Tips for Proper Juicing

With all of the incredible benefits that come with juicing, it's a mystery why more sick and unhealthy Americans don't jump on the bandwagon and invest in a vegetable extractor!

Choosing to hop on the Hallelujah Diet shows that you're taking the right steps to prioritize your overall health and wellness. Juicing is an essential element of following the lifestyle, as its method of vegetable juice extraction offers one of the best ways to receive the vitamins, minerals and enzymes your body needs to thrive.

As Ann Malkmus highlights in her book "Unravel the Mystery," juicing also encourages you to consume more vegetables and promotes detoxification. With all of the incredible benefits that come with juicing, it's a mystery why more unhealthy Americans don't jump on the bandwagon and invest in a vegetable juice extractor!

Juicing is More Complex Than You Think
Juicing isn't as easy as it might seem, however. It takes a well-thought-out process to achieve the most nutritionally dense beverage. For example, many tend to confuse blending with juicing. In February 2017, Ann discussed how valuable juicing is, and highlighted how it differs from blending is in our webinar, "Juicing – The Secret to Ultimate Health." Though blending breaks up the fiber in vegetables and fruits, it still exists when it hits the glass. With a juicer, the whole foods are extracted and the fiber is discarded. This is the easiest way for our cells to absorb the nutrients instantly.

Juicing is a bit more complicated than you think.Juicing is a bit more complicated than you think.

Here are a few other tips Ann passed along in "Unravel the Mystery" to ensure you're getting the most out of your juice:

1. Drink Vegetables, Eat Fruit
It's easy to associate the word "juice" with "fruit," but fruit juices are high in concentrated sugars. We suggest sticking strictly to vegetable recipes for optimal nutrition.

2. Use Fresh Produce
Use the freshest produce you can get your hands on. Not only does this create better quality juice, but it also enables it to maintain its freshness for a longer period of time.

3. Drink Juice Within Three Days of Production
Meal prepping can save time and effort throughout the week, but be sure to only produce three days worth of juice at a time. Any longer in the refrigerator and bacteria will start to develop in the containers.

4. …Or Freeze It!
If it makes more sense in your schedule to produce more juice at once, you can freeze it for up to two weeks to extend its shelf life. Just remember that 15 percent of the enzymes are eliminated during the freezing process, so it won't be as nutritionally rich as fresh juice.

5. Juice a Variety of Vegetables to Keep Things Interesting
Juicing the same vegetables every day will bore your taste buds. Variety is the spice of life! Remember this while you're creating your juice. We recommend using at least two different varieties of leafy greens and at least three different vegetables throughout the week. Refer to some of our favorite juice recipes for inspiration!

6. Give it a Little Oomph!
For an extra oomph of energy and immune system protection, add one of our BarleyMax Whole Juice powders to your juice.


  1. Annette June 27, 2017

    This was a great Blog…When I was reading it I thought I could share some of this information to our customers that is buying juicers. I did not know that bacteria will start to develop in the containers after three days. i did know that you can freeze it but did not realize that 15 percent of the enzymes are eliminated during the freezing process. Great!

  2. Jennifer Corson June 28, 2017

    I agree that juicing is such an important part of a healthy diet! Thank you for the helpful hints!

  3. Laurel Kronenberger July 8, 2017

    How can I get some of your juicing recipes?

    • Melody Hord July 11, 2017

      Hi Laurel, If you go to the Hallelujah Diet homepage and click on “Great Recipes”, you will be in the Hallelujah Diet Recipe section. There is a search bar at the top where you can type in juice. That will pull up all sorts of juice recipes. This morning I used mint leaves (that I had planted along my sidewalk) which always help my juice taste better. I usually add a lemon or lime, too. My base is cucumbers and/or celery. Then I like an apple or two. There is nothing like fresh juice. Click here for a great looking recipe called “Energy Juice”.What type of Juicer do you have?

  4. T Black July 25, 2017

    Thanks for reminding people that you can freeze fresh vegetable juice. Yes, you do lose a small amount of enzymes, but if it helps people continue to consume fresh juice by being able to prepare in advance, the benefit far outweighs that small loss. Some people may not juice at all if they couldn’t prep in advance.

  5. Carolyn B, Calhoun August 10, 2017

    Thanks for this helpful blog. We have soooo many wonderful juice recipes on our Website to try you will always come up with fresh and new ideas. Good information about freezing your juice and not keeping it for too long a time. Thanks.

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