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What If Food Prep Isn’t Your Thing?

Sometimes you just don’t wanna… you know?

You work all day, come home, and you just don’t want to make dinner.

But if you’re on The Hallelujah Diet, you almost feel like it’s your duty or something! Like you’re “expected” to come up with some wildly creative meal just because you’re the “diet expert.”

If you love food prep, that’s awesome! You’ll be someone that others look up to.

In fact, we’d encourage you to take your skills to the next level with Hallelujah Acres’ Raw Gourmet Living course — they’ll teach you stuff you didn’t think was possible with raw food!

But what if food prep isn’t your thing?

Can you still do The Hallelujah Diet without feeling like you’ve betrayed the foodie code of ethics?

Of course you can — we do it all the time!


Seriously, let’s be real… we’re busy people just like you are.

Sometimes “supper” consists of a grabbing a plate full of raw veggies out of the fridge and steaming some rice, and maybe not even the rice!

Who says you have to “make” something in order to call it a meal?

In fact, it’s actually easier on your system if you eat just one food or one type of food in a sitting. Or at least one food at a time.

If you’re going to do that, here’s a tip: Eat the most watery foods first (juices, fruits, raw veggies – they digest in less than 1 hour), followed by the foods that tend to break down slower (nuts and seeds take the longest to digest on a plant-based diet – 2-3 hours).

That’s exactly why we say eat all raw foods first on The Hallelujah Diet and then add cooked stuff afterwards; it’s a basic rule of thumb for Hallelujah Dieters.

So, in other words, don’t beat yourself up if sometimes all you’re having for supper is an apple, or if lunch consists of a bunch of veggies you grabbed on your way out the door in the morning!

At least we’ll feel like we’re not the only ones doing it! 🙂

[quote]What’s your favorite one-food meal?
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  1. stella May 9, 2013


  2. Linda May 9, 2013


  3. Watermelon.

  4. Marilyn May 11, 2013


  5. Debbie May 14, 2013

    Don’t you get hungry only eating one thing? It doesn’t sound satiating. I guess I have to change my mindset? I’m so used to centering my meals around having meat, a starch, & a veggie.

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