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Tips for Building a Strong Immune System as You Age

Consider these lifestyle tips to rebuild your immune system and restore your health.


Overall, your immune system works well to defend your body against microorganisms that can increase your risk of diseases. However, sometimes the defense wall isn’t strong enough. As you age, it’s important to take precautionary measures to build a strong, healthy immune system to lessen your chance of developing harmful diseases and illnesses.

To function well, your immune system needs quality love and care. By choosing to restore your health and follow The Hallelujah Diet – a program that follows specific dietary suggestions to help you rebuild your immune system – you can cleanse your body of the toxins that often weaken your cells and make you sick. By following this diet and rearranging your everyday habits, you can restore your self-healing mechanism, so innate self-healing can be carried out the way our Lord intended.

Consider these lifestyle tips to rebuild your immune system and restore your health:

Follow a Well-balanced Diet
By eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains, your body will be fueled with the nutrients it needs to build a strong immune system. These health foods are chock-full of antioxidants, probiotics, and infection-fighting properties that help your immune system absorb vitamins and nutrients to fight illness. Eating a diet with high fat content can do the complete opposite, weakening the immune system to the point of completely shutting it down.

Exercise Regularly
Once you’ve established healthy eating habits, consider how often you exercise. According to a study conducted by Appalachian State University, those who spent five or more days a week performing aerobic exercise spent 43 percent less days experiencing upper-respiratory infections, thus proving physical activity can indeed boost the immune system. Consider setting aside 30 to 60 minutes a day for exercise.

Wash Your Hands Often
Keeping your hands clean might be a task you’re overlooking. It’s actually one of the most crucial steps in protecting your immune system from cold and flu viruses. It’s suggested to clean and dry your hands often throughout the day, especially after handling food and using the restroom. Don’t forget to replace damp towels with dry ones frequently, as they are a place where bacteria tend to thrive.

Follow a Regular Sleep Schedule
You know that getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for feeling refreshed, but did you know that it plays a large role in keeping your immune system healthy? According to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, people who slept less than seven hours each night were three times more likely to catch a cold than those who slept eight hours or more. Consider your current sleeping schedule. Are you getting enough rest at night to feel well when you wake up in the morning?

Consider a Supplemental Program
The Hallelujah Diet encourages you to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains to boost your immunity, but we also offer a number of supplements that can aid the immune-boosting process. Hallelujah Diet Liposomal Vitamin C, Hallelujah Diet Nascent Iodine, Silver Biotics and Selenium/Glutathione Promoter are four supplements offered that support a healthy immune system to fight viruses as severe as the Ebola virus and as simple as the common cold.


  1. This was a good Blog! Its great knowing all the tips for building the immune system as you aged. I have to agree with the supplements you can take along with exercising and eating a healthy diet. Good information!

  2. Thanks

  3. Angela Solomon March 5, 2018

    Great Infromation I totally agree that healthy eating and the right supplements help to build our immune system. The Hallelujah Diet Barley Max is great, I take it everyday!

  4. That was a great tip on boosting the immune system. The strong immune system is essential as it defends your body against several diseases. I believe following these tips will improve the immune system to a great extent. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the information but sone how I have problems falling asleep.
    Any advice on that is greatly appreciated.

    • Melody Hord March 23, 2018

      Hi Livi,
      There are countless things that can lead to poor sleep. There are numerous supplements designed to help a person sleep better. Has anyone found anything especially helpful? I am a big fan of taking magnesium right after dinner each evening to help me relax. It certainly helps…even my mind…as I aim to wind down from a busy day.

  6. Annette Whitworth January 2, 2020

    This was great information for the start of the New Year, for the people to jump start to rebuild they immune system. Especially following a well balance diet and Exercise Regularly. We all need the exercising and the right food to start feeling better. Thanks.

  7. It is the daily decisions that affect our long term health. Sleep, exercise, diet, hygiene and supplements all play an important part of supporting or tearing down the human body. This is the perfect time of year to implement good habits that contribute to health in the body.

  8. A healthy immune system is so important. Thank you for the great suggestions.

  9. During cold and flu season it is so important to do our best to support our bodies and strengthen our immune system by eating right and getting enough exercise. But it is just as important to make sure you are getting enough rest and getting a full night’s sleep. I know that I have always heard that, but didn’t realize that studies have shown that it makes us 3 times more likely to catch a cold than those that consistently slept 8 hours or more. The part about washing your hands should be imbedded in our brains from childhood. I am not completely OCD about that, but you better not even think about touching anything in my kitchen if you haven’t washed your hands! Especially this time of year!

  10. This is a good reminder of how important sleep is to our health. I feel good when I sleep straight through the night without waking up until morning. I know people who go to bed at the same time every night. That is a good idea too.

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