The Real Reason You’re Suffering from Allergies

Hallelujah Acres’ Vice-President of Health Olin Idol (ND, CNC) wrote a great article about allergies and gut health.  We asked Olin to contribute part of his article for today’s blog post:

A hypersensitive (over sensitive) immune response is responsible for the increasing occurrence of allergies, which have become the fifth leading chronic disease in the U.S. among all ages and the third most common chronic disease among children under 18.

Our bodies are subjected to a daily onslaught of elements from our environment, water, air, and food that impact our immune response. It is imperative that we remain vigilant to avoid these toxins as much as possible and to equip our body with conditions conducive to dealing with them as efficiently as possible.

One of the most important influencers of immune system response is the balance of one’s gut flora (bacteria). Our gut is host to over 400 species of bacteria, numbering more than our cells, and weighing approximately 3 to 3-½ pounds!

When our “friendly” bacteria dominate, making up about 80 percent of that population, we normally experience optimum immune response and enjoy a high level of health.

Elements such as chlorine (in swimming pools, bathing, and drinking water), food preservatives, and antibiotic residual in our food chain can devastate the friendly bacteria while the undesirable (pathogenic) bacteria thrive and become antibiotic-resistant.

This overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria may lead to candida, vaginal and urinary tract infections, allergies, thrush, and contribute to what is known as leaky gut, a condition in which undigested food and other proteins penetrate the gut barrier and enter the bloodstream.

When this happens, the immune system perceives these intruders as foreign substances and begins to attack them, often leading to a hypersensitive response (allergic reaction).

With a significant imbalance in the intestinal flora, normally health-promoting foods such as fruits with natural sugars can feed the undesirable bacteria, allowing it to continue to proliferate. Restoring the favorable balance of friendly flora often takes radical dietary restrictions of all sources of sugars and starchy carbohydrates along with aggressive supplementation with a good probiotic supplement.

What do you do for allergies? Comment below!


  1. Carolyn B, Calhoun March 28, 2018

    Makes sense that an imbalance in your system would cause the symptoms of allergies. Overgrowth of the pathogens is the culprit. Restriction of sugars and starches will help to bring your system back into balance. Thanks for this informative blog.

  2. Great article. Also sleep greatly affects gut flora. If you are lacking in sleep your digestion will be impaired too. Also, when you are lacking in sleep your body releases histamines that cause your nose to run that I bet most mistake as allergies.
    I got an outbreak of candida (gut problem) so terrible my entire face swelled red, half of my finger nails fell off, and terrible yeast infection. and the ONLY thing that cured it was the hallelujah acres healing protocol. 100% vegan 4 barley max + 4 veg juices every day. It was COMPLETELY healed in only 1 week! Most battle with that for years or life! My veggie juices contain apple juice (which most people would say avoid with candida) but I knew apple juice didn’t cause candida — what caused candida was an imbalance and getting plenty of sleep + juicing restored it.

  3. Connie Gesser March 29, 2018

    Most people don’t realize how important gut health is and how connected it is to the health of the rest of the body. This information makes sense.

    I wish it was it was not so difficult to get rid of the overgrowth. It is easy to do short term, but difficult to do long term.

    I’m glad probiotics and fermented foods helps.

  4. i am in a constant battle with allergies and sinus issues. What are your recommendations to bolster the immune system?

    • According to Dr.W.Walker the cause might be a colon filled with waste etc. You could do 2-3 colonhydrotherapies to get rid of old waste and start using probiotics and the reccommended diet at Hallelujah Acres websites.

      Colonhealth , a book of Norman W. Walker explaines more!

      Kind regards,


  5. Robinson April 3, 2018

    I am constantly battling with allergies and sinus issue. Though I also battling with crohns disease which I suspect is the cause of gut Inbalance. Pls I need your recommendation

    • Melody Hord April 3, 2018

      Allergies are a mystery to me. Last year, out of the blue, I got allergies in July and they lasted until the first frost. I live in the country and noticed yellow ragweed was very prolific! I really like what this article suggests above, “Restoring the favorable balance of friendly flora often takes radical dietary restrictions of all sources of sugars and starchy carbohydrates.” “Radical” is a great word. No matter how clean, pure and natural the diet, over-eating carbohydrates can take a serious toll on the body. I have cut back radically on fruit and other carbs. Hopefully this year, I will not experience ANY discomfort.

  6. Angela Solomon April 3, 2018

    Thank you for the information on what could be really behind all these allergies.

  7. I have an allergy to all dairy ie cow, sheep, and goat. I first get sinusitis then a searing burning in my throat all the way down to lower regions. I avoid all dairy and some of my other foods allergies disappeared. I feel so much better and healthy with out the dairy.

  8. Pauline May 8, 2018

    I juice quite often, not exactly every day. My ph is the best it has been, I went meatless for the past 5 months, not quite totally plant yet. Recently I had a reaction of swollen lips & a numb feeling at the tip of my tongue. After a google search, some people have that reaction to vinegar? So, now I am not sure what to do. Does anyone know how long this might take to leave the body? This week I am not wanting to eat much, not knowing what caused it.

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