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Who “Kneeds” Surgery?

Hi there, it’s Paul.

I want to tell you a story about my knees. Once upon a time… (kidding!)

Seriously, I want to share this so that you can avoid what I did!

It was one of those forehead-smacking, “why did I do that?” type of things a couple of years ago.

You see, usually, I would do some serious exercise in the evening. This was when Ann and I were developing our Exercise Essentials online video fitness program.

Anyway, one day, I exercised in the morning instead. But for whatever reason, I forgot to stretch first.

Big mistake!

I felt something go wrong in my knee and by 2:00 pm I could hardly walk.

I tried to tell myself it was nothing and just dealt with it for as long as I could, which ended up being a few months.

Finally, in late summer, decided to get an MRI to determine what had happened — I had torn my meniscus! And the only option, I was told, was surgery.

I was definitely not getting in line for that ride!

Instead, I had an alternative therapy doctor inject some platelets into the joint to speed healing, but it only improved a little bit.

Then, Dr. Ajay Goel came to speak at Hallelujah Acres about curcumin and the Hallelujah Acres Joint Health supplement that includes a form of curcumin that Dr. Goel helped develop.

After hearing him speak, I started re-thinking curcumin for healing. I had been taking the Joint Health supplement, but not that much of it; just one capsule a few times a week.

So, I decided to ramp up my efforts.

I began taking 4 capsules of Joint Health per day along with 4 capsules of Bio-Curcumin and 4 capsules of Serrapeptase.

I did that for just 2 months… and suddenly I could run again!

And I’m talking about a LONG run, like 6 to 8 miles without a problem!

Of all people, I knew to expect great results from Hallelujah Acres supplements — but still — I was amazed!

I still keep Joint Health on hand and use it when I overexert myself or on cold, damp days. But I’m still able to do a vigorous work out every day — squats, jumps, you name it, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

It’s also had a great effect on an older injury to my shoulder. Several years ago I flipped while riding an ATV, and it landed on my chest. The fall ripped my rotator cuff, but today, I can do pull-ups again!

Some people take one Joint Health capsule every day as a maintenance. I remember to take it about once a week, but I still take 4 at a time when I do.

Well, I just wanted to share that and hope that — if you have an infamous, nagging, old injury — this will give you some encouragement and another option. It definitely worked for me!



How do you handle fitness injuries?

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  1. Donna Frank April 18, 2013

    Will that also work for hip joint problem?

    • Shouldn’t matter which joint is sore. The supplement works systemically to reduce inflammation and to help rebuild. Be patient; this is a natural supplement that works in harmony with your body’s rhythms rather than slamming your body with a quick fix that can cause problems long-term (like a drug).

  2. where can I get the bio-curcumin and serrapeptase I have a real problem and please make it urgent.How much does it cost ? I live in Kenya and I need your guidance in this issue.Thank you so very much. Leah

    • You can order both directly from Hallelujah Acres in the USA. If you can order through Nigeria, we have a warehouse there as well.

  3. The instruction on Serrapeptase bottle indicates that it is to be taken on an empty stomach. Is it okay to take 4 serrapeptase at the same time with 4 Joint Health + 4 Bio-curcumin (these 2 are to be taken with food as instruction on bottle)???

    Thank you so very much, Paul, for this very practical and timely article. I fell 4 wks ago and really injured my R shoulder/rotator cuff, so today I started on the regime 4+4+4 you mentioned in your article.. Also, I exercise vigorously on my Needak rebounder at least 5 times/wk and 30 min each timie; however, sometimes one of my knees has a little pain, so I hope by trying your regime I will see improvement in 2 months. Lastly, I really like the idea of taking Joint Health 4 at a time just once a week. Gratefully! Kim

    • Because serrapeptase is proteolytic enzyme it will automatically be diverted to digeting food if there is food in the stomach, taking away from its anti-inflammatory role, which can be accomplished most efficiently if it is not being “distracted” with the job of digesting food.

  4. Theresa April 20, 2013

    I have patellofemoral pain syndrome that hasn’t gone away in 6 years even though I am 100% raw (thanks to Hallelujah Acres.) Did you take one of each four times a day or all at once? With food or without? Thanks for sharing!

    • Paul says he took all of them at once but wondered if his results would have been any different if he took them throughout the day. Instructions for best results are listed on each supplement’s label.

  5. aguanuay April 20, 2013

    I recently tore my rotator cuff, and while improved – I still have pain – what do the Serrapeptase and Bio-curcumin add to the healing? Did you have good results with your rotator cuff without adding these?

    • Most people use serrapeptase for short-term, acute inflammation and Bio-Cucumin for long-term, chronic inflammation. Different natural substances, different uses.

  6. I have already had one knee replaced and now the other is in that condition. the doctor says it is bone on bone. I would love to avoid surgery but don’t have faith that supplements can help in that instance. Do you? bone on bone….

    • Hi Joan, Paul here. Addressing knee issues with supplementation is more in harmony with the body’s healing rhythms. In other words, it takes a little while to notice results. However, many people have experienced some incredible results with using our Joint Health supplement. Some have told us that after 3 months on the supplement they felt that surgery was no longer necessary. Surgery is always an option (and in some cases, unavoidable) but it’s difficult to undo surgery once it’s done.

  7. My husband needs both hips replaced an shoulder surgery. He does a light jog and has know problem with that, but at night his hips are in pain. Well the Joint health help him and does he need to take the bio-curcumin and the serrapeptase with that ? How many a day and how offen? This can get expensive but if it well work maybe he wont have to have the surgery. I have already myself have had one hip replaced an now they say the other one needs to be replaced, I don”t care to go thru that again. Do you have any answers for us.
    Thank-you Mary

    • Hi Mary – Although we cannot advise on specific conditions, we encourage you to read Paul’s example and decide between you and your doctor to determine if your husband would like to try what Paul did before resorting to surgery.

  8. Michele May 7, 2013

    I just found out I have frozen shoulder. The pain has been so terrible for 2 months. Have you heard of the Joint Health, Bio-Curcumin, and Serrapeptase helping frozen shoulder? I heard this takes a long time to heal. I ordered them all hoping they will help. Thank you

  9. Chell May 21, 2013

    I was looking at purchasing the Joint Health supplement. I have had my galbladder removed. Will this be a problem for me? I seen the warning about the galbladder and bile secretion.
    Thank you

  10. I read Paul’s story about his injury. I did similar to my ankle and now plan to try the joint support with Serrapeptase and Bio Curcumin. I am so glad to learn what I can do to help my old injuries heal.

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