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What’s Next From Hallelujah Acres?

It’s been a whirlwind 20th anniversary for Hallelujah Acres! In fact, it’s been a whirlwind 20 years for the plant-based health movement in general.

For example, back in 1992 when Hallelujah Acres was founded, you’d be hard pressed to find anything labeled “organic.” In fact, the USDA Organic label itself was not implemented until 2002 — 10 years later!

Indeed, Hallelujah Acres was at the forefront of the organic, vegan craze before it was a craze… the best, however, is yet to come!

The next leg in Hallelujah Acres’ journey is to expand the Genesis 1:29 message of hope and healing to the world with more fervency than ever.

In fact, God has recently opened doors for Hallelujah Acres out of the blue. We (Paul and Ann) are promoting The Hallelujah Diet in Africa very soon, and other parts of the world are on the horizon, too!

We’re also expanding our vision.

We have recently begun a “fight fire with fire” approach to address the world’s concentrated toxins with concentrated nutrients through one-of-a-kind supplements targeted to address stubborn, physical problems left over after a diet change. We think you’ll be happy to see what we’re developing!

Like The Hallelujah Diet, these supplements are not akin to what the world has to offer for the same ailments. Instead of force-feeding the body with unnatural “replacement parts,” our supplements work in harmony with the body, using whole food-derived building blocks to help it regenerate its own replacement parts.

Providing more and more ways like this for you to personally refine The Hallelujah Diet is where Hallelujah Acres is headed into its next 20 years.

After all, self-healing with the right nutritional and lifestyle efforts is a universal principle, but refining the little “extras” is sometimes the key to turning a good result into a great one!

[quote]What would you like to see from Hallelujah Acres in the future?[/quote]


  1. Specific recipes to fight auto immune disease.

  2. paul andrew ohara October 5, 2012


  3. Cannot afford a vacation at a Lifestyle Center, and probably
    never will have $$ for something like that. But what about offering a traveling lifestyle
    weekend where you go and bring the lifestyle center to us. Local participants go home to sleep, out of town
    partisans stay a hotel. Both enjoy a
    full weekend of daytime activities like the food preparation classes, meals,
    physical activities and educational seminars. Benefits are – it’s more
    affordable, and participants don’t have to take an entire week form work, so more
    people participate. Entire families join
    in, which makes it easier to implement dietary and lifestyle change.

  4. Dianne Dreer October 14, 2012

    I would like to see a Hallelujah acres in the Michigan area…I leave in Northern Mich. and it would be nice to see you here or near here. I would also like you guys to be known more. It is amazing that so many people do not know of this style of eating or about Hallelujah acres. Dianne Dreer. Tawas City Mi. Every state needs this program.

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