What an amazing difference it makes!!!  I, along with a multitude of others, will be following Ann’s pursuit of wisdom,  knowledge, and understanding, and we are eagerly awaiting her book!!

  11. angela March 3, 2012

    Good stuff.  I look forward to “the book.”  Want to share a name, Dr. Eric Braverman.  He is working on a lot of the same stuff which is talked about in the interview.  He has several books out now.  Younger Sexier You is on my list to buy. Check him out Ms. Ann.  He will no doubt be a great interview for your book.  Thanks soooo much for sharing.

  12. I enjoyed Ann’s interview however I just wish that she would have looked at the camera (me)  so I could see how lovely she was and what the Hallelujah Diet has done for her.  She looked at Scot ( the interviewer) mostly and it wasn’t until the last two minutes that she actually started looking at me (the camera).  It helps to actually see someone else who is eating the Hallelujah Diet to see what the Hallelujah Diet can do for me.

  13. Pattigee March 4, 2012

    I did they both did a wonderful interview.  They come across like regular folks and not professionals, which I can’t relate to.  Keep up the good work!

  14. Thank you Ann….you look more and more beautiful !!!

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