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Think Caffeine Is Harmless? Chew On This.

If you thought caffeine was harmless, you’re about to change your thinking.

Not only has it been used to create an “energy drink” market, caffeine is now available in Wrigley chewing gum.

It’s being touted “for adults who are already using caffeine for energy,” according to a Wrigley spokesperson.

Okay, wait a second…

When exactly did caffeine become a source of energy? Do you recall Coca-Cola or coffee being called an “energy drink” back in the day?

Neither do we.

If you want energy, have a coconut oil-stuffed medjool date or a banana or something.

Caffeine is not a source of energy; it is, however, one more example of how marketing spin can change the definition of a word.

As a consequence, we have forgotten what caffeine can do to a body. And it’s not pretty… especially in children.

Energy drinks are at the center of a wrongful death lawsuit because a 14-year-old girl died of cardiac arrest after drinking just 2 of them in a 24-hour period.

Five people have, in fact, died shortly after drinking Monster brand energy drinks over the last 8 years and there were over 13,000 hospital visits in 2009 related to drinking these caffeine-laced energy drinks.

The FDA is also investigating claims about other deaths related to those now-common 5-hour energy “shots.”

The way so-called energy drinks work is with a combination of niacin (vitamin B3) and caffeine. The niacin opens up the blood vessels and drives the caffeine deep into the cells of the body, sometimes with catastrophic results.

This idea behind these drinks does not work with compounds naturally found in the body and can easily overload susceptible people.

And now caffeine is being slipped into chewing gum — another good reason that gum is not on The Hallelujah Diet!

But what about all of the so-called benefits of “just a little” caffeine?

We want to know what you think about this!

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  1. Claudette March 20, 2013

    Since being on HD since July 2012 and juicing for three years prior to July, I thought I would really miss coffee. I had purchased a pretty fancy coffee machine with reward points and used it for my comfort and for my friends when they visited. I knew instinctively, upon totally applying the HD that I would be dropping coffee. I just did it. Since July 2012, I probably had three coffees tops. I do make sure i am well hydrated with BMax, juice or smoothies as much as possible. I try to prepare to succeed and not fail. I try not to leave myself open to temptation. It was not the drink itself for me, it was the sitting down and reading a book or something -comfort and social aspect. I wondered if it was an excitoxin, because of the irritation the drink gave me in my stomach- like a high. In reading Dr Blaylock’s book on Excitoxin, he doesn’t coffee, only MSG, its derivitives and aspartame.

  2. Hiddin Furpryvacee March 20, 2014

    Very misleading, using one girl. You can use one person for a variety of things, maybe even bananas. She had a heart condition and it’s still under question whether or not she actually had just 450 mg of caffeine. And some people are very sensitive to caffeine.

    Being so dishonest by not acknowledging that caffeine does give other people energy isn’t going to help! It’s just going to make your case look weak since you have to exaggerate (one girl), be dishonest, etc.

    The problem with caffeine is that it’s a shot thing… wont last you all day or anything. Complex carbs are better. And, caffeine is put into headache medicine… if we’ve got headaches, acting like just 2 energy drinks is horrid for you isn’t going to help us people iwth headaches. This article acts like it’s LSD or ectasy or something. Just hype.

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