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What To Do…If You Overdo It

Sure, it didn’t seem like you were in the sun for long, but — ouch!

That first day of summer fun can be a doozy if you’re not careful.

Obviously sunburning is not ideal, but in case it happens again, here’s some not-so-common, home-grown sunburn advice from a handy reference book we carry at Hallelujah Acres called Prescription For Nutritional Healing:

  • Reflections from water, sand, or even snow can double the amount of UV rays you absorb.
  • Symptoms of sunburn may not appear while you are out in the sun, but 1 to 24 hours after exposure. (Paul and Ann’s rule of thumb: limit your first exposure in the summer sun to 15 minutes.)
  • Always apply cool, not cold, compresses to the affected areas.
  • Apply aloe vera gel every hour to relief burning, speed healing, and moisturize the skin. Fresh gel from an aloe plant is best; if you use a commercial product, choose one without mineral oil, paraffin waxes, alcohol, or coloring.
  • Bad burns call for a salve of calendula flowers and St. John’s wort. They have antiseptic properties, act as a painkiller, and promote healing.
  • Horsetail is a good source silica, which is beneficial for tissue repair (the alfalfa grass in BarleyMax is a good source of silica, too)
  • A cream containing at least 5% tea tree oil helps to heal sunburn.
  • Eat high-protein (plant-based) foods and raw fruits and vegetables to promote healing.
  • If a child is sunburned, do not apply creams or anything other than cool water or a small amount of aloe vera gel. The burn will heal faster if left exposed to the air.

We also like the age-old remedy of apple cider vinegar. Apply to affected areas and it will pull the “burn” out, relieving the pain. Some say it also turns the red to a tan, too.

Tell us your best sunburn tip — comment below!


  1. T Black July 5, 2018

    I remember when we were kids my dad would always get burnt the first day we were at the beach. He worked outside on a regular basis, so he had what you call a “farmer’s” tan. His face, neck, and arms were nice and tan, but his back and legs were not usually exposed to the sun. He used to soak towels in vinegar and drape them across his shoulders and legs to ease the burn.

  2. I live in FL, so this is very helpful information! Thanks so much!

  3. Judith Jewell July 6, 2018

    My best sunburn tip is from my French Grandmother. I used to blister on my shoulders with very pale white skin.
    She would make a bowl of Red Rose tea bags with boiled water; then add the ice to tea and begin to use the tea bags to soak on top of my blistered shoulders. After 15 minutes the blisters fluid was gone, my skin stayed intact when I slept with aloe Vera from her plant in my shoulders.
    She would treat the burn on my shoulders
    Until the redness left. No peeling skin after she did that care, with love and patience for me.

  4. Jennifer July 6, 2018

    When my family went to the beach a few months ago I was sunburnt pretty bad the 2nd day. Thankfully I knew to use aloe and it really helped me to heal.

  5. Miriam July 7, 2018

    I got s bad sunburn and sprayed a diluted Apple cider vinegar and water spray on my skin . Every time the vinegar would dry, I sprayed again. I did this for a couple of hours. Next day the skin was tan with no redness.

  6. Annette July 30, 2018

    This is some good information, especially for the people that like being out in the sun. Thanks again.

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