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Why Multivitamins Don’t Work

Ever wonder why whole, plant-based foods are best.

This study shows that multivitamins do “not reduce major cardiovascular events … after more than a decade of treatment and follow-up.”

In other words, multivitamins don’t prevent heart attacks and stroke (or any other ailment for that matter).

Why not?

Isolated, inorganic nutrients.

You see, whole foods are complicated little creations. They not only include vitamins and minerals but trace minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, and many other compounds science has yet to discover.

And they work best together.

Separate one from the other and it’s like taking steering wheel off of the car and claiming that the steering wheel alone is the same as the whole car. It just doesn’t work.

Multivitamins are like the lone steering wheel. They include only isolated nutrients, not all of the synergistic co-factors that make a particular vitamin perform as it does in a naturally-occurring food.

Not to mention, most bottled vitamins are created in a lab (synthetic) and most minerals in multivitamins are inorganic.

Now, inorganic does not mean “grown with pesticides.” The terms inorganic and organic when speaking of minerals refer to where the mineral occurs in nature — in the soil or in the plant.

Minerals in the soil are called inorganic, meaning they come from a non-living entity like a rock.

Minerals derived from living sources (plants) are called organic, meaning they come from something that is living.

The human body cannot absorb inorganic minerals (or synthetic vitamins, for that matter). Your body can’t use them and may even develop problems if ingested.

Only natural vitamins and organic minerals can be used in the human body, and both come from living things, especially plants. In fact, only plants can convert an inorganic nutrient into an organic nutrient.

For these reasons, whole food supplements are the way to go. The opposite of an isolated nutrient, whole food supplements still contain the co-factors that make them work like they’re supposed to.


  1. Perhaps the vast majority of multi-vitamins are garbage, but there are some which do provide regenerative benefits. It is complete folly on your part to think biological cells cannot benefit from proper bioavailable nutrition whether synthetic or not. People like Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, and Linus Pauling and Myron Wentz (the leading international cellular biologist and immunologist at this time) — all brilliant minds in their own right — would all beg to differ with your analysis.

  2. I should quickly agree that Inorganic minerals are not absorbable but that said, that is why the leading nutraceutical companies like Usana chelate them.

  3. Teresa Fritz July 2, 2013

    i would love 2 know what 2 take 4 breastfeeding, right now i take a vegan prenatal, vitamen d-3 from u guys, no b-12 since its in my prenatal and ground flaxseed each day, what do i give my 17 month old, and kids age 5 and 9? i do a vegan powder for them and vitamen d drops if no sun. for 17 month liquid drops no sugar supplement

    • my name July 3, 2013

      Just feed them healthy whole foods (not from a Box) and they’ll be Fine…2!

    • Thousands of healthcare professionals around the world are recommending juice plus. It’s simply fruits and vegetables in a capsule and dummy. It’s Shown to be extremely beneficial to both mama and baby. It’s being called the Mercedes-Benz of prenatals.

  4. Kieran July 3, 2013

    This article is so swayed. You assume that every multivitamin has horrible ingredients and doesn’t include any trace minerals, enzymes, coenzymes or antioxidants which just isn’t true. And your big ‘discovery’ that you talk about is not reducing CVD.. well that’s a surprise? A disease whose origins likely lie with inflammation problems, wasn’t reduced by use of a multivitamin (any multivitamin for that case, they were not separated into quality)?

    I am glad you used that to give a reason why they don’t work. Obviously a full whole-plant food diet that gives you everything you need is the perfect situation ~ but the number of people who have both the time, money, organisation and know-how to do that are very limited.

    Try make your articles a little less one-sided and present two sides to a case.

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  6. How are we suppose to get vitamins and nutrients from non-organic GMO foods?

    This is solid evidence that doctors are quacks with a fist full of government $$$$

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