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The Little Known Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

Everyone is constantly on a journey toward better health, even us!  A couple of years ago, when Ann found out she had a sluggish thyroid, she also learned that it would be wise to remove most grains and gluten from her diet.  She discovered that there is a connection between thyroid function and grain and gluten intake.  While it took her several weeks to notice a major change, she did see the fullness in her face thin down and she found it easier to lose a few pounds.

Another interesting note regarding the unusual effects of gluten was found when Paul joined Ann in removing gluten from his diet—just to support her.  He didn’t think he would notice any obvious changes.  But, Ann soon realized that she could sleep better, because she was no longer awakened by Paul’s snoring!

There are hundreds of symptoms of gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity that affects a large percentage of the population.  They go through life with health issues never realizing that gluten in the foods they are eating may be the culprit.  A simple diet adjustment can vastly improve one’s health – even when on the Hallelujah Diet.

There is no valid test for gluten intolerance. The least expensive and most effective method of identifying if you are sensitive is through an “elimination diet.”  All you have to do is stop consuming gluten products such as pastas, wheat or white breads, buns, bagels, etc. and any other gluten-containing products for 4-6 weeks.

If you find a significant improvement in your symptoms and just “feel” better, then you likely have determined a connection. Next, you decide if you want to continue eating foods that contain gluten. There are no nutrients in gluten-filled products that can’t be found in other products.

Consider including alternative grains such as quinoa, millet and buckwheat into your diet.  You may be surprised at their unique and tasty flavors. These grains are easy to prepare and will serve as enjoyable replacements for the all-to-familiar wheat products that we have so easily migrated to.

Gluten-free food products are getting easier to find on the grocery store shelves. But, buyers beware, many of them have sugar, salt, and fat as added flavor enhancers.  Don’t forget to read the labels!





  1. You’re right; you must still read the labels. I had been buying some gluten free items (even organic ones), but then I happened to read the label and was shocked at the bad ingredients! Always read the labels!

  2. Denverdriver March 19, 2014

    So, is the conclusion to be drawn from this story that removing gluten from the diet will cure snoring?

    • No, that’s just one improvement that happen in that man’s health.

  3. Best is to avoid gluten..heard Dr talked on PBS and book: wheat belly
    explains how it affects us all, and kills brain cells too..
    My question is, if friend tells you, has no problem with gluten (yet has pain and sinus trouble,sleep etc.) and says: gluten free does not taste the same.. meaning tastes bad
    and to find it, not easy in times or too expensive;
    any tips please how to explain to someone you care about, thank you much !!!

  4. Thanks for this information Ann. I have been struggling with loosing weight. It seems as though I have been going up instead of down. I will eliminate gluten products from my diet and see what happens. I really needed this right this moment because I was becoming discouraged.

    thanks again, Ann


  5. alkamiss March 20, 2014

    I have to laugh, but that is so-o-o true. I never snore because I cut out wheat 30 years ago (before it was even fashionable) due to asthma. Every once in a while I wake myself up or my husband wakes me up to say I’m snoring and EVERY time I look back and say “Oh that’s right I cheated on whatever and had wheat that day”. It is the ONLY time I snore. I often wonder if we could “cure” sleep apnea by wheat removal. It may sound trivial, but a good nights sleep is so worth it!

  6. Living Peacefully! March 20, 2014

    Many years ago, our Autistic/Asperger’s son had a dramatic result from removing gluten. All of the violence and temper tantrums disappeared! When I removed gluten, (I have ADD), my uncontrollable mood swings and depression went away. Not all symptoms of gluten issues are physical, but the cause was physical. Praise the Lord for a great psychiatrist who was willing to give us a natural control!

  7. Frank L March 24, 2014

    I have a real problem with being vegan being called a “diet” it isn’t a diet it’s a change in life style, we don’t eat or consume diary or meat, eliminating gluten is taking something away from what we eat that causes an adverse reaction. It’s a life style.

  8. For all of us never had millet or buckwheat, how about some recipes! thanks

  9. You may be interested to know that there is now a genetic test to see if one is gluten sensitive.It is The H.L.A. DQ2/DQ8 genetic test, and it can be ordered though

  10. That’s interesting post. Very informative. Thanks for sharing…

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