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Summer Activity and Arthritis

Today, we have a guest blog guest, Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND. She delves into the effects of Summer time and arthritis.

With the summer months in full swing, most people’s activity index has gone up. For some, however, the push to take advantage of the sunny days and warm nights does not negate the looming aches and pains that will await them. Though enticing, others never fully participate, as warmth and humidity create pressure and water changes in the environment that increase their joint pain. A 200 person study done by Tufts University in 2007 proved that the common complaint of weather changes affecting pain was a true phenomenon. In fact, warmer, more humid days consistently and independently elicited pain in those with joint disease, particularly of the knees. Take heart arthritis suffers; a recent (2018) study on the joint effects of two powerful anti-inflammatory herbs signals hope for sunnier days and more active seasons ahead.

Curcumin and boswellia were the two primary ingredients shown to be effective and safe in the pain and physical function-related outcomes of the 2018 BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal study. The study evaluated the branded version of curcumin, BCM-95® as well as the branded version of boswellia or frankincense, known as BosPure®. Curcumin is the active ingredient from the familiar, bright-yellow Indian spice, turmeric. BCM-95® was studied as a standalone treatment in one group of subjects, as a combination treatment with BosPure® in another group, and both groups were compared to a placebo control. All 201 participants and the researchers involved were blind to who took what and the groups were randomly assigned so that bias was limited. While the standalone BCM-95 group did significantly better after 12 weeks, those in the combination group did substantially better. Pain was reduced while the capacity to perform in functional assessments that tested joint fatigue, flexibility, distance walking and common movements such as sitting and climbing stairs, were improved.

BCM-95®and BosPure® are both primary ingredients, in the Joint Health product by Hallelujah Acres. As branded ingredients, BCM-95® and BosPure® offer profiles uncommon to their generic or branded competitors. Firstly, BCM-95® is backed by science – it is supported by nearly 50 studies! Additionally, BCM-95® is a highly concentrated, 100% turmeric derived ingredient. In the world of curcumin ingredients, this is important as many curcumin products are diluted by either unnatural, or non-native excipients or bio-enhancers. These ingredients are often used to overcome the low bioavailability of curcumin. The composition of BCM-95® however, uniquely enhances curcumin’s bioavailability by 7X by adding back into the extract, the essential oils native to their turmeric root. The essential oils, namely Ar-turmerone additionally add to the benefit profile of the brand, as they are anti-inflammatory as well. BCM-95® has also been evaluated for safety and has a 15 year track record to prove it.

BosPure® is a unique ingredient as well. Its manufacturing concentrates 3 of 6 acetylated boswellic acids (BA) into what we call the ‘Active Core’, as they are proven over the remaining non-acetylated Bas to be the most anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, the most potent of all six boswellic acids, AKBA is naturally concentrated to 10%, or 4X its native amount. BosPure is also clinically studied and proven safe.

BCM-95® and BosPure® offer a synergistic effect in dealing with inflammation and pain. While many mechanisms exist for curcumin’s role as an anti-inflammatory, one of its most common is as a COX-2 inhibitor. The COX pathway is one arm of a fork in which the messaging to trigger pain and inflammation can follow. BosPure is active in inhibiting the other arm, called LOX. Together, as the study showed, there is synergism! Enjoy the fullness of your summer and give fall a friendly welcome with Joint Health.


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  1. Carolyn B, Calhoun July 25, 2018

    I could not imagine a life without Joint Health and Biocurcumin now. These supplements have done so much to relieve the joint pain I was experiencing. I also am a believer in Serrapeptase to cut down on the inflammation in my joints. Thank you for these great supplements.

  2. It is wonderful to be active without pain.

    I’m glad that Hallelujah Diet joint health supplement contains both BCM-95®and BosPure. I know people are getting good results with it.

  3. Jennifer July 27, 2018

    I have heard such great testimonies of people using the joint health. It’s wonderful to know there is a product out there that can really help with joint pain.

  4. tblack July 31, 2018

    I have been using the Bio-Curcumin for some time now, with good results. There is still just a bit of discomfort at times that I would like to address. I have heard such wonderful testimonies regarding the Joint Health. I plan to try it myself to see if the extra benefit of the added ingredients work as well for me as they have been for numerous people that I have personally spoken with. The one testimony that sticks out the most to me was from a gentleman who had been a side sleeper all his life, but because of arthritis in his shoulders, he had been forced to start sleeping on his back. He endured this for quite a while. After taking the Joint Health, he had such a relief in symptoms that he had been able to return to sleeping on his side. He was overjoyed, and apparently his wife was so impressed that she started taking the product herself.

  5. Annette Whitworth January 7, 2020

    I have been using the Bio-Curcumin and I started using the joint health too. I have seen some good results with using both of these items form HA. Seem like the pain in my shoulders have gone. I have started doing more of the Serrapeptase as well for the pain . But it is a blessing to be able to use these and get great results.

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