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Vaccines and International Travel

We’re busy making plans for October in our house.

For two very big reasons.

Not only is Hallelujah Acres moving to its new location in Gastonia, NC in October, but we’re going to Africa, too!

While we’re excited about bringing Hallelujah Acres to Africa, we found ourselves having to make some tough decisions about our travel details. Specifically, whether or not to accept a malaria vaccine.

You’d think that would be a no-brainer for us, but to be honest, we struggled with it.

When you live in a country like ours with healthy sanitation and good access to nutrition, vaccines are much less of a concern.

After all, sanitation and nutrition are the real reason that diseases disappear, not vaccines.

But we don’t know if Africa will afford the same assurances.

Will sanitation be adequate?

Will we have access to good nutrition? Or will we end up slipping from our routine?

Furthermore, Ann is struggling through some menopausal health battles lately. What would a case of malaria do to her already-stressed immune system?

In the end, we decided to accept the vaccine.

Surprised? We look at it this way…

We don’t know what we’re going to encounter in Africa. But we do have significant, personal experience with ridding our bodies of heavy metals and other toxins.

We’d rather go through a vaccine detox (that we know how to handle) than take on a case of malaria, which we know nothing about.

But we’re not going without some preparation.

We’re working with a natural practitioner right now to boost our immune systems; she’s also developing a protocol of chelating supplements for us to address the heavy metals.

Others have very different opinions on this subject.

April Renee Tunsky of the Vaccine Information Coalition (and a past speaker at our 2011 Women’s Retreat) travels the world routinely and says, “no matter where I travel they would have to put a gun to my head before I allow them to put a needle in my arm!”

Have you traveled the world and been faced with a vaccine decision?

[quote]What would you do? Tell us![/quote]


  1. Jzerbe928 August 9, 2012

    I am trying to understand why Ann would be suffering with Menopause if she follow the H Acres program.  i have been juicing and taking Barley for almost 18 years and have never suffered with menopause.  For awhile I used the progesterone cream till I read an article by Rev M’s wife and I stopped using it and just concentrated on being a vegan. I am almost 59 years young.

    • menopause does not affect everyone exactly the same ,regardless of how healthy a diet they consume……hanging in there with you Ann

    • Peggy Sue April 4, 2014


    • I also am using the HA Women Cream (progesterone cream). How do I get a hold of this article by Rev M’s wife?

  2. Elaine Barnes August 9, 2012

    My husband and I go to India nearly every year.  Mosquitoes abound and the risk of contracting malaria and dengue fever( there’s no antidote) is increasing, so the statistics report.  In the early year, we always took the malaria tablets.  Now, we do a good cleansing diet(we have been vegetarians for more than 40 years) and forget about it!  I have nursed both malaria and dengue fever patients and both disease symptoms are dreadful and one can easily die from them.  Since it is your first time to go to Africa, I would not take any chances.  After you’ve been there once, many of your questions will be answered and you’ll have a better idea of what to expect and how to handle them.  Have a SAFE trip!

  3. Heather August 9, 2012

    My son (17) and my husband went to Haiti shortly after the devastation a couple years ago. Sanitation was not even remotely what we were used to. To be honest, we struggled with the vaccination issue. We prayed long and hard. We also decided to take only the malaria vaccine (there were several others recommended). My husband had a reaction to the oral vaccine which we then discontinued according to the recommendation. My son took the full course. Neither one of them got sick and came home safe and sound. A friend of mine went to africa with her three children (teenagers) on a missions trip. They all took the recommended vaccines. But surprisingly, one of her daughters still contracted malaria. The vaccines are not toted at 100% but the doctors don’t advertise that fact. We are planning on moving to China as missionaries in the near future. We will again pray about the vaccines recommended. I tend to shy away from all vaccines that are normally transmitted through sexual/drug activity (Hep B, ect) and are normally fought off by healthy immune systems (whooping cough, chicken pox). A few years ago we went to China and took one round of the Hep A (usually in polluted water) vaccine. If you take just one round it is eliminated by the body in 3 months time. It was just long enough for us to have some immunity before we got back to the states. Ultimately, as believers, we have a tremendous asset in being guided by the Holy Spirit when we commit these things to prayer. In this as well as all things, we should commit it to God, ask for His leading, and not lean on our own understanding. God may lead one person to do it one way and someone else another. 

  4. My parents were missionaries in Africa and I spent most of my childhood there. When I returned to visit them at age 20 I had to renew several of my vaccinations before going.  One was yellow fever.  Although some people said we did not have to have it to enter the country(Ivory Coast), we still got it.  When we went through customs the only vaccination they looked at was yellow fever.  If we had not had that one it’s hard to tell what they would have done.  African countries/diplomats/politicans/military are NOTHING like American.  There is no reasoning with them.  What they say GOES!  I don’t know what country you’re going to or what kind of access you have to the country, but be prepared.  I don’t want to sound a dire warning because if God wants you to get in the country, you will.  It does not matter how knowledgable you are, it does not matter how much you reason with them, if they say you have to have a certain vaccination to enter their country that’s the end of discussion.  Receiving the vaccine at that point you will not have the availability for a detox of your body like you talked about, not to mention their sanitary conditions of injecting vaccines are probably not along the same lines as ours.  And you got it, malaria has nothing to do with sanitary conditions, but mosquitos carry it.  So it doesn’t matter how much you wash your hands, all a mosquito has to do is find you in an unsuspecting moment and bite you.  The malaria vaccine was not available when I was a child or as a teenager when I returned there but I did take malaria prophalactic every week.  In 7 years I had 2 bouts of malaria and thanks to our American medical doctor on the station I recovered fully from both.  However, I will never be allowed to give blood in America because once malaria has entered your blood stream it stays in the dead red blood cells in your body forever which are stored in the liver.  Probably more than you wanted to know but,.,,,it’s all about being educated right?  I hope you have a fabulous trip.  I still consider Africa my childhood “home” and would return in a heartbeat if I had the chance.  I think everyone should have the chance to go.  It will change your life. 

  5. Taking or not taking vaccines is a personal choice. I have been to approximately 10 countries and I have never taken a vaccine and I have never had any problems. Most countries have a list of vaccines that are recommended but not required. I take supplements to increase my immune system before traveling, take supplements while I’m there and also when I return.


  6. click onto “citic acid treatment for malaria” and find mr. humbles book .

    • James Raber April 8, 2014

      Silver Sol is 100% effective against Maleria in a test on 900 victims don in Africa.

      • Thanks, James Raber, for voicing this info. Yes, I support 100% your statement. AM & PM, I am so ever grateful for SilverBiotics by American Biotech Labs. I had been a Bible Translator in very remote areas in West Africa (near Sahara desert) for 12 yrs (plus lived and traveled to many other countries in Africa) in so I fully understand the malaria issues. Vaccinations and prophylaxis simply CANNOT protect a person fully from malaria, besides there are many kinds of malaria parasites carried by mosquitoes (one kind requires prophylaxis with sulfur, another require another type, etc…). I wish Silver Biotics were available when I was working in Africa. Very imply put it, SBiotics a) is extremely safe regardless of the myriad of medication one may be on, and one cannot overdose on it; b) it’s Silversol technology so each minute silver particle clings to water as one; c) these particles suspend in water and make a “cocoon” around bad bacteria/virus/parasite and cut off life support system to that bad bacteria/virus/parasite and then the particles are flushed out of the body via urination. So one would need to take a sufficient amount of SBiotics daily for protection (it’s only the matter of cost, extra SBiotics in the body will help protecting one from any other bacteria/virus which are often prevalent in many countries in Africa and cause common health issues such as diarrhea/dysentery). Yes, I empathize with you AM & PM regarding vaccination requirements to enter certain country. By the way, I have been faithfully on HA diet for 14 years and I am in perfect health (even after all sorts of malaria sicknesses, and all sorts of vaccinations I had to take to enter the countries!) so I am SO EVER grateful to God for Rev M and the rest of the HA organization. If you absolutely have to take certain required shots/vaccinations, I would highly recommend that you find out what vaccinations you need to take to enter the country and find a way to receive all of them in the US to avoid any additional problems transmitted by unsterilized syringes, etc. Praying for God’s protection and wisdom for both of you AND enjoy your trip as well as enjoy meeting the people there :)!

  7. I live in South Africa and regularly go to Mozambique on outreaches. The vaccinations don’t really make a difference but it is a good thing to detox the way you are doing. Wear long sleeves at night, light colours (dark colours attract mosquitos), use mosquito repellant at all times. A pinch of Aloe powder of crystals daily taken with water work very well to keep them away. Vitamin B (especially B2) will also ensure that they keep away. Large doses of B-Complex really work – B deficiency makes them love your blood! Artemisia is used by many missionaries I know (both to avoid getting malaria and to get it under control if you contract it). It destroys the parasite and is effective and safe. I know that this advice is too late for you, but others might find it helpful.

  8. Ann Cammarano April 6, 2014

    Hi, Thank you so much for all your great information. My story goes back over 55 years ago when the flu vaccines were just in its infancy. I never forgot what happened to my family. My family doctor would make house visits and one day I saw his car parked in front of my house; at the time I was about 10 years old and decided to get out and spend some time at a friend’s house without telling my parents. I had a feeling that the good doctor was up to something; and I was right. He gave the flu shot to all my brothers, my mom, and my dad. I was the only one who did not get the shot because I took off. Well, guess what happened? Five of my brothers, my mom, and my dad got the flu the following day. Everyone was throwing up, and so sick (with fever and aches and pains, except me.
    I never got a flu shot in my life, and I will never get one. It is not normal to stick a needle in one’s body that is filled with poisons.
    I learned at a very young age to always question the good doctor; and today, praise God, I am not on any medication at all. I did have a problem with itchy skin that was keeping me up at night and affected my immune system, but I found out that I am very sensitive to gluten. So, I just have to stay away from the grains that contain gluten. However, I did have some health challenges this past winter. I developed Herpes simplex 1 in my left eye. I believe I got it because I was not sleeping, and I couldn’t fight the virus. It left me with scar tissue; my doctor said I may not get my vision back. But, I believe that God will cure my partial blindness, and during this ordeal I was able to figure out that it was gluten that made me itchy. I always thought gluten was celiac disease and problems with one’s stomach. I did not know that gluten can make a person have skin rashes that would drive one crazy from the itching. I have to share a testimony – on December 28, 2013, I was in so much pain, my left eye was throbbing so much, and it was so painful. It started early in the morning and through the night. I honestly thought I was going to die that night. I got on my knees and cried out to God. I said, “God, you said you would never leave me or forsake me, and in 1 Corinthians 10, you said we would not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able, and there would be an escape for me.” I told God I couldn’t take the pain anymore and that I needed to live to help my family. God answered me, He said, “Do the hot and cold therapy on your eye.” Well, for the next 30 to 40 minutes I put a hot towel and then a cold towel on my left eye. The pain which was hurting me all day and night finally was gone; it was gone!!! Praise God. I slept like a baby that night and knew that God loved me, and I believe a miracle happened to me that night. God is so good.
    If you know any therapy that could dissolve scar tissue in one’s cornea, please, please, let me know. Thank you, and God bless you. Maranatha, Ann Cammarano

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