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Robin Williams—Theories on Why

There are many theories going around today about what caused Robin Williams to take his life. One such theory is that he had a mental illness. This is a new “disease” of today much like “obesity” and “inflammation” have become new “diseases.”

The problem with the theory of “mental illness” is that it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. When one has been diagnosed as having a “mental illness”, then the next step is to prescribe a medication to assist that person in staying mentally balanced without experiencing too many emotional or mental swings that can be upsetting to the person, their family and society at large. Sadly, the prescriptions are a continuous process because they don’t help the person long term. Rather, they mask the symptoms but since the root problem has never been diagnosed, the “mental illness” can never be reversed.

Another theory that we have heard is that Robin Williams must not have had a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. First, that appears to be a judgment; one that cannot be validated for certain, and even then—it is still a judgment. No one else can ever know any other’s true personal relationships with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sadly, these types of comments actually can create a barrier for people to want to know Jesus rather than encourage them to. We often create statements such as these because we are at a loss for an answer and it is easy to believe that a stronger relationship with our Lord can make things right.

It is so true that without our strong belief and faith in our Father, life on earth would be much more depressing and discouraging. It is absolutely necessary to have a strong relationship with our Lord. Yet, even with that relationship, life on this side of Heaven can still be challenging indeed.

We would like to submit yet another theory as to why Robin Williams chose to end his life. We believe that a body that is filled with toxins can break down both physically and mentally. A body that is filled with toxins cannot continue to consume the essential nutrients it needs every day to stay in physical or mental health.

Without judgment, it is a known fact that his body had been under pressure from street drugs and alcohol for a number of years. These are toxic to the brain as well as to the body! We also don’t know what other exposures he may have had to additional dangerous toxins often found in our food and environment. Nearly all of us have!

Without proper detoxification, these toxins can build up in the body and in the brain causing stress, depression, mood swings and many additional symptoms that when combined with poor quality nutrition, one can easily see that as the pendulum swings, the body has no recourse but to react.

We began to see the severe impact toxins have on human bodies as we were researching for the recently released book Unravel the Mystery; a Simple Effective Approach to Beating Cancer. The daily toxic exposures that healthy people have to endure can be difficult, but if someone has had greater amounts of exposure whether self-induced or not, the load can be deadly on the body and on the brain.

We teach that proper daily nutrition is vital for people to maintain their health. But if a person has a toxic body to begin with, the need for quality nutrition is greater and the need to remove those toxins carefully and completely is vital. It takes good nutrition to begin the removal process of the toxins. This can be a slow process. It may also take other methods to safely remove those toxins, but they must be removed or they can seriously impair your physical and in many cases mental health.

We truly loved and respected the work of Robin Williams. We count him as one of those who we lost too early, just like those who succumbed to cancer at a tender age. In both cases, it is likely that toxicity and nutritional deficiency were the underlying reasons their lives ended.

May this be a strong lesson to all of us—Let’s not so easily judge, or begin to label behaviors. In essence, those who exhibit symptoms of mental imbalance may not need a pill or a psychiatrist. There is a very strong likelihood they need to be tested to identify the toxins that are in their bodies and they need to find the safest ways to remove them while adding the highest quality nutrition to assist their bodies in recovering. These measures can bring stability, balance and light back into their lives.



  1. Each major organ of the body fascinates us with its design and function, and visiting the brain goes way beyond. It’s a strange place to visit. Having experienced “depression” and “burnout,” we agree with those who call it a peculiar pain. We have no doubt that toxins of all sorts can add to what each of deals with, but experiential, habit-forming behaviors make change difficult. Knowing that toxins bring us danger doesn’t solve the problems. Having the desire to change, making the first step to acknowledge that we want a change, and sharing the pain moves us in the right direction. As a health coach, we come alongside to be the “healing buddy” that someone can lean on. We pay attention to mind, body, and spirit. God designed us to be healthy. When we cooperate with his plan, marvelous things can happen. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this personal tragedy.

    • Rebecca August 14, 2014


    • I truly cannot empathize or sympathize with Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, or Elvis Presley who killed themselves off by abusing drugs and/or alcohol for decades before their demise. They had tremendous fame and fortune to seek the best medical help, nutritionist, and psychotherapists. None of them was diagnosed with cancer and they should have spent some of their lives walking around the cancer institutes of America and the world to see what life is all about for adults and children fighting cancer. You seem to hear every few months of another celebrity dying of overdose. They are not learning from each other or taking responsibility for their lives.
      A relationship with The Lord does not mean we will not endure suffering, pain, or affliction. Developing a daily and intimate love relationship with God can ease our suffering so we don’t have to turn to adultery, fornication, drugs, alcohol, illicit lifestyles to get relief. I do feel that a more healthy lifestyle nutritionally can help. Hopefully, Christians and nonChristians alike will adopt a close walk with The Lord to deal with our sinful world and fallen condition. We do look forward to the day when The Lord Jesus Christ will put in his appearance and there will be no more pain, suffering, or tears. No more death for true believers. The wages of sin is death and we will all die. May these celebrities in their last moments of their dying cry out to God, their creator, for mercy. Like the thief on the cross, may they hear The Lord say in the last moments of their misery and suffering here on earth, Today, you shall be with me in paradise, instead of Depart from me I never knew you.
      I same the same for myself and all others. God bless you.

  2. Rebecca August 14, 2014

    Thank you for addressing the toxin aspect of mental disease/depression. It is scientifically proven that 85% of diseases are related to toxic build-up. The direction of how to release such toxins of course, I would say, number one is food. With aspergers, autism, dementia, Alzheimers, etc… is a build up and much has been discovered that with far-infrared treatments for body and some are using helmets for the brain much has been released….turn arounds are happening in the body. Not to mention the use also of coconut oil. Anyhow, I thank you!!!

  3. Health Is Only PART Of Problems August 14, 2014

    Wow. I have been into health and living clean as much as possible for a long time. What surprises me about this article are a few things.

    First of all, although Mr Williams was sometimes hilarious (I do have a widely appreciative sense of humor), much of what he did was not only not funny, but repulsive. I have seen him do routines that I walked out on they were so vile. Some of his movies were disrespectful, coarse, and offensive. Some of his work was good. A few of his things were very funny. His more serious roles were actually what I felt was closer to home for him. Yet all most people seem to care about is what they could get from him in laughter. Very few saw the pain and sadness in his eyes (at times almost anger) that was there while he entertained them.

    Another thing that you fail to mention is that he had a sexual wanderlust. He was married multiple times and cheated while he was married with other women. As someone very familiar with what that type of lifestyle brings, STDs are some of the most ignored topics there are, yet one that affects more people than you can imagine, leaving lifetime of pain and suffering in many cases.

    There is much more to the story with him, I am sure, but those two things alone are what few are talking about, as if this problem just suddenly manifested and could be easily remedied with diet, mental help, etc. It is a complex bunch of choices that he made which led him to where he was.

    The grace of God if taught to people goes a long way to help many, but some still choose their own way and it costs them and the ones they love.

    It is sad that this life ended so quickly, but honestly, everyone seems to feel that the laughter they got from him (when he was actually funny) gives them a certain level of intimacy with the man, but I say instead, it only served to make others happy while they didn’t seem to notice the eyes behind the laughter that told a much deeper story for a VERY long time and by the majority seemed largely ignored.

    • Marlene August 14, 2014

      Wow. Very well stated! I actually felt the same way whenever I saw him. His humor was mostly foul. I hated it. But that’s what people are mostly focused on

    • Julie McLean Dever August 14, 2014

      I totally agree that Robin Williams had some problems. I have always thought that his frenetic funky language and body movements were weird in a funny sort of way. Over the top, out of the ordinary, above the surface of reality sometimes describes how he appeared. Addictions and the personality that goes with them always says more, more , more! More laughs, more attention, more shock, more stimulation, more relief, are never enough for an addicted person. My heart does break for the people in his life who have no doubt always experienced fallout from the numerous dependencies he exhibited. Lord, have mercy.

    • Thank you for addressing this. August 14, 2014

      I agree, there were many things Robin Williams did that I did not find funny at all. He made fun of God, made fun of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, made fun of Christians who lived by God’s word, etc. That’s fine, he has a right to choose how to live; however, I get tired of “Hollywood” living their sinful lives with no regard for God and they have the nerve to tell us we need to follow their example??? What example? Multiple marriages? Adultery? All that money and fame followed by suicide?
      There were more issues here than just health, I believe that it all starts with the basic foundation of making Jesus your Savior first and then follow His guidelines. He will show us how to be successful in marriage, in health and right eating choices, in business, in how to defeat the devil whether it’s physically, mentally, or spiritually.

    • I am sure that there were lots going on with Robin. It’s a vicious cycle! God gave man free will to choose. We all pay a price when we choose the wrong path. God’s word is filled with wisdom and instruction on how we live our lives in every aspect. His (God) instructions are very clear. It’s a total balance of life spiritually, physically and mentally that maintains us.

    • This is a well-written article! Thank You Hallelujah Acres! Jean and Betty, thank you also for your posts below. If more people would just listen and be willing to change their diets and lifestyles. I know I did. And you can beat health and well-being!

  4. Marsena Cook August 14, 2014

    God bless you for your compassionate commentary on the Robin Williams tragedy, and from a health perspective. Your approach will help people be more open to looking into the importance of a healthier diet as a key weapon in fighting depression. Thank you for not judging this man for the torment he went through, but providing better understanding of the effects of a toxic body on the mind and spirit. Be blessed!

    • Ms.Marsena Cook
      Your Grace and Compassion illuminated this whole page
      blessings on you..

  5. Minister Ro August 14, 2014

    If a saved person doesn’t know how to beat-down demonic torment, then there is surely no hope for the unsaved person. satan torments and torments until he can convince that person to take their life and if possible, the lives of others with them.

    We are expected to pray and bless those on our watch. I’m sure there were Christians in Robin Williams path. Did they ever pray for him or witness? And if a Christian did pray and witness, I hope it blessed him in his heart to have received Jesus Christ. Only the Lord and Robin know for sure.

    Riding the body of toxins is good yes. But as a Christian, no matter what you eat, you better know how to fight the good fight of faith (confidence in God’s word and know how of applying it to your everyday life). There is a demon, looking to devour whom ever he can.

    • Marlene August 14, 2014

      So true


    • I agree.

    • Michele August 14, 2014

      Amen. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty for the pulling down of demonic strongholds. Fight the fight of faith — lay hold of eternal life.

  6. Thank you HA that you are really interested in carrying out God’s mandate and purpose. And thank you for the sensitive word for us regarding Robin Williams. God sent His Word to heal us. He also provided everything we need in nature to be healthy and to restore health. He tells us that yes, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. He tells us to be wise!!! He also tells us that the end of those who desecrate the temple–which is now our human bodies–is death. We are the stewards of the temple, and in wisdom must provide healthy nutrition and lifestyles to prosper. That doesn’t negate God’s Word; it is also part of God’s Word!

  7. When we adopted the Hallelujah diet, our lives changed in so many ways. We are now physically and emotionally so much more healthy. Thank you to Hallelujah Acres for all you do!

  8. Betty Sibley August 14, 2014

    It is possible that Robin Williams took anti-depressant drugs. It is a known fact that these drugs cause suicides, and behaviors such as killing others — like the veterans returning from war; and the students at Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc. The truth about these harmful drugs should be thoroughly investigated and the drugs taken off the market to prevent this from happening to others — that would be helpful and a tribute to the death of a well-loved comedian.

  9. Marlene August 14, 2014

    That sounds like a safe theory.Don’t forget we live in a fallen world. JESUS said in his word, we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. Our war is with fallen angels. Satan is out to kill, steal, and Destroy. Robin using drugs and alcohol open doors for the enemy to come in and wreak all kinds of destruction in his life. He was most likely hearing voices from demons to end it all. Let’s call it what it is! In the end, the devil had his way. I would love to think, he somehow was reading a Bible, or calling on Jesus. This was a spirit of suicide. You can’t medicate demons, the have to be cast out. What a tragic loss. It’s heartbreaking.

  10. Bethany Harding August 14, 2014


    I find when I am around the wrong people that aren’t happy can be a problem, or people that aren’t nice, and yes allergies are a problem too. It is hard to stay on an all raw diet especially when you weren’t on one to begin with.
    Most people always talk me out of doing a juice fast. I hate that as well. No support in being Healthy, Happy or Nice. It can be a BIG PROBLEM IN THIS SOCIETY! Learn to except, be nice and happy is a hard one of most people. I Guess? Lets learn for Robin Williams and detox, be nice, be happy and don’t kill yourself.
    Thanks, Beth

    • Minister Ro August 15, 2014

      Good Morning Beth,

      Please stay away from those toxic people. Your seeds of the Word of God will never grow hanging around weeds.

  11. Bethany Harding August 14, 2014

    I meant to say Lets learn From Robin Williams! Beth

  12. Janie Nelson August 14, 2014

    Good article

  13. wow I can’t believe some of the terrible and judge mental things I am hearing from some on here like “Jud” and “heath is only part of the problem” as well as some who responded to various posts.

    Betty Sibley and Jean are spot on.

    While I certainly do not condone sex with a lot of people that Robin did in his youth nor adultery, one has to see that he was given perhaps more temptation than many and someone else as being so popular, funny, nice and well off, he likely got hit on by many many women.

    In the bible, God loved David who not only had adultery but harmed and killed her husband.]
    You in your judgment of what he did wrong seem to forget all he did right.

    This is a man who was highly intelligent and very funny and insightful but even more very kind. I cannot even count the people who called him kind, generous, caring, nice and the nicest person they ever met etc etc

    the bible says the greatest thing is love…not following the–greater than hope and faith even it says. the bible talks about the poor and least among us and doing unto others and robin Williams did this his whole ;life..who could be poorer than homeless people who he devoted 20 years to bringing light to this cause, raising money, gathering talent from others who cared for this cause, and I am quite sure talking to many of the homeless himself. what could be more love than to show such loyalty to his college friend, Christopher Reeve and then when that man had one of the worst things that can happen to someone to become paralyzed, there came robin with his proctology jokes to make someone laugh who probably had not laughed in some time.

    He lifted the spirits of those low with depression which surely is something god wants us to do, but not only that he was a huge blessing to that family and their cause to help others as they have said in recent days. showing his big heart, he paid for all of Reeve’s hospital bills..putting his heart out there and his love for all to see..Look at pictures of him with Billy Crystal or Bobcat Goldswaite touching head to head in friendship and closeness and full of apparent love and affection…I have no doubt he treated all like that as many have testified to, I have no doubt he shared his wealth with many in life.

    He used his mistakes and tried to get dads to see their kids needed them possibly waking some of them up and making their children so happy and many helping to save them perhaps one day as they see God as good as they say we see god as we see our fathers and if any men were inspired and woken up to their absence in their kid’s life and how that affects kids by him, that surely rippled out in a strong butterfly effect.

    He made movie’s of hope and of courage and of how our lives can affect others and so many wonderful topics and movies do affect us. this man’s life was so full of love and tenderness, gentleness, intelligence and insight. He did have exceptions when he did wrong and bad wrong but he had just as much love and doing unto others. I heard comedians say all the comedians are jealous and put others down and badmouth them but they never heard Robin say a bad word on anyone. that is a pretty strong testament to his character.

    Others have spoken how he went above and beyond in mentoring, encouraging, helping and praising them..putting aside his own demons and problems to focus exclusively on them even when he was in the midst of life upheavals and his own worried going so far as to call their parents and tell them how talented and great their child was.

    He said he took the Disney cartoon roles for his kids and I am sure he worked to teach them as I have heard their comments and they seem to be wonderful people and so full of love and admiration for their dad. How dare you bring up his failures and judge him when you have no idea what happened and why he did this and of his situation only media gossip and have not the slightest inkling of what he may have done in his life and how many people he touched.

    I can think of few traits I would rather how my sons have than to have kindness for all he met and who strived to make the world better in some small way for each of have said how he went out of his way being nice to is the greatest as love can truly change the world and robin had love in his heart for the world and its sorrows.

    someone said he appeared to be similar to them and rally to me in being a highly sensitive person and people like this absorb the pain of others and grieve for the whole world…they run themselves ragged trying to help others often at the expense of their own lives.

    I think he was depressed on his career and not happy to sell a house that no doubt he loved and had many memories in it and felt humiliated when his entrance into our lives was TV and his return TV in his new show failed..a show he took to raise money and not being able to get the roles that meant something– that he liked to do to open our minds and hearts and show about carpe diem and extraordinariness in some of the characters and now not being able to express his angst, his creativity, his vies in this way by having to take roles he did not feel got over the messages he was hoping might be spurred in others and probably had some bad things none of us knew about happened..I would have to think a man like Robin Williams who I have could to know by being such a fan and seeing some much of his work and such would not kill himself lightly or not thought of how this would affect his children and family and friends.

    I believe the cause of his actions were an antidepressant was stated he was depressed and about 50% of the rehab places encourage or put you on psychotropic drugs and everyone when you say I am depressed encourages you to go to your doctor who will promptly put you on dangerous drugs that do so much harm.

    I know first hand the suffering of the person suicidal..for 15 years I did not have one day without problem often several and very serious problems–rapes, domestic violence, cancer, 25 car accidents that left me in severe pain still, ran over by a car and also hit at 55 mph and missing death by one second and all the nerve damage that caused, many deaths and a plethora of problems..I became so depressed i could not function or even get out of bed and finally decided though I was not into medical drugs at all to try them as I felt this was not fair to my kids and I was on 15 antidepressants and saw 6 psychiatrists (they kept moving to other states) over the course of 15 years. I at the last second found out the horrific memory loss i might have had and the errors of the doctor not realizing I was extremely creative and right brained and planning the wrong brain side being given electric shock therapy..when I heard some people afterwards forgot who their kids were and how to do their jobs and then lost them and things like that well luckily I called off that treatment.

    During these 15 years, I become almost immediately extremely, almost compulsively and intensely suicidal and also to be honest battled with homicidal thought towards my ex and violent personal ways to kill myself..killing myself was all I could think about and never had one day in 15 years that is 365 days 5 times over of days that I was not intensely was extremely hard to resist this and I got even to the pint when I rationalized away the pain my loved ones might have away and this is not how I typically think at all. I was so miserable and curse the day I was born and wished to die every day.

    What saved me was fear…fear of messing it up and causing injury to making my life worst like maybe brain damage or fear of what would happen in the next life and so on. I came so close to doing it, researched books on best method, gathered all supplies, and was ready and somehow I got out of the house and stopped myself…this happened three times. I kept listening to doctors and they were weaning me off this drug and off that drug and I was sin counseling nearly 30 years.

    finally after no response from any of these 15 drugs, I had a partial response but the drug one rarely used and I was later told dangerous and thus rarely prescribed threw me into the hospital where I was misdiagnosed by a doctor asking no history and taken off the drug cold turkey which is not done and stuck on some other drug and it completely changed my not say these psychotropic drugs do not change your brother has schizophrenia and I can tell when they change his drug as his whole personality changes usually for the worst..they cause brain shrinkage and severely declined his IQ, comprehension, memory loss is extremely severe etc.

    I decided to stop all these doctor drugs and within maybe 4 days all suicidal ideation left and never returned for 8 years. I was still clinically depressed, still had many problems generally daily and very stressed but NO suicidal thoughts or impulses which had been my awful friend for 15 long years..

    I never connected the drugs meant to help me with the suicidal thoughts and impulses and desires even when I quit the drugs and they stopped..but then I started reading people were killing themselves and others..fully 90% of the mass shooters are on some kind of psychotropic drugs. Studies have shown in two groups of depressed people there are more suicides, suicidal thoughts and exacerbated depression in the group taking antidepressant drugs than in the depressed groups of people taking nothing…in other words these drugs make you worst not better..they also cause permanent brain damage.

    8 years later I got suicidal again when several relatives died and a lot of other stuff happened but this suicidal ideation was different than the thoughts when under the influence of the antidepressant brain was much less intense, easier to resists, easier to resolve and not all consuming like it was when on the Dr drugs.

    I also found out the drug companies knew there drugs were killing people whether through suicide or homicide and they hid it..despite them denying they knew, a film I saw food matters showed they knew their drugs caused some of their patients to kill themselves and since they did not care about all the lives lost and all the suffering they caused (mine alone had been intense as was people left behind so many who are now dead at dug makers hands) I would not buy their drugs and I stopped taking all medical drugs except for the rare short term drug. I feel betrayed by them and think often of all the young kids who died due to these drugs which most likely have now taken the beloved comic and actor away..friend to so many and on top of all those killed at hands of mass shooters,

    More disheartening they are using robins death to try to get more people “treated” and on these drugs which might lead to their death..I can testify as a Christians these drugs influenced how I thought..and almost lead to my death…if not for his Grace, for being a lot stronger than I thought and the people on crisis lines and my propensity to always reach out for help. I am still here..his death scared me though as my multitude of problems continue including a recently diagnosed aggressive breast cancer i am told will kill me (I decided to only do lumpectomy and refuse all standard of care like lymph node removal and chemo etc. Raw foods and juicing is a part of my program to try to live.

    I when I head he at this age killed himself I got scared and wondered if at some point I might eventually not be strong enough. it truly did scare me.

    Anyway,. I pray that people instead of taking drugs for mental illness (and physical ones) turn to natural healing and raw foods and juicing and all that and maybe try these things.

    I urge anyone sick to consider this instead of drugs by doctor

    If he was on any psychotropic drugs (I read he had a lot of anxiety), I hope his family does not allow the media to use his death to get more people into “treatment” and on these dangerous drugs. I hope they will go after the drug makers for the loss of one so loved by so many. I think if he was on them and now knows that is why this happened, he would want this pursued..I saw a congressional hearing once of parent after parent tearfully testifying how antidepressant led to their child’s date by suicide an so much pain,.if he cared of the homeless and he did,. he will care for the one who suffers the torments of the damned via depression and even more..these drugs change how you think and make you obsessed with killing yourself for some at least

    If you are depressed see the book of Dr Peter Breggin before going on any doctor drugs.

    I strongly suggest anyone depressed

    call suicide prevention or crisis lines to talk and vent out your problems as talking does help and getting it out of you

    2 read the book of Dr Peter Breggin many of these are listed on amazon and then heck the library

    Other books to read are

    1 happy for no reason
    2 feeling good
    3 excuse me your life is waiting
    4 change your brain change your life
    5 7 weeks to emotional healing

    3 look for natural and dietary help take about 3000 to 10000 mg of omega three fatty acids fish oil or chia seeds good source, go vegan high raw

    and search for other natural helps look at curezone, holistinconline, yahoo answers alternative health section and Shirley’s wellness cafe

    do not go unto these doctor drugs they can be truly dangerous
    let us not forget that only god is fit to judge as only he knows or hearts, motives, early childhood influences, subconsciousness, natural temperaments that have natural weaknesses we tend towards, hormonal influences and diets and toxins in us etc and this only he can judge and if we are saved, he will cast our sings however many from east to west and accept us into his kingdom..the good we do is rewarded and the bad set aside..and I have no doubt that a man as compassionate robin Williams did a lot of good. it has been said by many healers that eating plant products over meat tend to make us less warlike and nicer etc. so I don’t doubt that diet and toxins affect many.

    I think it is wrong to blame him for this death as we do not have all the facts and I hope this leads to as another poster said an investigation into their dangers and going more towards natural treatments, teaching ways to think better and the methods of someone like Dr Peter Breggin.

    I do think god takes adultery very seriously for all the pain it causes but I also recall he said adulterers would be in heaven and if we are saved even that is forgiven but I think God does send us karmic lessons for things that constitute a lack of love etc.

    I think god is big enough to laugh sometimes when someone he on makes fun of things in a funny way or uses satire and if so, then we should let things like that roll off our backs and take it in the spirit it was given..we are all sinners and with God one sin is just as serious as another and the posters talking about his sinful life need to look at what may be the beam in their own before attending to splinter in someone else’s as Jesus put it.

    Before you say noone saw the pain in his eyes, I feel I did but Robin tried to from what I read focus more on the person he was with and not express this pain as I don’t think he wanted people to see it perhaps. he internalized it all and let some out in his acts.

    I think of some it was not just laughter they got but a reflection of themselves, and common feelings through varied topics. what I got was that adultery aside, this man had some of the traits I find most appealing in men/..a very high intelligence– observant, insightful, deep, introspective, curious, thoughtful, with the ability to make connections, the deep humanitarian concern so common to gifted people, the one who saw the bad and got angry and injustice which bothered him and big picture thinking so common to people with gifted IQ and which I can as someone likeminded identify with. He had the humor to help others refocus and be distracted from the cares of life and he most of all I admired had the big hart and the desire to make a difference in this world and in the life of those he entertained, helped, and in the lives of his family and friends..Robin sneaked things into his movies b being often given free reign that helped us see a little inside him..

    He was a lot more than just funny..he was unique,.,.he liked to push the envelop and his mind worked at lightening speed, I do not think we will see anyone with all he had in him again in this lifetime..I am so sad he did what he did, but I personally believe he was on these drugs and this–coupled with some problem known only to him–lead to his decision and yes it probably was goaded on by the enemies of our souls. But the ones who should be made to pay for all this death, are the ones who make these dangerous drugs they do not probably even understand for profit and who fake tests and hide the effects of what their drugs do to us..they have blood on their hands.

    I will say when I started eating vegan and 50 percent raw and walking several times a week, my 35 years depression left for no reason to the point I was singing happy and my grown sons said what happened to you, you are so motivated.

    I messed up the program and even though tried to get back on never gained that sense of wellbeing back (my 600 plus diabetes also dropped to the 100s then)..since I got the cancer news I am trying get back on a healthy lifestyle to beat it. so it is very plausible that the right diet and getting rid of toxins can lift depression and lead to more happiness but we have to get these dangerous drugs out of our lives or more tragedy will keep happening,,always post your healing stories as this helps it spread and helps a lot of people.

    • Bethany Harding August 15, 2014

      Wow, I didn’t know Robin Williams like you did. I do think Drugs are not good. I have tried some for my problems and they made them worse. Thanks for sharing and good luck and God Bless to you, Beth
      PS Just say no to Drugs! And believe in the Lord!

  14. I truly cannot empathize or sympathize with Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, or Elvis Presley who killed themselves off by abusing drugs and/or alcohol for decades before their demise. They had tremendous fame and fortune to seek the best medical help, nutritionist, and psychotherapists. None of them was diagnosed with cancer and they should have spent some of their lives walking around the cancer institutes of America and the world to see what life is all about for adults and children fighting cancer. You seem to hear every few months of another celebrity dying of overdose. They are not learning from each other or taking responsibility for their lives.
    A relationship with The Lord does not mean we will not endure suffering, pain, or affliction. Developing a daily and intimate love relationship with God can ease our suffering so we don’t have to turn to adultery, fornication, drugs, alcohol, illicit lifestyles to get relief. I do feel that a more healthy lifestyle nutritionally can help. Hopefully, Christians and nonChristians alike will adopt a close walk with The Lord to deal with our sinful world and fallen condition. We do look forward to the day when The Lord Jesus Christ will put in his appearance and there will be no more pain, suffering, or tears. No more death for true believers. The wages of sin is death and we will all die. May these celebrities in their last moments of their dying cry out to God, their creator, for mercy. Like the thief on the cross, may they hear The Lord say in the last moments of their misery and suffering here on earth, Today, you shall be with me in paradise, instead of Depart from me I never knew you.
    I same the same for myself and all others. God bless you.

  15. Very sad. The majority of the world seems to be reaching out to the wrong things. (Drugs) We need to pray for our country, that we will all turn our eyes to God. He is the cure. May we also pray doctors will be given the ability to follow our Lord, and not write out prescription drugs as a cure all.

  16. Kathy Long August 15, 2014

    Jane, I will definitely be praying for you. I hope your letter touched hearts, I know it touched mine. God bless you on your continued journey.

    • Thank you Kathy. I appreciate your prayers and words very much

  17. Bethany Harding August 16, 2014

    Could Robin Williams have missed all of his friends who killed themselves and Jack Tripper too?
    Did he leave to go see them?
    I wonder about a lot of things in life. Was it all in his head? Did he want to be saved?
    Did he want to live a long life? One of his movies… I got that he didn’t want to live that long because we are all going to look old and tired out. And, will we be able to walk, think or do anything for ourselves?
    What if we can’t do anything for ourselves anymore? That would be awful. Right?
    I felt like the man came to an end. I never saw him anymore on movie screens or tv. I felt no energy from him like he wanted to keep going. You now Julie Roberts is going to make another movie but I didn’t feel like Robin was going to.
    Another thing is how about how we are treated in life as a human being.
    Would you want to keep going if people tried to detox you? It is kind of weird, uncomfortable and new.
    You know a new experience for someone to go to another state were there are new people and new ways of doing things. I felt weird going to a place to detox. I like detoxing at home or at a friends house. Were we both eat the same things and do the cleanse together is more fun. Than going to a place that doesn’t know you or what your limits are with the detox. I hope I helped someone out today by reading this message. Beth

    • Beth

      I think it was a combination of things that lead to his death. he got depressed with his divorce caused by his relapse into alcohol after so many years clean. Then he had to sell two houses and had a near bankruptcy and felt young people did not like him..although he was very wealthy, he probably was used to giving a lot of money away..he spent several thousand dollars to fly a plane to visit a little girl with cancer with his own money and brought $6000 bikes for people and helped a number of people who may have come to depend on his help financially. He was worried after his show failed and he was not getting good roles in movies that he might not be able to keep up this lifestyle and felt he would disappoint people who needed his help. He had hefty alimony payments.

      He began to get depressed telling his new wife she as better off without him and he had nothing to love his depression grew, I believe his family may have scheduled another ultimatum and insisted he go for treatment at Hazelden’s Rehabilitation facility as they were alarmed at his losing the will to live and wanted him to get help for his depression but publicly said he was going for a tune up for his continued sobriety most helpful in explaining things

      I am pretty certain they put him on a cocktail of drugs. I heard a very similar case where the husband going in for stress wound up decline badly and becoming pychotic as four of the drugs were actually anti-psychotic drugs even tough the man was not schizophrenic. within one month that man shot and killed himself.

      I think Robin took a nose dive with these drugs..also he was reading up on Parkinson’s drugs just before killing himself..when we consider that these drugs and Parkinson’s itself causes us to lose dopamine, he started having delusions and hallucinations. h started isolating himself allowing noone in his room but the dog. Friends were alarmed at his personality change. He as sleeping 20 hours a day..I am pretty sure he was yelling at his wife, he was refusing phone calls and visits by friends and they became alarmed and called the doctors where they gave him the drugs to report how he was doing so badly and they probably stuck him on more drugs too.

      Pakinsons affects our speed of thought and movement, it can make us tremble and go rigid..Robin well knew how bad he could get as in one of his movies awakening it was shot in a place where here were late stage parkinsons patients so he knew how bad he was going to get..probably saw signs of his brain slowing down and with it his creativity and with it who he was..he could not rapid fie out things perhaps or do his physical comedy. he as losing his gifts and who he was and that and the problems and seeing his disease progress and worried he would not be able to make money, he got suicidal..he said before when he faced this he talked himself out of it and reminded himself what a good life he had but now it was not so good and the future bleak.

      He was saved according to a pastor who spoke to him about it shortly before he died. It was also revealed wen robin attended a funeral, the pastor was talking about death being similar to birth..we dont want to leave its safety for the unknown but we find just as with birth it is a more loving place than the womb and so too is death better than life as it is birth to a better place and robin was so taken with the sermon he talked to the pastor about it afterwards saying he agreed I believe he asked God’s forgiveness and hoped he would wind up in a better place than this world of sorrows and finally took his life

      He did not go to that place to detox but to get help with his depression and talks about nothing to live for and saying his family would be better off without him and unfortunately that lead to his demise the dr drugs coupled with many bad life events and knowing he might soon lose his ability to make money due to the Parkinsons. maybe something he read on the computer on Parkinsons that night triggered him to act on his feelings.

  18. Sally Dames August 16, 2014

    I appreciate the discussion. We can all get a little something out of each post. For me, the main thing, is that we ARE discussing it. We are all in this life together, trying to make sense of it all. At times it is so complex, other times so simple. Mostly, I like to throw out the question: Can we hold each other in doubt? Can we love each other when we do not know? Can we say: Hey…I am here for you….no matter what.

    Yes, the love of Jesus Christ will help us through, yes a healthy diet, yes, exercise and being held with mother earths electro magnetic energy and magical mysteries….And at the same time….can we hold each other when we disagree or really do not know the answers? Can we embrace each other often? For me, the desperation comes when I do not feel loved or even love myself.

    The confusion in my life can mount when I feel pressure to perform, to be perfect, to have a plan, regardless of my strong faith, my diet or my success. For me, the remedy always comes when I reach out, hug someone else, or better yet..get the touch, the hug and the comfort returned from another human being.

    For me, solitude is a gift. A walk in the woods alone can clear my head…get me grounded. However, emotional isolation kills. No one to cry to….No one to be imperfect with….tears me down. Emotional isolation also tempts suicide. Whether its demons or toxins or a combination of choices…isolation creates the scene.

    Next life time, I think I would like to fly with the Geese. Always be apart of a group. One leader, many followers until its my turn to lead. Can our society fly like Geese? Or do we always have to have our own opinion, our own lives, paths and our own problems? Can we look at these tragic events as OUR problem. Not just HIS problem? How did WE help create this? Not just those close to him, but the millions of other suicides that are happening around the world.

    I personally despise that saying: They will get help on their own, when they are ready. They have to want it. Really??? IS THAT TRUE? Tell that to a kid on drugs spinning out of control. Let alone an adult.

    The Aboriginal tribes use to circle the people that were feeling down. They would lay the tribes hands on the person and heal with energy and love and faith and nutrition all at once: TOGETHER…. until they were healed. Are we doing that in our families, our schools, our groups? Or are we saying instead: Good luck..I hope you solve your problem, find a cure, find the right doctor, find god, or find yourself.

    ….isolating the person even more, in time of need and confusion. Does it dawn on us, that when another person or ourselves are confused….we actuallly need another persons help? Healing Hands? love? money?

    That saying 5 hugs a day….for me….still holds a powerful impact on my health and well being. No people around? Hug the ground. Hug a tree. They are alive. Every things connected.

    Thanks for sharing everyone…and thank you so much for listening. I do like to write….it helps me…feel connected with all of you out there…..somewhere….in this great big universe.

  19. The article was full of grace and that is good for without God’s grace we would not know Him. Ephesians 2: 8-9 .Grace is wonderful but too much grace enables. God gave us His Word. He also warns us. The Proverbs are a plethora of wisdom! We can prevent some “inevitables” if we heed His Word. And these are all for our benefit as we obey and glorify God. If we do not know God as Lord of our lives, we cannot relate to this. However, it is inevitable that if we pour lots of alcohol and drugs into our bodies, damage will occur. God warns us not to get drunk, Gods warns us not to give in to gluttony, God warns us not to give appearances of sin, God warns us to teach our children in His ways. God warns us against the inevitables…; eventually things will happen if we do not take heed. Why not trust God who created everything? In general, Hollywood caters to those who turn their backs to God and it is inevitable that they self-destruct. If you do not think there is a supreme, intelligent God, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, then try and find a better guide and plan for your life. It is inevitable that you will find that the God of the Bible is the true living God and you can come to know Him as your Lord and Savior! Praying! 🙂

  20. Thank you so much for your wonderful post Jane. I sat here and cried as I read it. I am still having tears run down my cheeks. First of all you truly do understand the teachings of God as Christianity pro ports it to be. I so Identified with your posting. I am old now, in my seventies, and I am still learning. Maybe people must experience a particular thing before they can actually understand it. May I say I personally am so sorry you had to go through all that you did in your life. I am sure because of your understanding you have helped multitudes of people as you have surely helped me today. I feel exactly as you do about Robin Williams and about love. If God loves us how can we not try to remember what He asked us to do and show love to others. It’s the beginning place, to be willing to give up our strong ego to try to do what He asks of us, love can also mean not having an opinion at all, to let go and let God. I truly do agree with you about Rx. drugs as 30 years of Premarin and generic, gave me breast cancer and I believe attributed to my having the word ‘suicide’ pop into my brain while I was at work one day. I had someone call my husband and we found a doctor within the hour who would see me. She took me off the medication and reported it to the FDA right in front of me. I had not ever have that happen to me and it has not since. I do use vitamins but do not take Rx. drugs. I have learned eating the way Dr. M. reccomends (or as close as possible) and light exercise is paramount for trying to be healthy. Thank you for your strength and insight. Your mind and soul are what keep me buoyed up and want to live, knowing there are people out there that really do want that connection with God and do want to do what He wishes we would, inspire of ourselves. God Bless you and thank you again, you are a kind person and I truly love you for that and know in my heart and mind that God loves that about you.

    • I don’t know if this will help anyone or not but pass it on I will. When at a work one day I complimented a man on the good job he was doing. He said, “if you only knew the bad things I have done in my life you wouldn’t be complimenting me so”. I walked over to him, I got close to him, I looked right into his eyes, to my own surprise this is what came out of my mouth, “I don’t care who you were before even yesterday, I only care about who I’m looking at right this very moment, because that is all we have, right this very moment”. He gave me a big hug. I always look directly into someone’s eyes. There is a bonding in this. A person can tell you allow God to speak through you for them. Love you.

    • oh my gosh. Mary Lou I just read your wonderful reply to me and now it is me who has tears streaming down my face. Rarely have I seen a person with such a gift of discernment to get me and see into my soul..maybe you are like me.

      It is so enriching as have just went through a terrible week and my family who so uncaring and cruel. Just this morning had a conversation with god where I thought he was letting me know he knew how I feel and does not take lightly what they do to me. I have gotten on occasion messages where I think God is telling me he does love that kindness and caring for others in me.

      I am sort of near your age at 65 and I am glad to here you are still learning as we always do. I learn some new things all the times. The smart person knows even if they know a lot how little they kno in the scheme of things as there is so much to learn and know.

      I have been told by about 200 people I am kind and have a heart of gold and often told I am nice but have a tendency to look to my negatives so your affirmation to me was very healing

      Being old is relative..I remember once when my parents were like 35 telling them how old they were..I cant believe you are that old i said…I remember an “old ” aunt in her 70s when I was younger talking about some “old guy” of 80 in a nearby building. Old is always older than you are but really feel like the child I once was and the young adult inside. Now I feel 65 is way too young to die. i also think drs treatments lead to my own cancer as you do.

      I thought there might be problem so i never took any birth control pills nor hormones and breast fed many years and yet I still got cancer. I had a very early stage insitu cancer 20 yeas ago that recurred 6 years later and at that time I had 2 more lumpectomies and radiation instead of mastectomy that that some recommend. I researched for 6 months in the medical library.

      they wound up having to give me more radiation than normal. I was told this could cause cancer in my breast/s or glands in neck and have had trouble with parathyroid. I suspect a parathyroid tumor as I have like 28 of 30 symptoms and many of the symptoms are diseases like diabetes, depression, etc.

      I have recently had radiation can make cancer more aggressive , my new cancer is deadly triple negative breast cancer (tnbc) is 4 times as deadly and does not respond well to treatmetn..I had read on a tnbc site if not for alternative help triple negative would have no hope at all.

      when drs found out i was refusing chemo they very hostile and treated me like a freak when I said I was doing aggressive alternative health. It is hard due to lack of money and being so busy as well as inconsistent.

      I did learn that chemo and radiation does not kill cancer stem cells and about 1 % of the cancer cells are cancer stem cells. These are the only ones that spread and 90% of deaths come form spread (metastasized) cancer. some of the things that kill cancer stem cells are anything with elliagic acid an things like raspberries, blueberries, pomegranates, green tea, broccoli, broccoli spouts resveritrol (red skins of grapes), metformin low dose, bitter melon, bromelian (in pineapple)(make food tinctures by adding vodka 50-50), curcumin (in turmeric), piperine (in black pepper) and Phellinus Linteus (Mesima mushrooms),

      Ellagic acid highest in blackberries, cranberries, pecans, pomegranates, raspberries, strawberries, walnuts, wolfberries, and grapes. It is also found in peaches so load up on these for your cancer.

      back to what you said, yes, I have helped many, many people in life and seemed to be gifted with insight as well as deep compassion and empathy. being highly sensitive, I am easily hurt and take on the sorrow of others. I want to help others.

      thank you for your expressions of empathy in the sufferings I have endured in life which has been hard to bare but thankfully I am still here.

      I am glad to hear you feel the same about Robin,,.he has always been my favorite actor, In fact, i saw Fisher king about 26 times. I never saw a single movie so much, was so deep and found something new in it on each of the first ten viewings of his film:) he is the only person I always go to full price theater to see as I usually go to the dollar theater,

      people are very harsh and judgemental in tese times. wow that is incredible that you foun a dr so qucikl and she did that. I take vitamins/herbs too and you are very smart to not take drugs..drs seem incredulous that I dont take drugs. almost shocked..this does not mean many have not been recommended but I usually don;t feel they are safe or organic to the body.

      yes I wish I could eat 85% or more raw but had a very high raw day with a lot of variety and good for you foods.

      I always thought I was weak but when I tell crisis counselors some of the things I have been through, they always tell me I am strong..I guess since i did not kill myself through all that nor cracked up I must be stronger than i realized.

      i ave though been told by many that I have insight and I feel I do

      it was so kind of you to say that about I keep you buoyed up and wanting to live cause there are people in the world like me. It is especially wonderful to here cause those strangers have on occasion said things like that, my family would never think that as they are all so critical and most dysfunctional.

      Being affirmed in your gracious way of putting things makes me feel affirmed and validated and I rarely get that form others in such nice and sincere words..that it made you cry tells me of your heart

      Mary Lou when I was little my mom told us a story about the twee twee the magic birdie and there was a little girl in the story who was so delightful and I loved the way my mom made her speak and how she said Mary Lou so your name has special significance to me.

      You really have a gift, Mary Lou, of making people feel good and cared for and strike me as someone deep and insightful.

      that you would notice I am kind and say what you did about you love me and that god loves that in me makes me feel so much better as I get so little love in real life and a lot of misunderstanding –few people get me. It feels so great to be appreciated and to affect others and they take the time to tell you.,.it makes me feel blessed and i sort of feel god wanted me to hear this as I am not sure how I wound up back here hacres sent me an article and I saw this and clicked on it forgetting i posted here and saw my post and then what you said.

      You must help a lot of people with your kindness and grace and who you are and I want you to hang in there and keep doing what you are doing. I dont have to tell you that the world needs people like you and the use of your gifts. You have the ability to life people up..maybe you and I are sort of like
      robin and that is why this moves us all so much…we identify with him and with each other.

      God bless you Mary Lou and add some of the foods that kill cancer stem cells just eating high raw will greatly help. almost all the cases I heard of of people curing their cancer involved lots of raw food and juicing.

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  22. Great Article! He was a great actor and a Uncle Robin. You put a lot of interesting reason in your post. I agree that detoxifying can help a great deal with mood and overall health. You never really know why but well written enjoyed.

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